Monday, September 15

Lazy bumm

I was suppose to blog last night but i'm too tired. tired of what? well i skyped with my cousin sheila and bebe last night,talk and talk until tired hahahaa...
then when i'm just about to do it there's the wind so strong and then it's rain!! sadly i have to get in the house and close the sliding door.

anyway this pictures is...

the view of the beautifully blue sky from my balcony
nice huh...
this is my lappie kesian me dont have table to put it on so i have use this bear box
nice what!!
the view of my balcony.
yes, i used cushion to seat on and the blue thing is my blanket hehee.

why i have to seat at the balcony? because im using wireless to connect the internet and the only place we can find wireless is at our balcony.
my hamster and ney's hamster.
so cute right!!
both of it is male. mine is on the right side.
they are very naughty hamster.
hmmm we still don't have name for them.

look at this lazy bumm! sleep sleep sleep only and the way they sleep is soo cute!
this is ney's hamster.

those picture of the hamster we took a few days after we bought them. and right now so kesian the hamster because their master don't care about them anymore

*laugh* lah...kidding!!

its just we haven't bath them yet and their cage is in super mess! ok we lazy to clean their cage because just a few minutes they will mess it up again thats why lah....
and now they are getting big already.

i just finished skype-ing with my sisters, mei and myra. and right now my back is killing me because i've been sitting here at the balcony since 7 o'clock till now with no support on my back so now my back is painful.

oh no! im becoming like an old lady like this...

yepp, it's them. mei & myra. crazy sister!
mei looks weird.
i'm so tired.
i can't wait to go back to kk and keningau to meet my family.
17 days to go.....
yes, i'm counting!!

i forgot about mei asked me to design her wedding dress. it's been long time i didn't design anything.
idea and creativity please come to me at this moment.


xXbaBy anGlexX said...

~cian ko nie teda cmmnt..
~biar sya lah yg cmmnt ko..heehhe
~tirip owh gmbr2 ko..hehehe

Bliss Anne said...

kureng betul my dearest cousin nie tau....