Thursday, December 30


It's almost 3weeks im here in kk. from my mom's place to aunt's house, to keningau and so on...

if i have to put in percentage my enjoyment about this holiday, i'll say 60%.

there is alot of bad and good when you're away from home. kurang itu, kurang ini. but the most unsatisfying things for me is about lunch and dinner. here it is like " do your own things if you want it " so it NOT FUN at all. seriously everyday i'll get mad about it.

Last time when Mei is here was alot better. eventhough how busy she is, there's always time for us. i miss her. now is totally different. everybody and i mean EVERYBODY is changing already. not fun at all.
his attitude? getting worst. i am so dissappointed.

Actually staying at my in law was alot better than here.only there nothing much to do. but little Dania enjoyed her stay there last weekend. she's alot braver than before.

Well tomorrow is the last day for 2010. and this is my last post for this year. i just hope 2011 will be alot better. in a matter of myself, my own family, my other family, my little dania health and our financial plus happiness. and i want to be more mature and stronger in every way.


Thursday, December 23


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i'm just not happy.
i will continue with this soon.

Wednesday, December 15

kk with love

Me and Dania arrived kk yesterday afternoon. it was tiring!! and my arm all hurt!

From the tawau airport carry my big handbag and Dania on both of my arm, waiting for our plane, hey waiting is tiring! then arrived kk airport carry Dania again from the plane to the damn airport (this is how airasia is) then i have to pull the trolley and wait (again) our luggage (1 big luggage, 1 med size and Dania's trolley) and i have to put it all myself on the trolley! so basically that's why my arm is in pain. plus again that day so many people from tawau flew back to kk, so it's crowded! hate!

Anyway i WILL TRY to enjoy ourselves here eventhough my mum and my sis is busy with their own activity *sigh*, kinda boring lah.

Dania's is very handful i can say since we were here. she wants to go here and there. go up and down the staircase!! (kebaruan tangga lol) then if you don't follow her if she wanna bring you she'll start to raise her voice, so annoying actually *sigh*

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Last but not list i want to say to myself "be strong anne!"

Monday, December 13

12.12.10 funny

I told Dania to sit on the sofa and wait me there. So while i was in the kitchen making her milk i peek at her on the corner of my eyes and i realized that she was not on the sofa anymore, i thought maybe she's at the balcony.

I called her name while looking outside the balcony but she's not there. my thought quickly think "oh no she went into the bathroom!!" and i remembered that i haven't throw the water from her tub yet. i ran as fast as i can to see her in the bathroom and there she was. sitting IN her tub which still full with water and bubbles playing with it.

Her clothes were all wet. i am not mad actually, i think it's funny and cute. first time she did this kind of thing. i took her out from the bathroom and she was crying while saying "baa baa!!", means that she wanna have a bath again.


Sunday, December 12

Remember it.

I wanna list a few things that Dania is really fond into. For me to remember incase i re-read my old post in the future. so that i will remember that moment that i had.

1. Plush toys. especially teddy bear and her meoww-meoww (that's what Dania called it).

this her meoww-meoww...

2. Umbrella. she still can't say the word but whenever she see it on tv or in book or at the street where people are using it she will get all excited. now she call it like ' bbuurrr ' (i think) lol.

image via here

3. Ball. any kind of ball. she'll love it! she called it ' baaaa '.

image via here

4. Bubbles. she love to play bubble, especially during bath time. she'll ask me to splash the water so that the bubbles will appear. she called it ' bubba '.

image via here

5. Flower. any kind of flower if you show her she will stare at it and babbling. i'm not so sure how she pronounce it though.

image via here

6. Book. Dania love love love book! she love if you show her with your finger and do some act while reading it to her.

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7. Shoe. she can't see any shoe, if not she definitely want to wear it at that moment. whether it was an adult shoe or her own shoe she WANT to wear it. she called it ' shoss '. i think she's just like me shoe lover lol.

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8. Cat. she really like to see cat. anywhere she will get sooo excited. whenever she see one she will say ' meoww-meoww ' while patting her chest as if she caressing it. so cute.

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9. Balloon. she called it ' buuuuu ' lol. whenever we stop by at the gas station she knows that there's so many balloon selling there. she will point at it and nod her head again and again meaning that she wants it.

