Friday, July 22

Quality time

Black Forest cake

On tuesday i decided to spend my day and Dania at my mum's house since hubby is busy saja with his work and kami keboringan at his sister's house. after my mum fetch us from the house she went for groceries shopping at merdeka supermarket for awhile. love this shop, banyak imported stuff, including baking things. suddenly she wanna bake black forest cake and ofcourse me will say yes for everthing in baking, apa lagi lau sama my mum hehehee! jadi buat punya buat, that's the end result of our cake. the decoration ehemmm yours truly, lucu juga lah but i like it ^^

i tried to pipe a rose shape actually but it couldn't happen because the nozzle is a close star shape, so hantam saja la. i really enjoyed myself baking cake with my mum, you know with more experience person in this baking stuff. but there's 'bingung-bingung' situation juga or maybe awkwardness in me because, emmm don't know why but i'm scared that if i do my own way takut salah pula, so mostly i wll asked my mum this and that. until my mum said 'ko tau juga pun pa mau buat malu2 lagi....' LOL!!! yaba weird ni. overall i did learn new tips from her about baking.

Rosemary cheese scones

The above picture my mum and her friend from Japan baked on monday. it's a scones!! do you like scones?? i LOVE it so much. it's my first time tasting it and i straightly fall in love, same like my mum. western people eat it with jam and we tried it also with ice-cream and its sooo good! but the above flavor is not my favorite flavor but still its okay for me. i like plain one and with raisns. i'm so glad that i learned how to bake it, nant balik keningau mau buat ni sendiri hohohoo!!

And today i decided to bring my mum for baking stuff shopping (ngam ka tu?) at bake with me. memang best coz ada penasihat. Thanks mum walaupun busy and it was carzily hot outside to go out ^^ so i end up by paying rm70 on baking things *pengsan* sa tutup mata seblah saja ni, c mumy lah tu.

Dania loves the netbook, my sister's one. and she placed it on her lap and pretending that she's typing something LOL

Both picture above taken on monday, out with my mum for lunch and mum window shopping for a mixer and she end up buying a Kentwood mixer *jeles*
First picture mum asked me to take picture of her with Dania, ehemm masa panas2 tengah jalan lagi tu. second picture Dania was playing with her reflection at sen-q.

Lazy Dania about to go to bed but must watch her new barney dvd while eating biscuit sambil baring2 ah. macam bos.

Going back to keningau tomorrow but macam teda semangat ni.

* Thanks Annie for the blog review ^^ and congrats once again on your pregnancy ^^


Azeanthy Paiman said...

waaa....the cake brought me to salivary!

AngelineJ said...

OMG Anne! Your mum looks so young. I really thought she was your sister before reading your description below the pic! Wa wa wa wa wa!!!

Anne B. said...


hehee same like me ;)


yaba mcm muda lg kan, org lain pun fikir she's my sis konon...