Thursday, March 31

April, be good to me

I'm glad it's April already and i am still blogging almost regularly. All because of you always visit me and all because of your beautiful interesting blog that made me bloghop everyday. thanks peeps!

Actually i want to post different story than what i'm gonna post right now, tapi just now tlampau banyak ganguan sampai tu idea terbang entah p mana hehee.

Just now i saw my hubby's sis in law photos from fb, she posted out some of her son's bday cake/celebration at keningau. and i am so so so envy of her, not in bad way but in good way lah. why? well one thing is she baked her son's own cake. and other thing is she baked awhole lotsa a cake already and quite a few people or maybe her friends ordered cake from her.

What made me so envy about this?

Me and her kinda started to bake at the same moment and made it as our hobby or interest and now she really really did well, way better than me i guess. but i never taste lah her cake yet. yang saya ni sini still not satisfied with my own result for some of my cake or cupcake or brownies that i've bake. and no order. eh bukan lah sa mau ada orang pi order konon sama sa, i'm not ready yet juga, takut kan nant rosak or tidak sedap ^^

Sometimes when i see her pictures bikin semangat juga, which is good thing kan. but if i couldn't bake because some of the ingredients out of stock i will look at any food website to make me feel better^^ sot kan. she's lucky because lives near with her family anad with my inlaw so she can bake as many as she wants and still there's someone will eat her cake. saya sini sometimes malas mau bake yang grand2 coz kalau tia sedap nah sayang saja kan. sometimes for me in baking definitely need some encouragement juga so that it will get better and better in time.

Some pictures that made me feel good :

this is what i need in my collection. piping + nozzle macam drg panggil ni.




i love to bake for people. here i always bake for my small family (jauh kan dari big family) and also for my friends (my neighbour). it gives you the feeling like satisfaction or good feeling. if i were at keningau maybe sa mau buat bisnes kecil2 ni, mesti best kan.

Okay lah, it's ok, feel much better now to tell it here. that's why i said that i'm glad that i'm blog, i can pour out anything that i want here. yang kesian kamu la yang membaca cerita mengarut sa ni hehe.

Here's something that i plan to make if i manage to buy the ingredients soon.

Sushi. Cute betul kan yang ni panda sushi!! mau kena gigit2 ja sa rasa hehe.

Its very easy breezy to make. kalau sudah terbuat nanti sa post the sushi pic made by yours truly^^

Sa happy juga coz i got a new header for my blog, jeles sa tngk header kamu punya blog yang lawa2 hehee!

Wednesday, March 30

Using word

I am surprised by Dania today!

This afternoon i was feeding her lunch. i was sitting on the floor and she was sitting on the sofa while watching her elmo dvd on my lappy. suddenly she accidentally kicked her bowl of lunch which i am holding it that time, so i looked at her and she looked back at me ^^ then she said "sorry" to me *terkejut la*

She knows how to use the word 'sorry' already! so proud of her. definitely learn from we as a parents how we talked to them everyday. bukan mau minta puji bah, but it is true. in Dania case everytime after i scolded her from doing something wrong then after awhile i will say the word sorry to her, even if terlanggar dia ka or even after i kinda beat her (pelan pelan la) from doing something bad, i will say sorry. hopefully she will keep it up lah ^^

Another story about my sister.

Since last night she'd been calling me on my cell, and everytime she called i didn't get the chance to answer it or i didn't hear the ringing. banyak kali dia call because i didn't reply her sms last evening bah then she got so worried.
This morning pun dia ada call until afternoon pun saya tidak dengar too busy with some housework and handling Dania. atlast just now after we had lunch baru terjawab her call, kesian juga dia worry2, she was calling from Australia and mesti banyak bill la tu. she said ' sa fikir ko mati sudah tidak jwb phone call saya' LOL! and she just wanna know how am i doing over here.
My point here she really acting like my big sister pula sa rasa, which is good. suddenly made me think some memories between the two of us when i was having hard time, sad time.... she always there for me, comforting me like my big sis pedahal saya yang tua bah!

Love you Mei, can't wait to see you next year! xoxo

Picture above is me and her taken early 2009, we were trying out some dresses together in the fitting room sambil camwhoring heehee.

Tuesday, March 29

10 Day You Challenge - 01. Picture of myself

As much i don't want to post my picture -_-' but for this challenge tiapa lah...

The most recent picture :

Masa ni me and Dania camwhoring hahaa! actually only Dania, but sa ni ikut2 saja. boring kan.

