Wednesday, January 26

16 month old dania

I found out this information from Babycentre :

Tantrums are natural

Sometimes your toddler's feelings will overwhelm him, and he'll have a tantrum. It's impossible for him to stop the rush of tears and anger in the middle. Remember, he only has one way to let off steam. Unlike you, he can't channel it into something else like a workout at the gym. So during a tantrum, be patient, available, and willing to offer comfort or leave him alone, whatever he needs.

Some days you won't be able to imagine a better age. Your toddler can scribble loopy pictures for you, play peekaboo at a moment's notice, and participate happily in the ever-popular body parts game ("Where are mama's eyes?" "Where's your nose?"). Yet, on other days, your child gets so frustrated by his own limits, he'll cry and scream for what seems like hours. It can be as frustrating for you as it is for him, but it is a normal part of growing up.

No wonder lah c Dania ni very manja and cranky most of the time. sometimes without any reason.

At 16 months, your toddler may like scribbling, enjoys helping you around the house, and may be able to put his finger to his lips and say "shhhh." He also likes peekaboo, stacking blocks, and playing body part games like "Where's baby's nose?" He's probably willing to co-operate with dressing and, about this time, he'll begin to take an interest in going up and down stairs -- though he may not navigate them alone for a few more months.

Well it is what it is to a 16month old like Dania. She know to do all of those things that mention.

Your life: coping with toddler tears

You're learning that two year olds aren't the only ones to go through "terrible" phases. Your toddler may be easily overwhelmed by life's challenges and respond to them by dissolving into tears and screams. Don't ask him to stop - he probably can't. Instead be patient, available, and willing to offer him comfort or just your presence, whatever he seems to need at the moment - however awkward the situation. He'll get over it and be good as new if you let the storm blow itself out.

Be patient Anne.......

Dania's new favorite character

llalalalalaalalaaa Elmo's world....!!

Tuesday, January 25


I'm glad to be back home. can't believe that i actually miss this house hahaa. even Dania, i can tell that she's excited this afternoon when we reach home from the airport.

Well i just hope a better environment here.

Can't wait to be back to kk and keningau again on March!!

Friday, January 21

People's Attitude

Suddenly i wanna talk about 'some' people's attitude which i seriously can't stand anymore.

When somebody who has helped you always and didn't even ask for any return,

should you act like showing 'i-dont-give-a-damn-about-it' face to that person when he/she only ask you to help he/she during the difficult time for he/she? should you?

should you go and tell others about it or should i say go and complain every single thing about that person that you hate or disagree? should you?

should you make a sarcasm to other people and show that you yourself are the best without even thinking that this person that had help you so very much was standing there beside you or sitting there infront of you that they can feel hurt through your stupid words?! should you do that???!!

NO NO NO NO and NO!!!!!!

For god sake he/she is our family should you really do that attitude in his/her house that you stay??? ABSOLUTELY NO!!!! you should be thankful that he/she still have patient for you and still treat you nicely! you should be thankful that he/she do and give anything for your life that no other can afford to give you. omg!
You're FAMILY!!! and family stick together and help each other no matter in good time or bad time!

Kenapa mesti mau mengira dalam your own family?!!


Second story.

What past is past.

When this person gave up everything just for you should you talk badly about the past that really hurt for both of you? should you do that?!

After all this years he/she wants to move on with his/her life with you without turning back on anything that had make your relationship falls apart, should you talk back again about the past that he/she had done wrong??!! should you??

Please use your brain before start talking. please think before you wanna say anything. if he/she do the same thing to you, how would you feel?

what kind of person are you that don't appreciate your surrounding is full with people who cares for you but you? you make the people who loves you cry because of your stupid attitude.


Sunday, January 16

So many to talk about but dont know where to begin

But i'll try to remember and tell everything.

1. I have a newborn cousin. baby girl named Gavienna. born on the 8th January 2011. Little sister to Bebe. she's so tiny and cute!! i'll post her picture soon.

2. I'm still here in kk with Dania. we'll be going back to twu next monday i think. so from keningau now here at my aunt's house Dania seems bored all the time. because of that she gets easily cranky. back at keningau she can go here and there freely, i mean there's more space to run around. but here is very limited so i think that's why. poor dania.

3. The way Dania walk these days is changing. she tip toeing (is it the right spell?). suddenly like that. so cute la macam ballerina LOL. she also getting more naughtier each day. sometimes she does annoyed me but what to do, that's how baby develop.

4. Staying here in kk i guess i did learn some things from some people here (that annoyed me). never ever think negative about other before looking yourself in the mirror!!! and always stay positive in life.

5. Ohh our kaching2 seems not so well lol. need to save need to save need to save!!!!!

6. I realized that ney's family was alot better than.......................toot........ seriously!! and i'm glad that it is like that.

That's all i can think right now for me to post here. i'll get back to this soon.

Saturday, January 8


Who inspired you the most in life?

One person that i found very much inspired me is Daphne Iking. in every kind of way and some reason that her life (not as celeb) and her true-self definitely inspired me.

God. pray to him for guidance and strenght.

Dania. a person that makes me keep on living and be strong no matter what.

and i am so thankful to have some family that able and want to hear my heart out.

image via here

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 5

It's all coming back

I am currently staying at a place that i used to call HOME. it has been years i leaved this place and now staying here for a week totally bring me back to all the memories that i have here. mostly sweet ones. and i love it!

There's two room in this house that i used to call MY room. my sanctuary. and i love every single memory in that room that i have since i'm in high school. really miss miss miss that time so damn much!

Why am i being in this kind of situation? probably i am bored of my current life. well, maybe. but not with Dania around me lah.

But i just love this feeling.

Yesterday i left my mum's house and the room that me and Dania sleep with a heavy and sad heart and feeling. i am saying goodbye to it by flipping over our family old album. and i can't stop smiling seeing all the pictures. uurrghhh... why suddenly all of this is all over me!

If only i can record every moment of it and keep it in a safe jar or box or whatever so that whenever i feel missing it i can watch it back again.


Monday, January 3

Some thoughts

Dear diary,
i think that i'm going to fall in love.
or its just a random feeling.
help me.

Saturday, January 1

01.01.11 First post !!

I would like to start this year post with some pictures.

First picture was me and dania on the way baxk to keningau. the whole journey she did not sleep and i was very tired!

Second is my mum's new born puppy. they are Spoty and Mocha. a pair. their mumy is Princess.

Third is Dania with little teddy bear puppy, Mocha.