Monday, February 9

tag debt

I think i have another two tag other than this... don't worry i'll do it soon.

Okay this tag was from Ratna. thanx!!

It's an award actually and i have to list down 10 about myself. and i'm sure you guys wanna throw up already reading about me and plus i have no idea what to tell so i'm just going to say whatever lah k. i found very funny about all this award stuff that circle around this blog world. but what the heck ;P

1. i love shoes soo much.

2. i love marshmellow.

3. i am phobia on height and bird.

4. i love cocktail and vodka.

5. i hate milo.

6. i am quite short actually. LOL.

7. i love kids.

8. i'm very secretive person.

9. i am easily get hungry but hard to be fat.

10. and i'm on a new journey in my life right now.

I don't know if i'm ready for that. it is hard. oh about the layout seriously i don't have any strength to do it at this moment.

p/s To astro STOP all this advert about all this Tayangan Hebat !!
p/p/s I hate ghost stories. i swear i will never watch any of it again!!!

Wednesday, February 4

help me pls !

This is the two skins that i've found but couldn't decide which one to use. so maybe you guys can help me. if not, nevermind.

there's very small loves of the background on this skin.
simple actually.

how about this?
yeah...there's love too.

Or both of the skins is blahh?? i don't want a skin that look childish.

I'm off. i want to get some rest. i am stressing out this past few days. makes my skin on my face not healthy. i hate acne!!!

Tuesday, February 3

what is wrong with me

I already found some skins that i love.

I am going to change my blog's layout.

But i don't know when.

Right now i felt so weak and i have no idea what's wrong with myself.

Even to surf the internet also i have no strength to do it. but today i manage because i felt bored, so i force myself.

Ok i end my post here. nothing important though. the sunlight is killing me.

Something funny happened at Giant last night.