Saturday, July 30


On 28th July was my birthday. How was it? besa-besa saja. same day same people.

Woke up that morning with Dania throwing her 'asking for attention' thantrum and she threw her bottled water on my forehead accidently la. memang terus tinggi suara sa hehehee. the thing about her thantrum ni has been going on and on for almost a week already which really make me go crazy! until i read in Babycentre about her development, it's a normal thing pula. adidiihh sa bilang bikin geram pun ada! what i do? sometimes i have to raise my voice la and kalau sampai tahap mendidih sa kasi biar saja sambil hati bekecai...wah! hehehehee. oh and it's been a week also dia punya poop cair, why ah? stomache not really juga, teething? lama juga. why ah? any of you have any idea? risau ni.

Anyway that's all about Dania la this week, back to my B'day 'konon'. that day c hubby was in afternoon shift so sangat2 boring masa tu. me and dania tidur la lama2 petang tu. then masa bangun p kitchen there's few stuff (food) on the table *heran* then i went to the fridge there's a box of cake. and i was wondering bila pula kena beli and kena plan ni? but me still pura2 tia tau konon. i spent my evening at my SIL house with Dania watch their rabbit running around. i enjoyed that moment. i had fun with Dania, despite her attitude tu ^^

At night nah makan2 la kami yang simple2 ja, but the cake i waited for hubby to come home. Yam cake sa kena bagi, sedap... luckily i don't have to bake my own b'day cake kan hehee. apa lagi sa brabis observe the cake every detail. mau tau juga konon macamana bakery made their cake. the funny but stressing part was when Dania cut and poke the whole cake. then again and again asking us to light up the candle for her to blow, sampai sakit jari tau! ofcourse ada menangis punya. why the candle 25? c hubby salah kira my age. adui....

The day before i was at my grandma house practising baking a rainbow cake. lambat betul siap ni cake coz the oven bukan la oven besar kan, besa2 ja so i had to bake one by one each colour. from 4pm til almost 9pm baru siap including the frosting la. and about the frosting (white chocolate buttercream) too sweet coz my butter not enough hehehee but kalau tidak memang ok la hehee. the deco we tried to make as simple as we can.

green : coconut pandan, brown : chocolate, red : strawberry, white : vanilla, purple : yam
with white chocolate buttercream frosting.

ada orang mencuri... ada style lagi.

Okay have to go to bed now, today went out with my SIL sana sini sangat penat. tomorrow have to cook for a party. let me faint for few hours dulu.

Monday, July 25

The 2 days...

...... is the most tired day! it was last weekend actually.

On saturday i arrived at my grandma's house in the afternoon, and since afternoon until night time me and my aunt spend our day inside the kitchen only! it was crazy. that day is my uncle's birthday and my aunty is busy preparing this and that and i helped her with it. all we did is baking and cooking. so from afternoon cooked the lasagna then macaroni fruit salad then uncle's birthday cake then pizza and the last one (an order) my other aunt suddenly came and asked me to bake another birthday cake for her hubby belated birthday (same night they gonna celebrate). at first i refused but then sa kesian juga tengok muka dia hahahaa! buat saja lah, yg style kelam kabut and kampung2 punya. masuk kek inside the fridge for awhile pun tia sempat ba. lucu betul...

it was fun actually spending time in the kitchen (together with dania's crankiness) hahaa!! last2 we started the party at 9pm only.

On sunday we had family lunch at my grandma's house and i came to help my aunt again. so since afternoon until evening the kitchen is the place for us again. it was super tiring plus have to clean up again, until i overslept then body ache this morning hahaa!!

Next project... ^^

Friday, July 22

Quality time

Black Forest cake

On tuesday i decided to spend my day and Dania at my mum's house since hubby is busy saja with his work and kami keboringan at his sister's house. after my mum fetch us from the house she went for groceries shopping at merdeka supermarket for awhile. love this shop, banyak imported stuff, including baking things. suddenly she wanna bake black forest cake and ofcourse me will say yes for everthing in baking, apa lagi lau sama my mum hehehee! jadi buat punya buat, that's the end result of our cake. the decoration ehemmm yours truly, lucu juga lah but i like it ^^

i tried to pipe a rose shape actually but it couldn't happen because the nozzle is a close star shape, so hantam saja la. i really enjoyed myself baking cake with my mum, you know with more experience person in this baking stuff. but there's 'bingung-bingung' situation juga or maybe awkwardness in me because, emmm don't know why but i'm scared that if i do my own way takut salah pula, so mostly i wll asked my mum this and that. until my mum said 'ko tau juga pun pa mau buat malu2 lagi....' LOL!!! yaba weird ni. overall i did learn new tips from her about baking.

