Wednesday, February 2

She's a girly girl

During my last holiday at kk and keningau me and dania with my family always going out to here and there. so i tend to wear some makeup before going out. and at some moment while putting on my makeup Dania was beside me playing with my stuff while watching me too putting my makeup on.

One day she drop my makeup bag on the floor and all the things inside there is everywhere. then she picked up my eyelash curler, look at it and suddenly she put it on her eye!! pretending that she's using it like i did !! and i was laughing looking at what she did just a moment ago. i was wow by her cleverness and memories. she really learned from me by looking at me while im putting my makeup on my face.

Another incidence we were inside the car. i always wear my sunglasses if going out and Dania saw me wearing it often. then one day i was about to put my sunglasses on, she grab it from me and try to wear it herself (but she couldn't) it keep dropping off her face. and then she asked me to put it on her! forced me again and again. hahahaaa... she also wanna look good and stylish.

And now, whenever we going out i will bring my handbag. so if at home if Dania see my handbag anywhere she will take it and put it on her shoulder and she will say " go ". she will walk around the house with it. same thing with the lipbalm, she saw my mum wearing it that day, now at home if she see the lipbalm (i have same one like mum) she will ask for it and she put it on her mouth, also her teeth la.

So my conclusion is, *laughing* at this tender age she really immitate whatever you do and use. definitely bring laugh and joy to me. she really growing up and big girl already! and i'm glad that she love all girls stuff. hopefully it will not change. right now i just have to wait and see until tha time arrive when Dania finally wanna choose her own clothes on what she wants to wear *laughing*.

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