Thursday, April 30


I've been having bad and scary dreams this past few days.
Mostly related to my baby.
I wonder why....

Is it because i'm worried too much about it?
I don't seem too worry juga.
Maybe i always feeling cautious and feel tired everyday.
Don't know lah.

Tuesday, April 28

more pregnant

The other day my aunt came here to bring home my grandma to her house, stay there until mei's reception. So weird for me as she was busy asking and talking about my pregnancy to my other aunt then when we were having our lunch then i said that she looks thinner than before but her tummy still nampak boroi lah hehe. She just smiling and said like jokingly that she's pregnant again but me and my other aunt don't believe her! then she said "see even you all also didn't believe me how can i accept the fact that i'm pregnant again??" it was funny because at the age 41 she still pregnant again!

But then seriously she is pregnant and she could accept the fact that she is!! its sooo funny. she didn't want to tell anybody because it's embarassing for her. She said this year she suppose to be a grandma already for my baby but then she also suddenly pregnant! so for her bikin malu lah hehe. Now she's 2months prengnant and i think her due date is in early December so i will deliver my baby first.

Even Lala my cousin don't believe that her mother is pregnant, she said old already still wanna have baby but actually my aunt don't want a baby anymore so this time she and her husband "TER....." produced the baby hahaha....


Okay its kinda boring talking about pregnancy stuff only kan.

Friday, April 24

new family member

Meet Princess !!

This is Sheila with Princess :

Actually it's my mum's puppy. They already have Malchi (chihuahua + maltese) and now my mum buy another one. Don't know what's up with them buying all this pups.

Thursday, April 23


I said before that my lower abdomen sometimes in slight pain so i did some research (actually from :

It's quite typical. This aching, as opposed to cramping, is usually caused by the stretching of the muscles and ligaments supporting your womb (uterus). You'll probably feel it when you're getting up from a bed or chair, when you cough or when you get out of the bath. It may also become a problem when the baby's head engages in the later stages of pregnancy.

So i think it is normal. Pheewww...!!

Luckily at this stage where i am right now i didn't feel any of that, that often la. Only feeling like bloated most of the time.

I just came back from my mum's house coz i stayed there for afew day before Mei go to australia to register their marriage there for a couple of days. Because after this maybe i wont be able to spend any night with her anymore coz her husband will be sleeping with her.

So the other day went to clinic again for the weight monitoring session and i lost 1kg due to the bad diarrheoa i had since last friday. I have no idea what cause it and maybe it's normal for pregnant woman because of the hormone. Don't know lah. But on monday i am back to normal again and now i am 17weeks.
After that we went to the dentidt to check my gum and i need to do the scaling stuff if i'm not mistaken but i haven't done it yet. Maybe next week. My gum is getting worst!

Nowadays i can feel abit of small movement already from the baby and i love it. But my friend said that my tummy doesn't look like 4months pregnant. She said my tummy is small. So i was abit worried when she said that. Hopefully for the next few weeks my tummy will be bigger.

Ohh this is funny. The other day my grandma suddenly wanted to have a peek at my breast and i was like "huh??for what?" she said she just want to look at how's my breast look and she said what for i malu malu coz she's my grandma i was laughing and show her la. Then she said maybe you gonna have a girl.

I'm crossing my finger for what she'd say. hahaa. How can they know the sex just by looking at breast/nipple. Funny.

Friday, April 17


I had a dream last night.

I was back at my high school again and i attend all the classes like the old days. That time my tummy already like 20weeks pregnant and i didn't tell anybody. So in that dream i went to the toilet to pee ;p then in there some of the girls saw me and they start to say bad thing about my body and laugh loud about my big tummy. They said that i have "perut buncit" and i was so so so mad at them! because i can't tell them that i'm actually pregnant and i don't want too. So i just have to keep it to myself and i couldn't say anything back to them.


Why i have such dream? i don't even worried anything about my body actually. i don't mind getting abit fat. That's why i think its weird for me to have that dream.