One thing i realized about myself ni makin kurus pula! hate it. during my holiday in kk my weight naik juga then back here turun balik, geram sangat! don't know what else to do to gain more and more weight ni... any idea? besides eat and eat and eat only, manalah adakan.

Finally my 10 Day You Challenge is done. i am happy for posting every single one of it ^^ thank you for reading it ya!

Bah next picture for this post :

Cookies and Cream cupcake

Was baking again today. hungry kan and the poppy seed cake that i baked the other day habis sudah di makan buaya dengan cepatnya ^^

Okay need to think my food planning now, night!

Sunday, March 27

I am only human...

.... i am not a perfect mother, but i tried my best to be one.
.... i am not a perfect wife or isteri mithali, no one is, but i did everything that a wife should do.
.... i am not a perfect daughter, but i still respect my parents and love them.
.... i am not a perfect sister, still i love my siblings.
.... i am not a perfect daughter in law, but i'll do what i can to be a good one.

Nobody's perfect! Get it? NOBODY. so don't expect anyone to be one while you yourself are not perfect. get a mirror!

I did everything that i could or able to do anything that should be done.

All i'm asking is a nice respectful treat in this situation. or maybe just an appreciation. show it to me.

24 hours with kid and chores is one of a hell day for me to ride alone, so i deserve anything nice.

If you think working your ass off at your work place is tiring? try and be a mother for a week, and i mean including the WEEKEND! at least some people get to relax on weekend.

Our job as a mother don't get any off or holidays like you do. we are 24/7 working our ass off to get the job done. actually it can never be done. it will continue on and on and on.

So don't you get it how hard this for us? a little help or compliment or appreciation would be the nicest thing that i should have.

No, i am not complaining about my job here, i just want you to understand!!

A good attitude, helping hands and nice treatment from you is all i'm asking. it's not that hard.

image via here


Saturday, March 26

10 Day You Challenge - 02. Song + ramdom rambling

Teda link or video ni about my top 2 song (konon) ^^ but you can google it tapi mesti kamu tau juga bah ni lagu.

1. The Little Things - Colbie Caillat

All of Colbie Caillat's song i lurve! very relax and maybe fun. everytime i listen i felt really calm and sometimes can put me to sleep hahaa!

2. As A Man - Gummy

Korean singer. music video sangat cute and sweet (tau la orang Korea kan if music video ada act2 lagi) dui if only i can list out other korean song that i like banyak betul! best2 bah lagu dorang.

Poppy Seed Vanilla cake

Baked it last night. The frosting is vanilla buttercream icing. the taste quite nice but before this i have tasted this kind of cake more delicious. so tidak puas hati lagi ni hehee.

Ini c kecil Dania. the other day went to kkia for her review glad that everything goes well.
She's almost 10kg now and almost 80cm in height. very very active, tuhan saja yang tau hehe.
she had her jab, 3 people was holding her that time. the moment the needle kena cucuk on her thigh terus she kicked her leg and cried out loud but kejap saja. sedih betul c dania that time. so funny.
during weighing session i asked her to stand on the scale and i was standing behind her, but then she leaned back on me. jadi sa balik2 kasi berdiri dia lurus2 until she started to cry last last i have to stand on the scale with her! adui!!

some words that i could think that she know how to say :

- scared (while holding her chest and make her eyes big) funny!

- hello (in her own way kinda like "e'ooo")
If she pretend like talking on the phone she will goes like this "e'oooo *babbling babbling baby talk* ooohhhhh k k" ^^

- bear (her teddy bear)

- draw (same pronunciation)

- barney (she said 'bar...')

- sun (saa....)

- play (same pronunciation)

- soup (she kinda pronounce it 'shup' or 'shop') she likes to eat soup, specially mushroom soup.

- elmo (mmoo....)

- throw (kinda like 'twwooo') sambil buang barang la juga dia tu -_- hobby baru.

- Dania (yes her own name, she'll say 'nanaaa' or 'naniaaa') she will call her name whenever she did something that we said 'don't do that' to her but then she did it.

.... and the list goes on...^^

The barney or elmo dvd will go on and on the whole day, its okay for me at least i can do the house chores and surf internet but now our dvd player broken already so my laptop jadi sasaran c kecil. huhuhuuu...!

Basically she likes to eat ayam masak kicap with carrot, any soup, fried rice, fried mee or hot dog.

