Sunday, February 20

Sleep by herself

Right now i'm in progress teach c Dania sleep by herself. why? because i'm tired giving her b.feeding and have to wake every night to feed her. sakit badan2 oh and not enough sleep. now she's 1 year and 5 months sudah so i think she's ready and have to force her lah.

it's not easy! the first night she woke up at 4 am something then cari nenen tapi tidak juga pandai tidur2 so i told her that no need to nenen just sleep plus i have to scare her the 'star' (her toys that she scared). it works but took little longer time. i have to tell her again and again to sleep and remind her about the star. i think almost 2 hours juga la last last tertidur sendiri. kesian juga her but what to do i seriously need to teach her. then in the morning she woke up almost 12 pm sudah hehehee kesian not enough sleep i guess.

today nap time she still wants to nenen until fall asleep but i told her again the same tactic i did the other night. and yes she fall asleep by herself. i'm glad. i just hope she will get used to it soon. i realized that whenever she terbangun i have to tell her to sleep back using some tone then she will lay down back and sleep.

Can't deal with all the not enough sleep everyday and my whole body is aching. very tiring. i wonder how other mothers deal with this kind of situation.

Sekarang ni c Dania really likes to talk. she will talk and talk and talk all the time. can't understand what she's saying actually but i will just reply her back with yes, ok, ohhh and etc... because if you don't concentrate on her she will pull your face to her and talk infront of your face. so funny! and so cute.

Yesterday we went to the park nearby. first time for Dania actually. i'll post the picture soon.

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