Monday, September 29


Me and ney just got back from a birthday party of ney's friend's son. i thought i'm gonna be bored there but actually its ok. yeah....i had fun talking with the wife coz she had alot to talk about. then i reallized that if one day if i feel bored to death i can go to they house and talk2 to her.
ohh and we forgot to bring gift for the birthday boy, so ney have to cook food for them. hahaa...

In just 3hours i guess we are leaving for kk! and i not yet pack anything yet! and ney is sleeping coz they drink the tapai just now. and i have to do all this alone. i'm so tired plus again my period is now, so my back is killing me. imagine later 10 hour journey!? i'll faint!

ohh and this new layout i used, i love it. i didn't have time to edit them yet. and i still can't add the comment code. huh....

Saturday, September 27


My washing machine is broke.
well not overall broke but everytime i soak my clothes and if i forgot to put up the hose the water will come out by itself!
so it irritate me to put up and put down the hose. don't know lah what's wrong with it.

ney is out again servicing the car, left me alone her again! seems like this week i been left alone quite a few times already! if its not about the car, its about his friends. sometimes i'm so angry at him.

i can't upload any photo! either this blogger something wrong or my camera! please.. not my camera.
what's more interesting? ney told me that his off had been reduced to 7days only! so mad so sad!


looks like my camera is the problem! damn.

Friday, September 26

( -_-, )

it flew away from me
fade away from me
tears is out from me
without any reason by any means
why it have to be like this
why is it always be me
why there's no chance at all for me
its gone
far away from me
nonetheless i have to gave up
throughout my life
just for the sake of us


Try to be positive

Guess what? i'm very rajin today to do chores hee. i sweep the floor, boil water, soak my shoes and etc.
i realize that i've been procrastinating so long already and it's i do some house work. and i'm so glad that i did. my head is in mess right now so doing house work make me forget my problem for awhile. and i'm trying so hard to be positive throughout this days and there's nobody for me to talk to about this.

anyway i loveeee AMAZING RACE ASIA!! i always dream that i was able to follow the competition haha. such a dreamer. so last night Pailin & Natalie from Thailand is out!

actually i didn't expect them to be eliminated this week but sadly they are. all because of Natalie (the right girl). because Pailin want to win so much but her partner already give up while doing the activity. so stupid!
and Natalie is a complainer too. she complained about being dirty, being in the hot sun, being in the bus for 24 hours and there's so many complained she made. she said again that she didn't sign up for TARA for all of the tiredness and dirtyness. and i feel so bad for Pailin coz she have to go through all of Natalie princessy attitude.

if only i can shout at Natalie's face and say "you are so stupid to realize that in TARA have to go through all this. didn't you watch the last season! bitch!"

okay this is the team that i really want them to get eliminate :

i don't hate tisha but her boyfriend geoff!
he is the biggest jerk ever and so selfish to death!

and this is the team that i really want them to win :

yes! support malaysian team!

now there's no letrik and my lappie's battery almost out.

Thursday, September 25

I can't help myself

To have this is what i want right now infront of me!! i crave for it. i need it. i want a bite of it and melt in my mouth.
Wah.....! so deep huh my words? what am i talking about?

my mind is goin crazy thinking about this mouthwatery melt in my mouth.
so this afternoon my sister Mei called me and talked about her pants and she want be to bring it back to kk. coz we like switched our pants. so she had mine and i had hers. so now she want her pants back and the one with her i can't wear anymore coz i lose weight ok. ok forget it, so after talking i asked her to tell my mum to make me blueberry chill cheesecake!! my mum makes the best cheesecake ever!
yes i crave for that delicious thing too! i demand to have it now. hahaa...
look at this, how can u say NO to this if it's infront of you?
i wanna faint. i can finish the whole thing! hahaa...
ohh and the chocolate thing i asked my aunt to bake them.
 please you guys......bake for me.......

Wednesday, September 24


I know already what i will and want to buy! so excited.

1. Sunglasses

yeah... this size of shades and black color.
2. Contact lens

i can't decide what color i wanna buy. either the black or perky brown.

look at this japannese girl wearing lens and they look so good.
like most of them did surgery on their eyes kan.

3. Crystals to decorate my lappie

very nice right? but i'm not gonna do this pattern. i'll do the simple one only.
now i'm thinking where and which shop at kk i can find and buy this crystal.

4. Mouse (smaller size)

so cute right?! futhermore with the crystals. but this kind of mouse i wanna but. small and the wyre can be adjusted. i dunno yet what color.

and look at this laptop bag!! super super cute and pretty right!
huh.... i really want them.

Tuesday, September 23


Have you ever feel like you were no longer that good in picture? even taking photos? yeah... that's me.
when i found my camera yesterday i tried take myself photo (which everybody does that too ok) and i snap and snap and snap but all is ugly! yes ugly! what's wrong with me... last time when i still in kk me and my friends and my cousin used to camwhore together and everything is ok and fun, but now since i moved here i no longer take photo. and when in that long period of time 'holiday' from camwhore then one day you try do it again, everything photos seem sucks.


Last night after washing my face i want to take out my contact lens from my eyes because i felt the dryness on it already. so after taking off the right side, i tried to take off the left side and its so hard coz it stuck on my eye so hard *laugh* it hurt ok. so i force to pull it out then what i manage to pull out is just small piece of the lens! wtf??!! it's TORN all because of my nail!!
then i try to put the torn lens back on my eye to see if it still ok, and it hurt so badly! great! so now i have to wear my glasses all the time and wait till i back in kk to get my new lens. so stupid.