This is Dania during her first birthday. surrounding with toys and her cousins.
i wish i could do her first birthday all over again.

Now she's 1 year and 3 months. very manja and like to show-off her attitude.

I'm going back to kk this Tuesday and i just hope that she will not be all cranky and please let her stay well.

Thursday, December 9


I just wanna say that i'm throwing ' it ' out already. i just need to be firm and strong right now. i'm walking out of here, even if i have to leave everything behind and walk out with bare foot.

Wednesday, December 8


I was searching for Dania's wet tissue yesterday when i found my old notebook from few years back. Then i remembered that i have several of my notebook that i've lost and no where to be found. i know it is somewhere inside the stor room.

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The note book that i found yesterday was a sad story of mine. but still i love reading it. it help me to ponder upon some situation that hit me big during that years and made me learn it and apply it on my current life. as i was reading it while sitting on the sofa mostly i was shaking my head. it was stupid though.

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I love notebook. i have tons of it since i was in high school. i always buy notebook eventhough i will not use it because i just love to see the cover design and to collect it just made my day.
but now since i was away from kk which is my second home and where mostly my old notebooks was (if they didn't throw it) i missed reading them.

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For now i can't wait to go back to kk and go to Something Different to buy a few of notebook! i just love their notebook because of their unique design, very vintage style and the paper is brown in colour. i hope they still open because it's been ages since i went there.

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Tuesday, December 7

Long tag

Posting this tag by Annie because i have nothing better to do in this Monday afternoon.

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person that tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I hate half cooked egg yolk. geli.

2. Whenever i'm going out of the house i must use my bodyshop eyebrow shadow. not that my brow is a disaster ok.

3. I rather choose rainy day than a hot day. its just that the rain really give me this calm and relax feeling. good feeling.

4. I have dusun-chinese-filipino-spanish blood. but dunno p mana tu chinese and spanish blood LOL!!

5. Never let me watch any ghost movie because the ghost will keep on lingering on my head.

6. my siblings are all girls. named Meibelle and Myra age 20 and 15.

7. I love baby. i have one named Dania. lol.

8. I can live without my handphone but can't live without internet (*.*)

9. I love vintage stuff.

10. Handmade craft things just adored me so much.

11. My dream job to be a designer or a photography. bah how to accomplish this lol.

12. I really really seriously want a DSLR or Polaroid camera. or a new handphone i guess. (bah minta christmas gift ;) )

13. I just love my hometown, Keningau.

14. Addicted to korean songs, music, movie, drama, people.... lol.

15. My current hobby is baking. love love love.

16. To have a small cafe of my own one day.

17. My childhood is a one thing that i try not to remember the memory too much.

18. Hate people who is very lazy, late all the time, someone who like talk big and a liar!

19. Dania is everything to me in this world.

20. I want a family gathering to be done regularly like we used to but nowadays seems that so hard for them.

21. Every night before i go to sleep i will plan/think about what i'm going to have for tomorrow breakfast and lunch.

22. I love to talk. it makes me feel much better than just keep quiet.

23. I hate man's ego!

24. Can't sleep with the light on.

25. I wish i was in Forks LOL!!!! damn you twilight.

There you go, 25 random things about me. penat berfikir sudah heheee.

I can't tag 25 people. banyak bah that, so i tag Carmelliny, Ellyda, Dierdre, and Anne. PLs feel free to do it if you're free. thanks (^^)

Monday, December 6


I just love my own little corner. my thoughts and my heart is everything there.

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As you can see i've added this Reaction post on my every post in my blog *huh* so if you finish reading my post and you are too lazy to give me some feedback or comment please do tick at the reaction post. i would appreciate it if you do that.


Sunday, December 5

Random quote.


i should be this way. sometimes dua hati.

- i've been planning of doing a long post on my blog but time just doesn't allow me to. hate.

Wednesday, December 1


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i would love to have a dream catcher for me and Dania.

Hang it on top of our bed.

Probably Dania will pull it out if she see it. anyway i WANT one.

Happy December you all !!! can't wait for holidays!!

although at other country is cold and snowy, here hot as in the oven. lol.