Nowadays i can't carry Dania anymore for long time, sakit betul tangan, berat!! samada sa suruh papa dia carry or i let her walk on her own tapi itulah lau d kedai paling susah mau handle!

She can run fast already! bikin takut ni. sometimes can open her shirt by herself.

Tomorrow is sunday, my sunday sini ni usually memang boring, hubby is off tomorrow tapi pi memancing pula dia, siapa la mau ikut kan sama c dania lg... x mau lah.

Itu ini itu ini....

Apalah tu title kan?

I'm confused bah actually. cause there's so many stuff that i wanna say and post it here tapi tia tau camana mau mula. and now cam blank blank sdh.

I list out lah maybe easier for me :

- our electricity got cut out this morning (for the first time). tertunggak bah! all because c suami suka tangguh2 kan, nah ni lah akibat nya. geram sangat! luckily it's pay day already.

- i found the memory card from my LG hp yang telah hangkang ^^ so i tried insert it into my samsung hp and it fit and can be viewed! all the pictures of Dania when she was still few months old all there including some video of her. Terus sa rindu sangat sangat rindu that moment when she was still a little baby huhuu.

- this afternoon i tried to upload my two fav song's video for the 10 day you challenge but i failed (belum expert lagi bah) so maybe tomorrow i'll do the post without link of the song la ni.

- everyday Dania's development banyak betul, that's the thing that i wanna post out actually tapi ni otak macam bingung pula mana mau mula cause there's so many kan. i used to tell about her development here so now i wanna do it again for me to read in the future bah. mau ingat2 konon.

- just now i baked cake jadi plan (juga) wanna post it here skali belum transfer the picture from my hp pula, jadi tidak jadi lah (malas^^)

Okay it's 3am already bagus sa pi tidur if not tambah banyak nanti dalam fikiran sa ni sampai tidak dapat tidur. then if like that terpaksa kira kambing lagi hehee.

Tuesday, March 22

10 Day You Challenge - 03. Films

This is my movie list for this challenge. Top 3 !! ^^

1. Marley & Me.

This movie definitely can make you cry. no matter how many time you watch it you WILL cry again and again. It show you about life, marriage, kids, works... etc. can relate to it.

2. 50 First Date.

Okay this movie is mad hilarious!!! Me and my sister love love love to watch this movie together. we used to watch it all the time whenever we've lost idea on what to watch.

3. Troy.

Greek history/myth. i love it. i love about greek history/myth. i did cry watching this movie once because 'the handsome' eric bana died *LOL*

Anyone ever watched one of these movie?

Tomorrow will be the last visit for Dania to kkia. she's gonna have a jab and weighing session. me? Takut! because..... about the jab fyi she's 1Y & 6M now, mesti kuat goyang kan so i'm afraid that it will happen or she will be crying non-stop! and about her weight, scared if her weight is not that good cause this past few days she's not being a good eater, sikit saja makan itu nasi. very picky! probably because of her teeth coming out (there's 4 teeth) geraham lagi tu! and she also not drinking any milk! risau betul saya about this matter -_-' i've tried everthing i can so that she will drink some milk but all failed. no idea why she's like that.

Hopefully tomorrow everything is going to be just fine.

Hey... do recommend me some good movie aitt...^^


Monday, March 21

My beloved family + Brownies

During recent Family Day activity.

Location : Kg. Lingkudau, Keningau.

Last night i baked this brownies. i found the recipe from the internet. it's called Macaroon Brownie Bars.

Very easy to make plus delicious! but next time i think i should reduce the amount of the coconut, a little bit crumbly.

Sunday, March 20

10 Day You Challenge - 04. Books

Reading books used to be my hobby after i finished my form 5, but usually fiction one. Now it's hard to find time to read, even a magazine i don't buy anymore. kalau dulu every month mesti beli.

So here i am going to show some books that i own and already read.

1. Author : Jackie Collins

Her books mostly an example of a glamorous life in hollywood. all the rich and famous. not to forget the cheekyness that she wrote in her books.

2. Author : Louise Bagshawe

I love this book the most. the word and phrases is deep from the beginning (probably you might be a little bored) but if you continuously (force yourself) to read it you will feel that you can't stop reading it ^^ betul ni. best!

3. Author : Sheila O'Flanagan

This book i totally forgot what's the story about but memang best!

This book also good. definitely can teach you a lesson in life. second best! hehe.

