Thursday, February 24

She has a tactic

C dania la ni.

I've been trying hard to get her to sleep by herself for few days already and the first few days was a success but then lepas beberapa hari lepas tu like she knew what i'm up to. so now everytime whenever i wanna put her to bed and i wont let her nenen she will start to cry out loud. a cry that asking for mercy (minta kesian punya) and it will go on and on! last last i have to give up! adui c dania ni seriously purposely make herself cry until keluar bunyi2 nangis yang really minta kesian punya. ofcourse i can't stand the crying for long so i have to give her nenen.

That's her tactic i think. just so i will give her nenen she will cry and cry and cry... kasi takut dia the star also kinda not working already. sekejap saja kesan. huh.

And now i totally have no idea at all how to deal with situation like this! sakit kepala.

Monday, February 21

Geram !

The other day we went to Giant bah beli barang rumah (time bulan tua!) hate hate hate! ok ni cerita dia, after kena scan scan scan all the things that we wanna buy the the lady at the counter said "ok thank you" then buat tidak tau ja. why? tu barang2 semua bukan kena kasi masuk inside plastic! then i asked her "no plastic ka?" then she said "hari ni ari sabtu kak memang tdk pakai plastic" then i was like "ooohhhh....tapi kalau mau beli tu plastic pun tiada ka?" (coz last time i remembered the plastic you can still buy for 2o cent each but now langsung tiada sudah!

So geram juga la time tu. the lady said you can buy the recycled bag for rm2 + and rm4 (dalam hati saya kalau itu mahal pla kamu jual pedahal recycled bag saja!) huh because the things that we bought that time banyak small stuff and wet stuff bah. luckily before we entered the store c bos took the trolley outside ( itu pun before masuk bising2 lagi dia mau bawa trolley, see now what's the benefit for it kan). so all the stuff sa kasi masuk ja dalam tu trolley then we headed out.

Then outside i was looking at other people who went into Giant and i saw most of their stuff inside the trolley same like ours (no plastic bag). then i said "siapa lah bah yang ingat mau bawa plastik sendiri, buduh punya Giant" hehehee i said that because other stores kan if you didn't bring yourself a plastic bag they will sell you theirs tapi ni Giant ni betebiat! everytime you walk out of your house with your kids will you remember to bring a plastic bag? (that will be the last thing on my mind!) macamana la tu lau orang yang no car, no plastic bag, not enough money to buy the recycled bag??? kesian kan! heeyyyy ni Giant kan not thinking about others bah.

I wonder if Servay do this GREEN thing also (no plastic bag on weekend)...... now pun at Giant macam abit expensive already their stuff there.


- please SAVE MORE BUY LESS for the next expenses (huhuhuuu boros bah!!) save pun susah!

- buy things that IMPORTANT only. or maybe that you NEED only. (how la kalau tiba2 mau makan itu ini) huhuuuu

- DO NOT BUY CLOTHES! wheter for you or Dania. huhuhuuu

- ..... still thinking......

I will die next month...............................................................................

How do you do your budget? maybe can share some tips that can save more ;)

Sunday, February 20

First time - 1Y 5M

first time naik slide and first time went to the park/playground.
but the playground here not very good.

taken using webcam

makan keropok sampai angkat the bowl...

it's been long time tdk snap picture dia time tidur.

Sleep by herself

Right now i'm in progress teach c Dania sleep by herself. why? because i'm tired giving her b.feeding and have to wake every night to feed her. sakit badan2 oh and not enough sleep. now she's 1 year and 5 months sudah so i think she's ready and have to force her lah.

it's not easy! the first night she woke up at 4 am something then cari nenen tapi tidak juga pandai tidur2 so i told her that no need to nenen just sleep plus i have to scare her the 'star' (her toys that she scared). it works but took little longer time. i have to tell her again and again to sleep and remind her about the star. i think almost 2 hours juga la last last tertidur sendiri. kesian juga her but what to do i seriously need to teach her. then in the morning she woke up almost 12 pm sudah hehehee kesian not enough sleep i guess.

today nap time she still wants to nenen until fall asleep but i told her again the same tactic i did the other night. and yes she fall asleep by herself. i'm glad. i just hope she will get used to it soon. i realized that whenever she terbangun i have to tell her to sleep back using some tone then she will lay down back and sleep.

Can't deal with all the not enough sleep everyday and my whole body is aching. very tiring. i wonder how other mothers deal with this kind of situation.

Sekarang ni c Dania really likes to talk. she will talk and talk and talk all the time. can't understand what she's saying actually but i will just reply her back with yes, ok, ohhh and etc... because if you don't concentrate on her she will pull your face to her and talk infront of your face. so funny! and so cute.

Yesterday we went to the park nearby. first time for Dania actually. i'll post the picture soon.

Tuesday, February 15

Random photo

First of all warning too many picture!

These are some picture from our (me & Dania) recent activity from kk to keningau to tawau.

