Sunday, February 13

Baking disaster

This is my new hobby as a housewife *rolling eyes* konon. Baking! love it.

Few times already i tried bake cake, cupcake, cheesecake, brownies etc.... and some are successful but some was a tragedy. and i have no idea why! and seriously i almost gave up thinking back about all my baking. huh.

But then today i was in a high spirit to do it (for the last time i guess) just to see is it going to turn out perfect or as i said disaster! i decided not to follow the recipe from my cake book or any other recipe that i copied from my mum, instead i browsed the Asian Food Channel website and search for whatever cakes recipe that i can easily bake, and taadaaaa i found the recipe named "Little Vanilla Cake" by chef Michael Smith. i love his show!

So here's the problem actually i tried to figure out the past few days, why my cake didn't turn out nice? alot to blame actually in my mind.

1. my oven (rosak ka?)
2. measuring (is it the lousy one?)
3. the recipe book (maybe)
4. the way i mix the ingredients? (impossible)
5. measuring cup?
6. the recipe from internet was stupid?
7. or ETC reason that i can't figure out....

And as my assuming and wondering and never give up in myself was all over me *lol* and didn't think hard i guess this is how my last cake that i baked turn out to be :

this is suppose to be a cake but looks like brownies right? it is Orange chocolate cake bah. the outlook not so very interesting as a cake (disaster) but the taste is yummy.
i totally have no idea why it turn out like this!it didn't raise well.

So tonight before i measure all the ingredients i do the maths first. seriously i said about the 'maths'. i do counting on the measurement of the ingredients! ( i refer to my mum's way and Nigella Lawson way ) lol.
After that i start to do all the measurement of the ingredients for me to mix it before baking (while crossing my finger so that it will turn out perfectly). then i baked it!

How my cake turn out to be?*smiling*

Little Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake ( i add little bit the choco chip)

Okay i'm not bragging here. for myself this is the prettiest cake i've ever bake. it was clean, raise well, look good and taste delicious!

So my conclusion on my problem :

- it is actually the damn recipe book and the damn recipe from the internet that i followed!! (thanks AFC)
- i do not need a self raising floor to raise the cake! its all about measurement. thanks Nigella!

I will not stop baking and i will learn it well. learn from mistake. thank you for reading.

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