Friday, April 29


Today i baked Red Velvet cake.

and this is the second time. when was the first time? yesterday ^^ lol! okay macam ni, yesterday afternoon after kasi tidur si Dania i quickly bake the red velvet (which i've been longing to bake one) and after mixing this and that and put it in the oven then almost done the timer tiba2 c Dania menangis bangun so i quickly wanna put her back to sleep (i thought sekejap saja she'll dose off) but sangkaan yg salah until the oven 'ting!' i am still with Dania -_-' and that time i just knew the cake will not turn out not good and yes i am true. kecewa nya.... it is overbaked, too long in the oven. Luckily i used half of the measurement only from the recipe kalau tidak rugi juga la and walaupun x menjadi the cake c hubby tetap kasi habis semua, kesedapan konon dia blang. first time kan rasa ni cake hehee!!

so i planned yesterday to do it again today, and i did.

sorry lah ah photo cake sa sini blog x la nampak lawa2 coz pakai camera hp ja... teda dslr lgi.

I am not proud of it yet. not satisfied with it yet, because i think it did not raised well enough! have no idea why, but definitely gonna baked it again next time until i am satisfy ^^

But other than that this cake is super duper yummeh!! definitely one of my favorite besides cheesecake ^^ i am not using cream cheese (for red velvet always use c.cheese) because mau jimat hehee so i do some orange buttercream icing, which have kinda sour taste like cheese. and the taste tetap sedap.

This morning hubby received good news from his work place. they told him that his letter about minta pindah already signed and now just have to wait from the HQ d semenanjung. Finger cross peeps!! ^^ hopefully this July/Aug tepindah lah.

Wednesday, April 27

High spirit


My Bakes.

I think i've made up my mind. god please help me.

Welcome to my cake shop ^^

Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit. (comforting words for myself) LOL !!!!

Monday, April 25

Taking a risk

Should i? shouldn't i?

taking a risk is one thing that i 'kinda' always conquer in myself, infact a person who don't like to take risk paling sa tidak suka bah. but this time in this case i am abit scared pula. *sigh* i don't know.

and while i was busy-ing my mind thinking about this matter, there's alot of coincidence things happened or maybe i saw somewhere that really have to do with this matter. bikin semangat juga lah ^^ but itulah masi takut konon.

i may be unexperience or naive in this matter but the spirit is way beyond the sky. wahh!! konon oh kan hahaa!! seriously i am.

its pay day today. nah time for me to fill in my envelope like i mentioned in my previous post. hope it'll work. hubby said mid may we'll be going back to kk/kgau, MID month? crazy kan ! money? only god knows. and regarding the 'risk' that i said earlier, involve money ofcourse, and that's a dilemma too.

what should i do then?

maybe kamu pun bingung my rambling ni kan.

Sunday, April 24

Quick one

Been away for few days from the internet world -_-' due to internet connection lah.

And since yesterday not feeling well, real sick. so cooking n cleaning surung sama hubby. biar dia terasa skit. my sakit ni headache+dizzy+body ache+fever+perut rasa lain+rasa mau muntah (but this only happen lastnight). i'm freakin scared already if the thing that i did not expect happen.

White cupcake

But there's still yellowish color right? maybe the cream of tar tar not working well.

Ehhmmm boleh bikin buat bisnes ka ni ah? hahahaa!! this is the only cupcake yang paling sedap la that i think compare to my previous cupcakes that i've baked.

Wednesday, April 20

Baby Gavienna

This little cute baby named Gavienna adalah aunty paling kici c Dania (aunty but still a baby lucukan) ^^ she's 3 months +. they tagged me this pic on facebook nah sa upload lah cni habis cute! she was wearing Dania's shirt.

Not much hair oh like Dania also, itulah my aunty p tanya2 about Dania's hair lastime when she was still a baby, that time my aunty was pregnant with her baby. cause lastime Dania macam teda hair bah, lambat betul panjang hehee.

