Monday, December 13

12.12.10 funny

I told Dania to sit on the sofa and wait me there. So while i was in the kitchen making her milk i peek at her on the corner of my eyes and i realized that she was not on the sofa anymore, i thought maybe she's at the balcony.

I called her name while looking outside the balcony but she's not there. my thought quickly think "oh no she went into the bathroom!!" and i remembered that i haven't throw the water from her tub yet. i ran as fast as i can to see her in the bathroom and there she was. sitting IN her tub which still full with water and bubbles playing with it.

Her clothes were all wet. i am not mad actually, i think it's funny and cute. first time she did this kind of thing. i took her out from the bathroom and she was crying while saying "baa baa!!", means that she wanna have a bath again.


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