What i'm thinking:

My lower abdomen started to feel abit of contraction for the past few days and ofcourse i'm worried like hell. i'm scared about the baby or my placenta. this is soo hard for me.
Some says that it is because i'm worried too much or having stress that's why it happened. I do really hope that that's the reason i felt the pain. I am quite stress out right now.

Nowadays i tend to forget things easily. Sikit sikit lupa this and that. I hate when that happen.

Every night i will touch or hold my tummy just so i can feel if suddenly a movement happen. I was hoping it will happen because the internet at said that at this period i may feel some movement but sometime tidak perasan. Can't wait for next weeks to come coz i will feel movement already.

Last night i had pizza set for dinner. In my mind this is crazy, since i have to jaga my weight because next week i have to recheck again my weight at the clinic. So if i gain more weight i don't know lah how.

Thursday, April 16


On the 14th April i am officially 4months pregnant. I went for check up at the clinic that day.

I am excited because of my growing baby and my tummy getting bigger every week. I suppose the length of the baby is about between 8 - 10cm.

Right now i'm just worried about my gum bleeding. See lah if next month still the same even if i use the medicine they've given i'll go to the dentist.

The nurse said that i was overweight, over 2kg. and i was like what?? isn't that was suppose to be good for me to gain weight? plus it's only 2kg. So maybe it's not good for my pregnancy at this level. My weight suppose to be 37kg only.

I've just found out that Dynas the actress (sure you all know her) had a premature labour contractions during 61/2 months pregnant!! i am so shocked and feel so so so sorry for her lost on her baby girl. So because of that i am worried about myself!! very very worried!

Monday, April 13

i felt it

After 3 days of shopping none stop (which is kinda crazy for my situation during my pregnancy at this level) i experienced the most painful feeling on my feet!! i counldn't sleep well the first day we went shopping from wisma to 1B. The second day we went to city mall (finally i found a dress and i really really love it!) and this time my hips was in pain. Then the third day we went to centre point pula, i felt all of my body in pain, in my head i can't do this anymore, i have to stop going out after this for awhile but i still need to find some stuff *sigh* so because of this reach home i straightly fall on my comfty bed and my legs were about to torn apart i felt *laugh*. i asked my cousin to help me massage my legs.

I wish ney was here to help me. maybe next month only we get to see each other. Tomorrow is my review to the clinic. I just hope nothing bad that they will find out about the baby.

Thursday, April 9

On the 8th

- had lunch at Sutra with my mum. i ate a plate of rice, a plate full of salad and two plate of dessert still not feeling full enough. gila nie. then we got free cake from Sutra and my mum gave it to me as congratulation for having my first baby (which is still in the womb) funny nya!! chocolate cake again that.

- went to saloon to cut my hair. so now my hair is shorter than ever. the lady make it so pretty because she blow dryed it, so i'm thinking i have to rajin rajin blow my hair always myself just to make it look nice. malas nya.......... yes i'm a very lazy person.

what else to talk about?
no idea already...

Monday, April 6


Finally i get a chance to blog again. I've been away for awhile because of some reason that i can't even avoid or do anything.
I'm talking about morning sickness. Surprise surprise!! Yes i am expecting *blush* and now i am just in the end of my first trimester so the morning sickness is not sooo bad compare for the past few months back. because of the morning sickness which usually different to every woman, mine there's some weird stuff including seeing laptop or computer. When i was still in the beginning of my first trimester i couldn't even look at ANY laptop or computer, if i do, my stomach will feel weird and wanna throw up and i'll start to get dizzy. Funny kan, but now ok ok already but still i can't sit infront of the screen for hours lah.

I can't believe i'm telling about this pregnancy on my blog. Malu pula. Anyway, i shouldn't feel embarasse actually because it's the most exciting thing ever happen. whatever people wanna say, i don't even mind.

Yes i've change my layout again due to my hatered on the color of my previous layout and it's all because of this pregnancy. i even hate the color of RED! hate it soo much. weird kan. i hate bright colors too.

To other bloggers that been visiting my blog sorry if i did not reply you guy's message also all the tag. i will update more if i'm in good condition and i'll visit your blog too!