Eh c Dania ada juga rambut pula, but it grow so so slow bah and they said like a boy her face with hair like that, tapi lau sa tengok tidak pla...^^

*CONGRATS cath on your new baby boy ^^ *happy*

Tuesday, April 19

New project

Last night i did something. Jangan kamu ketawa ah ^^ LOL!

Suddenly terfikir maybe by doing this can help us with our budget everymonth. because we are in a situation that seriously need to control ourselves on using our money bah. sometimes kami beli itu ini even it is a small amount but the money like slowly hilang bah until tidak sedar, 'eh mana sudah tu duit sudah yg kena beli?' nah trus bingung kan.

So we'll see lah if this work, i used magazine to make it into an envelope, jimat juga kan. at first sa mau beli lagi konon envelope then tiba2 terfikir better use magazine, even prettier bah (colourful kan) than the white envelope hehee! so i have to divide some money and put it inside the envelope mengikut keperluan lah and we really need to stick to the budget, lau habis, habis lah.

I am crossing my finger hopefully this will work and maybe can save some extra money tuk balik kgau. hubby said maybe mid of may dapat cuti -_-'

Monday, April 18

Future Dania

Just now me and hubby was watching the Junior Masterchef, geram ni budak lagi below 13 lagi teror masak compare to adult! *jeles* hahahaaa!! coming soon got malaysian version kan 'masterchef malaysia', dui i think kan mesti buruk. bukan la apa but if you see other reality show that malaysia try to follow from other country memang teda harapan hehee, bah pendapat sa saja ni k. tapi tetap sa mau tengok juga tu, can't wait juga.

Anyway.... c hubby kan while we watching the show, Dania is busy with her Barney. then her papa said to her, 'when you get older you become like that k *pointing at the tv *, become a chef k' and he said this over and over again to Dania hahaa, macam lah c Dania ni faham kan and that time she keeps on jumping while hubby talk to her.

Whereas me i just keep smiling while they talk and i'm thinking 'manalah c Dania ni jadi chef *tau tau* yang dia suka kacau kain la', why kacau kain? she likes to take some clothes, any clothes that she see and she will wrap it around her or sometimes she'll use it to put on something. paling dia suka buat gitu. apa lah tu kan?

About my previous post on baby no.2 hehehee lucu pula sa rasa, ok after thinking hard and i came to a decision. i will have no.2 'only' after hubby get transfer from his current work place. so that i'm close to him and my family. not like when i was pregnant with Dania, i was far from him which totally miserable! *perasan oh planning2* sekali tiba2 ada nah -_-' jangan dulu.........................

Saturday, April 16

Butterfly inside me

Lately my little one's attitude abit different. like what my friend told me regarding her kids, everytime her kids recovered from sick their attitude totally change, in her case tambah nakal. and i think this is what Dania facing now.

What attitude?

1. Her brat side makin menjadi-jadi. ( sikit2 mau itu ini, sampai pening kepala mau layan! or sikit2 menangis but crocodile tear only la )

2. She wants us to layan her most of the time. (if not she will run around the living room with her cry)

3. She easily get bored! (uurgh... sometimes i am so confused what to do with her. any idea?)

4. She'll take long nap time. macam kuat tidur bah (almost 4 hours pun ada, susah lagi tu mau kasi bangun, if she feel bored lagi tu nah i see her macam mau tidur saja)

5. She always call me and hubby 'ney' (panggilan me and hubby to each other bah this but she likes to call us that, ok this is not attitude but i just wanna mention it here ^^)

6. she likes babies so much!(most of her act and saying about baby showing me that she's ready to have bro/sis)

Okay here's a crazy thought of mine. hehee!!

Since she always like super bored maybe she needs a friend like her age or almost lah. so new sibling? at this time i don't want actually, seriously no. but when i think about Dania, i;m confused. this silly awkward feeling is all over me whenever i think about another baby. a feeling like 'there-no-other-baby-will-takeover-dania-place-from-my-heart', why ah like that? then my stomach will feels like butterfly!