Monday, September 22

Missing & Disapointment

Last night i was watching Xia Xue's guide to life video about photoshop and she's teaching how she edit most of her picture on her blog. so after watching i want to try to edit my picture but i don't have photoshop yet, so i downloaded it on the internet.
so as i was editing this and that following xia xue way and at the end when i'm finish which the picture looks very2 nice compare to the original so i want to save the picture but it can't be save! so i'm confused lah! then i try click other button or whatever which have the 'save' word and a small window pop up saying that "photoshop tryout version cannot be save"
i'm so frustrated. so disapointed! i stayed up last night till 3 am for it!
stupid photoshop! huh!
so now i really really want to install it!

Guess what i found? my camera and its charger! been months it gone but now i found it back.
so i was thing about my things that've been missing from me, there's alot! yeah...

1. tweezer (missing twice!)
2. short pants
3. eye lash curler
4. pictures that i laminated since last year!
5. diamond earing! (my mum gonna kill me)
6. my panties (hahahaha)
7. hair clip (so many time already!!)
8. i'm still thinking what else....................i know there's still many.

i guess i'm very clumsy for putting my things here and there. hate it. ney always told me that i don't know how to keep my things in one place properly.
i think i need to organize back my things. and i need boxes or organizer or whatever.
i need a cabinet or a drawer!

Sunday, September 21

My head is spinning

Know what happen last night? i scanned my laptop system and there's 100 + detection been made! damn... all because of ney. he go and asked his friend to fill up the pen-drive and then he view the content in my laptop then every 1minit there's beep sound of virus! so pissed me.
so after we scanned my laptop system then ney go and put the pen-drive again! and there's the beep AGAIN!!
huh... i give up and i go to sleep.

so this morning while watching tv, ney calling me so loud from our room. so when i get there, guess what? the room is flooded with water from the bathroom! why? because he forgot about the washing machine! he let the water from the pipe run and he forgot about it. uurrghh...!!! i'm so mad at that time. and ney also start to panic. i hate when he's attitude like that! then there's argument coz i didn't dry the mattress and all.
from now on i don't want him to wash our clothes anymore. i'll handle the laundry.

please, i hope no more argument.


ohh and ney said there's another anti-virus programe better than Avira. is it??
he know about this from his friend, but i don't trust his friend. haha. anyway i still want to know.
but i'm lazy to google about it.


Saturday, September 20

I want that!!

I wanna kill myself for being infront of my lappie since this afternoon till now! in my mind keep on saying go and rest but my body say the other way-which is go to my lappie. so pathetic.

anyway i forgot to post this pictures that i found last night.

what i want in this picture is the chandelier lamp and the zebra-stripes chair!
what i want in this picture is the cabinet la! i really like it.

what i want in this picture the bed and the drawer-cabinet!

what i want in this picture is..obviously the cabinet la!

i want the whole package! give me all the furniture. hehe

i want the bed and the drawer.

this room is french style so i want everthing!!
i want the black lamp hanging there!

huh so much fantasies.....
i don't know when i can fulfill my fantasy hahaa... but i wish it will soon when ney get transfer. this things will cost a lot of money right, but nevermind i'll get them one by one. hehehee...


I'm so hungry just now and i don't know what to eat coz i'm lazy to cook hehee... so the only thing that i'm thinking is nugget. so i cooked and made the dish like this :

what's the white thingy? its cheese lah. i do it like layers. first the tomato sos then the nugget then tomato sos again and finally the cheese.

well i'm suppose to wait for the cheese to melt but patient is not in me so i mix it all hahaa...
its super delicious!

anyway i hate the people who live here. why? coz most of them is sooo selfish and judgemental suckers. yes they are like that!
since i'm here i can't even wear my fav clothes like the sexy one or the fit one or anything that can-see-through one. actually i don't care in case like this, i will just wear what i want, but ney insist me. so irritating!

futhermore the parking space is also an issue for them who doesn't have any garage. so stupid right!

so this morning ney told me that his off is confirmed already! yea!
and we going back to kk on the 28th this month.
it's like 8 days counting!
can't wait!!!
so this time i can wear whatever i WANT!

Friday, September 19

OMG !!

She knew it was him! she knew it was him!
gosh i am so happy. what i'm talking about? well it's this soap opera that i've been watching everyday.
and they hugs! hehee...

crazy me.

anyway i'm changing back my blog template coz the previous one is so cerewet one.
huh..i'm still not satisfied about this.
i want a pretty blog!

here's one thing that i realized. that it's been long time i didn't go shopping and buy for myself things that i want.
so i plan to buy for me at least one thing and for ney too this coming 10 more days. i mean when i go back to kk. can't wait!
i'm thinking about things that i want. hhmmm.....


So damn tired tonight. why? because from 8 pm until now ermm 1 am in the morning i was busy surveying for blog skin. but none of them are like perfectly useful. why? because most of the skin do not provide any comment link, most of their column is too small or not enough, my blog title also all gone and there's sooo many problem! whatever, my skin right now is temporary only coz i'm too tired to change it already. maybe tomorrow i'll change back to normal.

so here's some of the skins that i tried on :
(they all are so so so pretty but there too many less this or don't have that thing)

well atleast i get to skype wiht my cousin just now! and i'm very happy to hear words that she'd learn to say.

here the picture of her :

isn't she's just the cutest tots!!
i really miss her sooo much.

Wednesday, September 17

This cruel world!!


yes i'm moody.
why? something that happened again and again and i'm sick of it already!

why can't all of this stop?? and just let it go?

i am so so so pissed about this.

12 days to go. ohh please let the days past quickly...

i saw this colour lens that this girl wore same like sheila wore last time and it's so look pretty on her, now i can't decide which colour i want to buy coz before this i planned to buy the black colour.

ohh..i feel so lonely right now! damn..does this mean that i had this guilty feeling already for acting like this?