4. Author : Marian Keyes

Nah this book i never got the chance to finish reading it. because after i bought it and read it terus sa rasa tidak siok. so since then i didn't touch the book at all. but i saw some feedback about this book and they love it. hhmmm... now where did i placed this book already?

The truth is none of this book is here with me in my home right now. not sure where i keep them, maybe at my mom's house.

I do read malay fiction books also, but after lama-lama baca i've got this feeling that the whole story ketara betul macam kena buat-buat bah. but if i can say the best that i once read is from the author sharifah abu salem.

Now i just wish i have extra time to read books again. without my little one disturb me. Hard!

Pernah baca this books like mine??

Friday, March 18

Superstitious not?

I woke up today thinking about my last dream.

It goes like this :

In that dream suddenly i woke in my room with dimmed light (x dimmed light kami actually) and then my hubby came inside the room and i said to him "i just delivered a baby" sempat lagi sa rasa hairan dalam itu mimpi cause since when i was pregnant? why am i laying like this on bed (tiarap) if i just gave birth? there's a baby beside me, a baby girl. my hubby carried the baby and bring her outside to the living roon cause macam ramai orang datang to our house that time and me? i just keep on starring at the situation. *bingung bingung lagi bah*

When i woke up that dream keep on lingering in my mind. takut bah tu lau 'ter' ada lagi now (not ready!) hehe.

So in the evening i went to my friend's house and i told her about my dream and she said that doesn't mean that you're going to have a baby soon, for her believe that it means a luck will come, rezeki. then i said hopefully what you've said is true hehee cause awal tahun saja ni sangat sangat tight betul our budget!

Just now i saw a comment on Chegu Carol's blog between her and si Annie bah (jangan marah ah lau sa menyibuk hehee) and si chegu said " try and check your house's pipes maybe there's a leaking happening ^^ because feng shui said, water leaking resembles out-flow of money.

Nah... mau check lah ni konon, eventhough i am not a superstitious person but sometimes they can be true ^^ sometimes i think it depends on your attitude juga when it comes to luck.

image via here

Thursday, March 17

10 Day You Challenge - 05. Food

This is the hardest challenge i think because i have sooo many food that i looovvveee! ^^

1. Cake/cupcake/muffin/brownies/cheesecake - fatty food but tidak pandai gumuk >o<

2. Lasagna/spaghetti/pasta - anything that has to do with this no matter what the sauce is i will eat! but most favorite beef bolognese lah. so have to stock ni in my kitchen always! nothing beats homemade one, betul ni....

3. Sushi - if i'm at some japanese restaurant maybe habis duit kamu lau blanja sa, luckily can make by yourself kan.

4. Lamb chop/lamb shank - whatever that has to do with lamb! *huh now i'm craving for my mum's lamb shank pla ggrrrr*

5. Roast potato - well i think anything that have potato on it i love! tapi roast la paling sedap ^^

Now i'm hungry!!

Just now i cooked roasted chicken only, don't know if got some leftover, mau pigi check dulu.

Tomorrow have to do some groceries shopping (skit2 saja) @.@

* All photos from

Moist Chocolate Peanut butter cupcake

Wah panjangnya nama tu cupcake kan.

On monday i baked this cupcake, rajin cause i just bought some extra ingredients for my baking stuff and teda makanan bah mau d makan2 lau tengah online LOL.

So this is the cupcake :

Actually the peanut butter is not on the recipe, i makeover it ^^ also the choco-chip on top of the cupcake.

Kecewa sikit sa ni cause i'm still not good on spooning the amount of the batter that i should spoon into the cupcake paper, tengok la rupa dia... not balance! need to practice more! *semangat* ^^

Some Dania's picture recently :

She said ' bye.....' to me dengan happy nya ketawa ketawa lagi. (tekejut ni tiba2 dia pandai naik atas tu meja!)

Then mau try turun.... tapi masi takut2 lagi.

Last last she shouted and cry cause she couldn't go down from the table, i had to hold her hand baru dapat turun. *sa kasi biar dia skejap tu menangis* lucu betul!

Oh this the other day she's sick, demam. pun masi active.

Tonight i've just realized about Dania. this past few days she will raise her voice whenever she's not happy or disagree for something and since she's been watching Monster Inc i realized that i think she followed the little girl's attitude in that movie. cute but sometimes can be annoying.

Wednesday, March 16

10 Day You Challenge - 06. Places

I think i post this as my 6 places that i wanna go (tp belum tercapai lol)

1. ROME. love love love the architecture! and perhaps new romance wah! joking!

2. KOREA. i think korea is a beautiful country and i heard that they have so many places to visit to. plus korean people seems friendly.