Maybe i am not ready right? how or what do you feel when thinking about another sibling for your first baby?

So my blog changed into pink color already, i'm in the mood for pink and its a simple one. happy la bah sa ni, terus rajin konon sa tengok2 my blog ni hahaa! perasan oh kan ^^

*today my neighbour on his internet one whole day pula! hahaa! sakit kali dia kan ^^

Thursday, April 14


Feel annoyed sudah ni hehe!!

Posting as fast as i can here, sepa ni peluki? eh wait what is peluki in english ah? hahaha! astaga sa tia tau ni ;) *don't laugh*

Ada ni our neighbour la the one i called peluki. our next door (harap dia x tau my blog ni).
If you all know my internet source of connection actually from their wireless bah ni, and the past few weeks (for almost a month) he left his house key for us to use his internet (he's the type if you're not using it must off the modem bah), freedom to me actually to use it any time i want.

so here's the thing, he just came back from his long holiday (wife gave birth), so since he was back here he only on his internet just 1 or 2 hour before he go to work at night. and that's the only time i have to check on my fb, email and blog plus blog hoping, so kamu rasa cukup ka tu? have no idea why he's like that. last time before his long holiday he knows that i wanna use the internet so he'll on it from afternoon until night but now berubah sudah c kawan. annoying kan.i think he purposely did that, betul.. lain2 juga bah gaya my neighbour ni hahaa!!

Here i am trying to check everything before he off it -_-' sometimes visiting your blog pun tidak sempat, sorry k if i didn't give any comment. mau express kan, ini pun berebut sudah with Dania.

Because i feel annoyed ^^ i manage to baked a cake this afternoon, i was craving for coffee cake actually, so tengok2 recipe book untuk puas kan hati ja cause i thought there's no butter in my fridge. then sa mau p check juga betul ka habis sudah, skali ada pula i bought 1 the other day ^^ and with happily i baked the cake.

Coffee cake with almond & chocolate chip

Hopefully tomorrow my neighbour on la internet dia lama2 skit boleh juga visit you guys punya blog lama2 skit kan. if not i really need to use my Dg bband balik sudah ni (yang macam siput)

Tuesday, April 12


Dania is feeling much better now. active already, mulut pun bising ^^ but still no appetite, maybe masih lemas skit. i am feeling soooo relief right now but still tired (tapi masi juga berinternet hehe!) ada reason sudah ni.

So why hospital?

WARNING -----> banyak cakap this post ^^

Last night when hubby arrived home from work Dania was about to fall asleep, still with the high fever (after i gave her fever med still the med can't seem to fight the fever) and i was so worried that time, tlampau betul panas. never in her life fell sick like this! suddenly hubby said better we go to hospital then off we go. and Dania wa soo excited to 'go' too. asal mau jalan saja memang no.1 lah c dania tu sampai tdk sabar sabar.

Sampai d sana registered her and check her temperature and it's 39! so the nurse said bawa pi emergency cause tlampau high, and i hate to go to the emergency, slalu banyak orang lambat giliran lah ^^ There this guy check Dania's form then he said 'open all her shirt and everything that she wore and lay her down on the bed' then he put the med inside her backside (brabis c Dania peluk sa, takut) 1 biji terus the guy kasi sumbat. he said to us again 'bring he to the bathroom and bath her tha cold water' dui...punya sa takut masa tu because that time it was already almost 12am! bayangkan lah punya sejuk the water kan. but what to do pegi ja lah.

