Tuesday, August 18


full body.....
baby pls come out fastttt heheheee

Friday, August 14

picture 8month plus

33 weeks

No head picture hahaa....small belly kan.
baby probably small size.
easy to give birth ;p hahaaa


She’s got a baby inside
And holds her belly tight
All through the night
Just so she knows
She’s sleeping so
Safely to keep
Her growing
And oh when she'll open her eyes
There'll be no surprise
That she'll grow to be
So beautifully
Just like her mother
That’s carrying
Oh Capri
She’s beauty
Baby inside she’s loving
Oh Capri
She’s beauty
There is and angel growin’ peacefully
Oh Capri
Sweet baby
And things will be hard at times
But I've learned to try
Just listening
Patiently, oh Capri
Sweet baby
Oh Capri
She’s beauty
Baby inside she’s loving
Oh Capri
Your beauty
Just like your mother
That’s carrying...Oh Capri...

Monday, August 10

I cannot tahan already!

Its like i've been pregnant FOREVER!!
I can't wait anymore.
I am too tired already of waiting this and that especially this pregnancy.
51 days to go.... this is crazy!
I don't want to be far away from ney espacially during this difficult times but there's nothing i can do.
All i want right now is time goes by fast!!!

One more thing that i'm concern is about the H1N1 here in kgau.
I think it is worst than kk.
Just thinking of going to clinic for review also i am scared and worry then i have to think about deliver time at the hospital where the viruses all over that place...
huh so so so worried!!!