This is Dania recent picture. big girl already. 1 year and 4 months.

me with c pom pom, rambut baru konon.

i love this pic! dania told me that she wanna wear the spec.

at Lintas plaza. budak terlepas dari dukungan then run here and there.

as usual she like to play with clothes! (at keningau)

i dressed her up like avril konon lol... semat juga la.

being naughty with her new stool.

at gunung alab (near gunung emas) on the way back to kk. love the food there.

ni lah kerja c Dania tengok cd dia saja...

we were at the le'meridien having high-tea macam and that big christmas tree area Dania run round and round and i have to follow her. gila ni.

she forced me to put the puppy on her lap then i took picture of her. perfect.

both of us with pretty christmas decoration at le'meridien.

hahahaaa kegelian tu rumput! it was so funny that time.

recent photo with her friend Loraine, same age with her. makan saja kerja dorang ni.

i don't know why but every toddler will put herself inside something like this.
small box pun she tried to fit herself in.

haaa ni lah kerja Dania everyday... menyemakan rumah.. her books will be everywhere.

she love to do that!! cute.

first time i let her eat the chicken drumstick by herself.

with Loraine's lil brother Lester. Dania just woke up that time.

Last but not least Dania's baby picture when she was only 2 months.
i miss her.

Monday, February 14

Blissful mood

My tv is on and Glee on air. i'm not watching it, i'm listening to their music and singing. it's really made my mood something something. i love it!

Listening to Glee while reading blog and browsing pictures has definitely fill me up with some inspiration.

image via here

Simplicity is beauty.

image via here

I miss wearing hills. damn you tawau.

Sunday, February 13

Baking disaster

This is my new hobby as a housewife *rolling eyes* konon. Baking! love it.

Few times already i tried bake cake, cupcake, cheesecake, brownies etc.... and some are successful but some was a tragedy. and i have no idea why! and seriously i almost gave up thinking back about all my baking. huh.

But then today i was in a high spirit to do it (for the last time i guess) just to see is it going to turn out perfect or as i said disaster! i decided not to follow the recipe from my cake book or any other recipe that i copied from my mum, instead i browsed the Asian Food Channel website and search for whatever cakes recipe that i can easily bake, and taadaaaa i found the recipe named "Little Vanilla Cake" by chef Michael Smith. i love his show!

So here's the problem actually i tried to figure out the past few days, why my cake didn't turn out nice? alot to blame actually in my mind.

1. my oven (rosak ka?)
2. measuring (is it the lousy one?)
3. the recipe book (maybe)
4. the way i mix the ingredients? (impossible)
5. measuring cup?
6. the recipe from internet was stupid?
7. or ETC reason that i can't figure out....

And as my assuming and wondering and never give up in myself was all over me *lol* and didn't think hard i guess this is how my last cake that i baked turn out to be :

this is suppose to be a cake but looks like brownies right? it is Orange chocolate cake bah. the outlook not so very interesting as a cake (disaster) but the taste is yummy.
i totally have no idea why it turn out like this!it didn't raise well.

So tonight before i measure all the ingredients i do the maths first. seriously i said about the 'maths'. i do counting on the measurement of the ingredients! ( i refer to my mum's way and Nigella Lawson way ) lol.
After that i start to do all the measurement of the ingredients for me to mix it before baking (while crossing my finger so that it will turn out perfectly). then i baked it!

How my cake turn out to be?*smiling*

Little Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake ( i add little bit the choco chip)

Okay i'm not bragging here. for myself this is the prettiest cake i've ever bake. it was clean, raise well, look good and taste delicious!

So my conclusion on my problem :

- it is actually the damn recipe book and the damn recipe from the internet that i followed!! (thanks AFC)
- i do not need a self raising floor to raise the cake! its all about measurement. thanks Nigella!

I will not stop baking and i will learn it well. learn from mistake. thank you for reading.

Wednesday, February 2

She's a girly girl

During my last holiday at kk and keningau me and dania with my family always going out to here and there. so i tend to wear some makeup before going out. and at some moment while putting on my makeup Dania was beside me playing with my stuff while watching me too putting my makeup on.

One day she drop my makeup bag on the floor and all the things inside there is everywhere. then she picked up my eyelash curler, look at it and suddenly she put it on her eye!! pretending that she's using it like i did !! and i was laughing looking at what she did just a moment ago. i was wow by her cleverness and memories. she really learned from me by looking at me while im putting my makeup on my face.

Another incidence we were inside the car. i always wear my sunglasses if going out and Dania saw me wearing it often. then one day i was about to put my sunglasses on, she grab it from me and try to wear it herself (but she couldn't) it keep dropping off her face. and then she asked me to put it on her! forced me again and again. hahahaaa... she also wanna look good and stylish.

And now, whenever we going out i will bring my handbag. so if at home if Dania see my handbag anywhere she will take it and put it on her shoulder and she will say " go ". she will walk around the house with it. same thing with the lipbalm, she saw my mum wearing it that day, now at home if she see the lipbalm (i have same one like mum) she will ask for it and she put it on her mouth, also her teeth la.

So my conclusion is, *laughing* at this tender age she really immitate whatever you do and use. definitely bring laugh and joy to me. she really growing up and big girl already! and i'm glad that she love all girls stuff. hopefully it will not change. right now i just have to wait and see until tha time arrive when Dania finally wanna choose her own clothes on what she wants to wear *laughing*.