Friday, April 17


I had a dream last night.

I was back at my high school again and i attend all the classes like the old days. That time my tummy already like 20weeks pregnant and i didn't tell anybody. So in that dream i went to the toilet to pee ;p then in there some of the girls saw me and they start to say bad thing about my body and laugh loud about my big tummy. They said that i have "perut buncit" and i was so so so mad at them! because i can't tell them that i'm actually pregnant and i don't want too. So i just have to keep it to myself and i couldn't say anything back to them.


Why i have such dream? i don't even worried anything about my body actually. i don't mind getting abit fat. That's why i think its weird for me to have that dream.

What i'm thinking:

My lower abdomen started to feel abit of contraction for the past few days and ofcourse i'm worried like hell. i'm scared about the baby or my placenta. this is soo hard for me.
Some says that it is because i'm worried too much or having stress that's why it happened. I do really hope that that's the reason i felt the pain. I am quite stress out right now.

Nowadays i tend to forget things easily. Sikit sikit lupa this and that. I hate when that happen.

Every night i will touch or hold my tummy just so i can feel if suddenly a movement happen. I was hoping it will happen because the internet at said that at this period i may feel some movement but sometime tidak perasan. Can't wait for next weeks to come coz i will feel movement already.

Last night i had pizza set for dinner. In my mind this is crazy, since i have to jaga my weight because next week i have to recheck again my weight at the clinic. So if i gain more weight i don't know lah how.

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