3. JAKARTA. for some shopping! (brabis) lol.

4. SPAIN. same like rome, i love their language.

5. DISNEYLAND. bring c Dania here!

6. HOMETOWN. permanent stay there!! hopefully.

Tomorrow is laundry day! ^^

no, i am not doing laundry everyday. mau jimat hahahaa! what's the best detergent you guys think? currently i am using TOP (masi tukar2 juga ni). i hate Breeze. the smell uugghh macam mau muntah sa smell.

Hopefully tomorrow weather will be sunny. this past few days its kinda hazy.

Tuesday, March 15

10 Day You Challenge - 07. Wants

I am going to blog this as fast as i can because feel sleepy already and my little one about to wake up soon. plus this past few days since c hubby kena burn from the hot oil i have to do all the house work >o< god knows how tired i am! layan lagi cerewet c hubby when i am changing his bandage on his fingers....adui sabar saja la!

So what i want? (yang sa boleh fikir cepat ja ni)

image via here

1. hopefully my hubby can get transfer to keningau/labuan SOON!

2. more expert on baking ^^

3. meet my sister who is far away from us.

4. i want Dania to learn to sleep by herself and stop bf!

5. good and stable income.

6. have a better and better environment in my family. (i'm not saying its bad now, its just that i think it needs a better one)

7. good health for all my loved one!


Saturday, March 12

10 Day You Challenge - 08. Fears

Fears fears fears......

1. Chicken and bird. (paling TOP ni!) geli bah, all the feathers and apalagi if they don't have feathers on them nah punya la bikin geli !! takut betul!

2. Height. there's NO WAY i will ride any roller coaster, itu jambatan gantung or anything yang tinggi tinggi ni ^^

3. Dead animals. i mean if my fish, my turtle or any pets that i have is rip, i never want to handle it. takut ni, unexplainable. weird kan.

4. my own thoughts and heart. sometimes susah kita mau control ourselves kan until we did some wrong turn.

5. sick. seriously i hate falling sick!

6. nah ini la... cemetery! jangan la bawa sa limpas sana malam, my imagination ni susah betul! ^^

7. fears of being away from my family!

8. God. who doesn't?

How's my fear list? any similarity with your fear?


Right now i'm in a situation which totally drive me crazy!

How to explain to a person which he/she doesn't want to understand/care about what you're saying and want from he/she? No matter how many time you remind that person still its not working!! tulah bikin gila sa ni. no mood.


i can say my mood same as the weather here. rain rain rain. same goes to japan, tsunami!

Friday, March 11

10 Day You Challenge - 09. Loves



image via here

Am i suppose to list down anything that i love most or what? *wondering*

List la saja since most people did that.

1. i love to browse pretty and meaningful pictures. means that i can spend hours on tumblr!

2. i can't believe i'm saying this but i love my home here more than any other places. its a thing which have grown in my heart for quite sometimes until you fall in love with it. wah!

3. i love the smell of the rain. weird?

4. Obsess and love pregnancy / babies. tapi masi takut mau tambah -_-'

5. love to do laundry ^^

6. i love to give (makes me happy)

7. i love to try everything or anything! (sometimes when a person dont want 'it' i will force them to try it first hehehee)

8. love to talk. (kalau terlampau lama diam2 adui my mind ni macam kucar kacir sa rasa)

9. ballet i love! but never got the chance to learn it^^

Thank you for reading ^o^

Thursday, March 10

Morning disaster

Today woke up in the morning terus ada kejadian. *geram*

C hubby ni forgot to switch off the gas in the kitchen and there's a pan filled with oil inside was burning! when i was still inside the room i asked him 'did you cooked anything?' and he replied me (dengan confident dia tu) 'NO' and he still laying down on the bed tapi skali tu tiba tiba dia berlari pi dapur! so i thought he forgot that he did cook something tapi hangus.

Nah lepas tu i heard macam all the pan berjatuhan di lantai *tekejut* then i saw him running from the kitchen to the toilet bawa gayung isi air! and then he shouted calling me and i said 'what did you do this time?!' adui.... balik2 sudah c kawan ni ada saja! after that i went to see him at the kitchen, huh hancur my kitchen floor! the pan, the oil, the water, etc.. is everywhere on the floor. c kawan pla? nah his hand kena itu minyak panas, kesakitan lah dia. -_-'

His own fault! MC lah tu ni ari.

