Wednesday, March 21


Last weekend was a full tiring day for us, ngam lagi c hubby off-day so bejalan ja la.

Sat afternoon i followed my MIL and SIL (without Dania) to saloon and some shop tuk cuci-cuci mata. i shopped a lil bit for Dania (some clothes) and myself. then went for a tea break at Rahmat restaurant for satay and roti canai. went back home almost dark already. then i force myself eventhough i am so damn tired already we have to go with our early plan with my aunts and uncles for a fun fair night out ^^

Funny thing at the fun fair when we reached the parking lot Dania was sooooo excited! as we entering the fun fair, looking around then Dania suddenly cried and started shouting and saying that she scared. and it kept going on and on. we tried to distract her with the kid's ride but failed then brought her to the games side where all this plush toys were and failed too! finally i said that better hubby and Dania go back to the car and i'll be there later because i haven't ride anything yet -_- what an experience is that?! that was my first time seeing a toddler scared to a fun fair!

Dania actually doesn't like anything that is fast, high and noisy, so i think being there and seeing all the rides scared the hell out of her. seriously until she kept on pressing and patting her stomach and chest. kesian juga, sampai menitis air mata juga la hehheee.... so hubby did not play anything that night.

Woke up abit late the next day, i had plan with my aunt to go to bundle area or they called it lelong. and we were there for almost 3hours i think. that time i didn't have the mood to find anything for me, so i'm thinking to find something for Dania coz if you lucky you can find these branded still-good-looking piece. penat oh tangan mencari baju saja! but i'm loving it. what do we get? some clothes for Dania( GAP Disney and some korean brand, caps for hubby and Fila jaket for me.

Then we headed to Rahmat again for ABC because that time was so hot! luckily Dania was ok and didn't get cranky at all.

Thursday, March 15

My Loves

Yup... the wallpaper was from Dierdre's blog. Love it!

Monday, March 12


Basically that's how Dania dressed up everyday, i mean wearing her dress-up set.

Today Dania really really want to follow her cousin out with their grandma to do some window shopping, typical attitude by her -_- bikin geram. coz everytime people are going out she WANT to follow them, unless you can slow talk to her and ggive her some reasonable reason for her, which i always failed and that's the time she will show some attitude, or maybe big tantrum!

In which i am getting sick of it already! seriously, i know she still a toddler and it is normal for then to be like that but i kinda felt dissapointed at myself because its like i failed to teach or show her what she did was wrong and unacceptable. isn't it? *sigh*

The only thing that she will stop is by making her cry. but sometimes it will only make it worst (her anger). sometimes she will fight back at me, by raising her voice -_- what else can i do? am i failed already?

Wednesday, March 7

One of it

One of my 'brainstorm' that i mentioned on my previous post was about Organizing my room space. Whether its for my clothes space, dania's space and little corner table for m personal stuff and my lappy.

Browsing through Pinterest and WeHeartIt has definitely make me even more 'bombing' with tons and tons of ideas!

For example :

This was like my table inside my room, except mine was light brown with those kind of drawers only abit smaller. My idea for this table is maybe i can paint it to any color that i want, probably white or any pastel color!

And i would die to make the table space to be just like this! a lil bit of color tone due to the natural color surround.

And i wish that this kind of basket organizer was being sold here. i know that Kaison do have this kind and its cheap but the other day they don't have a 'nice' size for me.

And i wish that any florist here are selling cheap fresh flower! so that i can place it on my table with a transparent bottle, or mason jar. but Dania will probably ruin the flower instead -_-

last but not list if can i want the table to be place infront of wide white window with a nice sheer curtain! any pastel colors will do.

I already imagining about this to be done soon, hope i can make it work. OH! and i need to fine stool too....

.... buy paint
.... basket organizer
.... clean the window area

and how can i make it work for the pretty wall photo decoration??if only my Pinterest board i can just put it on the wall like magic ^^

Night peeps! i wanna keep dreaming......

Monday, March 5


Okay i felt terrible not to update my lonely blog.

But or maybe because lately my mind thoughts and heart are like sugar-rush or kinda like brain-storm! BUT i have no idea why i didn't have the exact idea to update this blog.

There's too many stuff for me to mention, there's too many stories for me to share, there's too meny question for me to ask and tons of pictures for me to upload.

In conclusion i can say that it is probably because i am feeling creative lately in all aspect!