Monday, August 10

I cannot tahan already!

Its like i've been pregnant FOREVER!!
I can't wait anymore.
I am too tired already of waiting this and that especially this pregnancy.
51 days to go.... this is crazy!
I don't want to be far away from ney espacially during this difficult times but there's nothing i can do.
All i want right now is time goes by fast!!!

One more thing that i'm concern is about the H1N1 here in kgau.
I think it is worst than kk.
Just thinking of going to clinic for review also i am scared and worry then i have to think about deliver time at the hospital where the viruses all over that place...
huh so so so worried!!!


Carmelliny said...

ko d Kningau plak kh nie?astaga,klo sa tau...hehe..sabar ko..

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

jan ba gitu, 100% family sa sana keningau jua.. huhu.. shoo shoo h1n1!

bah sa x sabar pula tunggu your baby ni tau anne.. hehe.. take a good care of urself there~

Bliss Anne said...

camel : iya sa d kgau nie hehee...x blh sabar sdh nie haha

annie : bikin takut bahh tu virus malas sa lg lah tdk sabar nie,pnt sdh menunggu hehee..tQ!!