Rosemary cheese scones

The above picture my mum and her friend from Japan baked on monday. it's a scones!! do you like scones?? i LOVE it so much. it's my first time tasting it and i straightly fall in love, same like my mum. western people eat it with jam and we tried it also with ice-cream and its sooo good! but the above flavor is not my favorite flavor but still its okay for me. i like plain one and with raisns. i'm so glad that i learned how to bake it, nant balik keningau mau buat ni sendiri hohohoo!!

And today i decided to bring my mum for baking stuff shopping (ngam ka tu?) at bake with me. memang best coz ada penasihat. Thanks mum walaupun busy and it was carzily hot outside to go out ^^ so i end up by paying rm70 on baking things *pengsan* sa tutup mata seblah saja ni, c mumy lah tu.

Dania loves the netbook, my sister's one. and she placed it on her lap and pretending that she's typing something LOL

Both picture above taken on monday, out with my mum for lunch and mum window shopping for a mixer and she end up buying a Kentwood mixer *jeles*
First picture mum asked me to take picture of her with Dania, ehemm masa panas2 tengah jalan lagi tu. second picture Dania was playing with her reflection at sen-q.

Lazy Dania about to go to bed but must watch her new barney dvd while eating biscuit sambil baring2 ah. macam bos.

Going back to keningau tomorrow but macam teda semangat ni.

* Thanks Annie for the blog review ^^ and congrats once again on your pregnancy ^^

Wednesday, July 13

Ketawa ketawa

Picture above is a cake, a yam cake. i made with the help of my aunt last sunday.

Pagi-pagi suruh hubby p tamu find some fresh yam for this kek. if use the yam extract only dui manalah sedap kan, teda rasa itu keladi bah. the frosting i used fresh cream and chocolate butter drizzle, i did mix the fresh cream with the yam filling and it taste so good!

While decorating this cake me and my aunt was kinda drooling ouselves coz mati2 kami mau taste ni cake but mana boleh. oh somebody ordered me this cake. so itulah tia bole rasa kan. why is the title ketawa2? because while decorating the cake as an amateur baker like us (konon) kebidaan kami rasa bah hbs no idea kab, so hantam ja la. sambil ketawa kami deco the cake ni. but then after freezing it for awhile seems like the cake looks okay juga. besa lah kan lau style kampung-kampung punya homemade hehee, belum lagi crita itu pembungkus hahaa!!

Anyway i think next week my uncle's bday my aunt want to make this cake again so yayy dapat rasa lah suda nant.

Her favorite past time here, floating the flower.

Friday, July 8

where is the 'part'?

it has been 1 week since we started to live here in our hometown permanently and as weird as i think myself, i'm kinda feel like there's something missing here. something that made me smile. which ofcourse i have no idea what it is.

I am happy because we're no longer away from our own family and we can save more in our expenses ( i hope ). BUT like i said i feel like there's still an empty part that really makes me feel down. the environment DEFINITELY not like our old home ( its kinda bothering me actually) i know it's crazy for me to feel that way.

Speaking of the old home, i have no idea why i keep on thinking about it lately. i am missing it. but i feel like it keep on lingering in my mind. i definitely miss the environment and the freeness to be in there, yes it is different to be here, now. *sighing*

I miss going outside to eat without thinking back home, which is now the in laws in at home. yes it does sometimes makes you feel guilty when there's somebody at home waiting for you. i am not in a negative way of thinking here, don't get me wrong. the in laws is great. but the freeness was a bit unsteady. you dont get to do the way you want certain things to be, it is irritating sometimes. but i have to hold it back.

Overall i can say that i am not fully happy yet.

Sunday, July 3


.............. after 8 long crazy years of waiting hubby get to transfer back to our hometown here in keningau!!!

I just knew that it is going to be a good day for us. and that afternoon hubby received calls from the office pasal pemindahan dia tu! pedahal that day we were at the supermarket buying our groceries lgi for the whole week then kena inform in 10 days hubby have to start working already so mostly itu barang we gave to our neighbor.

The packing process was absolutely painful. hahaa why i said so? ada orang mau packing barang tlampau cerewet ala perfectionist! bikin geram ba.