Lucu juga lah to think back incident in the bathroom with Dania naked mau kasi mandi dia nah bising2 lagi kami tu ^^ then there's one couple masuk toilet juga with their toddler (boy) same case like Dania. dorang baru lah terus siram dari kepala, they asked their little boy to stand on the floor and they poured the water on his head first and Dania pula i make her sat on the sink, but many people told me suppose the body first need to get wet then the head, supaya budak tidak tekejut bah hehee tapi ni coule lain pla. and satu kali siram saja trus dorang lap the boy and bring back to the nurse. me and Dania belum lagi siap masa tu, i still pouring out water on her while she shivering and told me to stop again and again(kesian betul bah!!) c hubby pun kelam kabut tolong while holding my handbag and Dania's stuff.

Suddenly the couple came back again, *heran* c hubby p menyibuk tanya ^^ rupanya the guy just now suru kasi mandi lagi cause the boy's temp is not going down.(masa bawa Dania after mandi tu terpaksa lalu depan banyak pesakit -_-' and every eyes you can feel that they are watching you huhu) back to check her temp, the guy said 'ada turun, try kasi mandi lagi satu kali' and that time i was scared already at how Dania will react when she have to bath the cold water again! so cerita di tandas lagi ^^ she cried. sambil cakap suru stop siram dia lagi tu hehe, but this time for awhile only we bath her. went for a check back again, its 38 already, skit saja turun. so okay juga after that need to see the doc.

Quickly we put back Dania shirt, luckily i brought along her blanket oh to cover her after bathing her that night kalau teda memang kami lah paling kesian! and after that Dania keep quiet only (proses mengaktif balik the brain maybe ^^)

Its not that long that we have to wait see tha doc, nah masa sama tu doc lagi c Dania nangis lagi! because the doc need to check her tonsil, so she need to open her mouth kan and c Dania ni paling la susah mau suru dia buka mulut so she cried la when we forced her. and yupp she had a tonsil, quite bad actually so that's why her fever wont go kan. okay next need to check her weight and this time lagi la worst her cry. c Dania ni juga phobia kena kasi duduk atas weighing scale, have no idea why.

Off we go home at 1am! masa ni rasa mau pengsan pun ada cause too sleepy and tired, but before that c kici was saying that she's hungry so hubby brought her to kfc tapi tidak juga dia mau makan, kami pla bah -_-'


hope you're not bored reading this ^^

Monday, April 11

It's not goin down

Since last night Dania is down with fever. very high fever. tidak pandai turun2 lagi tu panas *sigh* terjangkit her papa maybe this.

I placed the medicine that should be place inside her backside pun tidak mujarab, no effect at all. usually if i give her that medicine the temperature will go down but this time it's not -_-'

I gave her a bath also just now but not warm water, cold water. dui kesian begegar gegar c kawan, tapi itulah yang patut kan. need to make her shiver and then wrap her until sweat comes out but this Dania not a single sweat i see coming out from her! jadi terpaksa lap2 dia pakai wet hangkie. now my house not a single fan is on just to make her sweat.

Since last night i think i only sleep for 5hours itu pun macam tidur2 ayam saja, risau kan. Dania pun tidur kejap2 saja -_-' now i am super sleepy and tired!!

The video above recorded few days before she sakit, lucu! ^^

Saturday, April 9

Care about your health?

Work or health? I choose health!

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Helping me, helping you!

New friend

everywhere she go Elmo will be there too.

she said that she sayang2 Elmo in this photo ^^

She got new friend!!

Dania papa came home this afternoon and said that he catch a big fish, so i said 'hhmmm! sa tia rajin tu mau buka perut'
then suddenly he pulled out Elmo from the plastic bag, punya lah happy c Dania! suka betul dia... and i can't stop smiling just by looking at her reaction, so cute and so funny at the same time. she keep on laughing and giggling.

This Elmo is so cheap, only rm15. dapat dari rombengan haha! eh it's good you know stuff that they selling there, so many branded items but second hand la. if retail this Elmo size might cost almost rm100. betul ni. so because that its from the second hand stall so have to wash it, masa tu c Dania tidak mau lepas sudah ni patung, tapi paksa saja ^^ when we dry it pun sampai mau menangis mau minta -_-' terus tu teddy bear that she usually hold kena lupa bah.

