Sunday, September 21

My head is spinning

Know what happen last night? i scanned my laptop system and there's 100 + detection been made! damn... all because of ney. he go and asked his friend to fill up the pen-drive and then he view the content in my laptop then every 1minit there's beep sound of virus! so pissed me.
so after we scanned my laptop system then ney go and put the pen-drive again! and there's the beep AGAIN!!
huh... i give up and i go to sleep.

so this morning while watching tv, ney calling me so loud from our room. so when i get there, guess what? the room is flooded with water from the bathroom! why? because he forgot about the washing machine! he let the water from the pipe run and he forgot about it. uurrghh...!!! i'm so mad at that time. and ney also start to panic. i hate when he's attitude like that! then there's argument coz i didn't dry the mattress and all.
from now on i don't want him to wash our clothes anymore. i'll handle the laundry.

please, i hope no more argument.


ohh and ney said there's another anti-virus programe better than Avira. is it??
he know about this from his friend, but i don't trust his friend. haha. anyway i still want to know.
but i'm lazy to google about it.


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