He has to go to the hospital because seriously in pain, luckily his friend was around that can bring him. and me? jadi cinderella pagi pagi lap lantai >o< tidy the kitchen lagi, sana sini minyak! nasib c Dania tidak cerewet that time, she's busy with her food and elmo. now my leg hurts, tekejut kali tadi pagi cause bangun bangun trus kerja keras haahahaa!!


10 Day You Challenge - 10. Secrets

Nah i got a tag by SJB, so mau buat lah so that if i got free time can do this challenge ^^

Copy to the picture, Tag 10 other friends to do the challenge.

I tag 3 people only la because mostly everyone already did this :
(kalau kamu malas mau buat pun it's ok kio)

Okay, so this is my ten secrets konon :

1. i am 24 y.o. (ramai org cakap macam masi budak -_-)

2. never ever bring me into any kids clothing store, i will end up buying something (mesti mau beli tu)

3. i am a dreamer. extreme ^^

4. i will get mad if anybody or anything disturb my sleep.

5. i am someone who love to/must go out, just go anywhere as long tidak stuck at home only.

6. my newest hobby/passion (wah!) baking ^^

7. i am a good listener, and like to ask question.

8. if i'm in packing mode i feel that i wanna bring all the clothes! (even hubby said that i'm crazy) but i have my own reason actually. so that's why few times overweight sudah at the airport. huh.

9. i don't really like a person who is lazy and don't put any effort -_-

10. i like to organize properly my things for my journey so that i am aware ( eg : what snack i must bring, what thing that must have in my handbag, or where this bag or that bag must be place...etc ) crazy right....

Wah susah juga mau fikir ni secret...(getting sleepy bah)

Next challenge Eight Fears! banyak juga tu...


Eh salah pla, next is not eight fears but NINE LOVE ^^

Sunday, March 6

Quick post

Adui... its been lingering in my mind for few days sudah ni hahaa...

I wanna buy new shoes!!

image via here

Hahahaaa... never get enough with buying shoes/sandal. ada sudah sa nampak sana eastern plaza, but tunggu duit masuk dulu. kesian! nah beli something that i don't need lagi ni ^.^ susah! then i'm thinking of buying Dania's a shirt again....>o<

somebody pinch me!!!

When was the last time you bought a shoe? me last october i think.

Thursday, March 3

Happily Share

Today i wanna post some pictures.

I baked cupcake last night despite my tiredness luckily my cupcake turned out not perfect due to the papercup but the taste of it is yummy! it's banana chocolate chunks cupcake. i will definitely bake it again one day! some of my family saw this pic adakah dorang fikir cupcake spirulina la..cupcake spinach la...lucu nya!

this is tonight. this is how my living room will look like if she didn't sleep yet. so i have to let it be like that, messy. then when she asleep then i'll tidy all her toys.

i asked her to do 'peace' finger and that what she did. still learning.

this when i said "Dania mumy take your picture ok" and she smiled (kinda) lol.

I will be going back to Keningau next week (maybe) for my family activity but my heart macam ada second thought pula. it's just that overthere (my grandmother's) when all your family berkumpul in one house definitely hectic hectic hectic with all their screaming children so that's my problem. there will be a problem where to sleep, where to get Dania to have her nap, how can Dania get her nap/sleep with all the screaming and noisy!? hubby is not coming with us because couldn't get off and lack of budget (hehehehee yeah..we are a little tight this month!) hate it. if only he come we can stay at my in law's.

Second thought....second thought.....

Wednesday, March 2

Can't help !!


I'm tired. So so so tired! but somehow i always push myself on doing stuff this and that. how about you? do you push yourself? eventhough at some point your body can't take it anymore but your mind keep on saying like "keep on going...keep on doing..." or etc.

Well that's me. everyday in the morning i always busy with some chores and handling my little one and after all done and my little one having her nap so that is the time when i also suppose to have a rest right but i failed to do so. it's like i'm forcing myself to the limit! that's when i am busy surfing the internet or baking or watch tv etc, my body at that time really need a rest but i'm just not doing it. my little mind kinda said "while you have your own free time do it" totally not talking about rest.

Like right now i'm blogging and facebooking and baking! but actually now my body is soooo tired! how can i control this situation? i know its crazy. now my migraine attacked me few days already and taking panadol didn't help at all.

image via here

Too much thinking also. i need help.