Sunday, July 3


.............. after 8 long crazy years of waiting hubby get to transfer back to our hometown here in keningau!!!

I just knew that it is going to be a good day for us. and that afternoon hubby received calls from the office pasal pemindahan dia tu! pedahal that day we were at the supermarket buying our groceries lgi for the whole week then kena inform in 10 days hubby have to start working already so mostly itu barang we gave to our neighbor.

The packing process was absolutely painful. hahaa why i said so? ada orang mau packing barang tlampau cerewet ala perfectionist! bikin geram ba.

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Isabel said...

Wah, congrats! best gila tu kan dpt balik tmpt sendiri. nda pa, at least packing barang ngn hati gumbira ba kan..have a safe journey back to sabah, k?:)