Sunday, January 16

So many to talk about but dont know where to begin

But i'll try to remember and tell everything.

1. I have a newborn cousin. baby girl named Gavienna. born on the 8th January 2011. Little sister to Bebe. she's so tiny and cute!! i'll post her picture soon.

2. I'm still here in kk with Dania. we'll be going back to twu next monday i think. so from keningau now here at my aunt's house Dania seems bored all the time. because of that she gets easily cranky. back at keningau she can go here and there freely, i mean there's more space to run around. but here is very limited so i think that's why. poor dania.

3. The way Dania walk these days is changing. she tip toeing (is it the right spell?). suddenly like that. so cute la macam ballerina LOL. she also getting more naughtier each day. sometimes she does annoyed me but what to do, that's how baby develop.

4. Staying here in kk i guess i did learn some things from some people here (that annoyed me). never ever think negative about other before looking yourself in the mirror!!! and always stay positive in life.

5. Ohh our kaching2 seems not so well lol. need to save need to save need to save!!!!!

6. I realized that ney's family was alot better than.......................toot........ seriously!! and i'm glad that it is like that.

That's all i can think right now for me to post here. i'll get back to this soon.


Anonymous said...

wat??better than our family u mean? dl c zizie pun tip toeing bila dia mbsr kan..ko ingat??kiut mcm ballerina c dania..klu dia notty pkl tu pantat..heheh - meibelle

Bliss Anne said... some way ba susa gia mau cakap juga...;p ya c zizie till now masi tiptoeing...memang pun kna pukul lau tlmpau cerewet hehehe...