Next, we want to find Barney for her. tengok sepa menang Barney or Elmo hehehee!!

Thursday, April 7

I manage...

.... to spare some time for a movie this afternoon. finally!

I watched Rapunzel Tangled hehehee!!

I know i know sa ni ketinggalan sudah, yalah how to go out and watch movie with your baby always by your side? sa ni teda babysitter lagi. mau tiga tahun sudah didn't go for a movie date oh *sob sob*

Anyway i love love luuurrrvveee this movie ^^ so much! i love mandy moore hehee. did you cry when watching it? which part? dengan malunya i tell you yes i did cry just now. lol.

while watching it i get an idea pula for Dania's bday later this year. remember when Rapunzel parents let go so many lantern on her bday? yeah... i also wanna do that. mesti cantik kan. but my aunt told me that there's some lantern being banned because it kinda give problem to airplane that flying at that time. but i don't know which type and amazing juga tu boleh sampai begitu tinggi itu lantern kan.

so pretty!

My early rabbit year

^^ i'm not gonna talk about the year of a rabbit. what i wanted to say is that this 2011 seems to hate me. betul ni! pedahal tahun sa bah ni. how's this year so far for you?

sorry ah if i'm acting and complaining like a teenager saja. i just want to let it out.

because early months like this from january lah like there's always something wrong or not good happened. yang make me sad or worried. something like that. fungshui not good ka? hehehee!!

Be optimistic and be positive!! everything will be just fine *sigh*


anyway c hubby asking me and Dania to come with him for a fishing this friday with his friend, apalah sa buat sana?maybe there's a small park overthere but if me and Dania only sana park tidak juga best kan. unless i told him if his friend's wife and kids are coming too then i'll go.

we'll see kan.

Wednesday, April 6

Always like this!

One fine blissful day turned into 'kinda' nightmare. penah rasa gitu?

As far as i'm concern this kind of situation seems sticking up to me, i mean happen to me. whenever i feel that the day seems nice to me it 'will' turn the other way around!! uuurrrgghh!!

why? i think Dania threw my and her ic to the ground floor together with my money! me and hubby been searching it every corner of our house but no-where-to-be-found. kalau gitu mana lagi kan kalau bukan kena buang pi bawah dan di tiup angin (today the wind quite windy bah).

So now i'm very very worried! yang lucunya adakah sa tidak risau about our ic and i am thinking more about the money (bru korek bah). because if mau p renew ic my friend told me they charge 100+ ! sooo? time kurang2 lagi ni sekarang and now if we did not found our ic mati lah.

i feel so so down right now.

comforting thought for me. not helping.

i know it's my fault.

Monday, April 4

Great Monday?

How's your monday? i love weekdays compare to weekend actually. mesti banyak tia suka monday kan.

Today hubby keja malam so this afternoon went for groceries shopping (again *_*) at servay and giant. Nah ini la sa mau komen ni ^^ at first we went to servay and bought lot of stuff and i paid almost rm50 only then went to giant pula buy Dania's pampers and few other stuff, 3 - 4 barang ja la tambahan and i paid for rm80! doi tekejut sa, i thought the cashier girl salah kira ka apa coz just a few stuff can cost that much. maybe i bought expensive stuff? no lah. harga barang yang sa beli more than rm10 is pampers and chicken only, other is less than rm10. jadi kenapa tu boleh sampai gitu?

Jadi konon2 like i realized or know this giant punya tactic for their customer. hahaa! all the stuff that their selling there kecil kecil lah angka depan tu harga tapi di blakang itu harga semua 99 cent! nah, bukan bikin mahal ka tu? some people might not see that cent at the back of the price, mostly they will only check the front number so skali bayar aikk napa ni macam lebih rm10?? eee geram sangat. so next time groceries shopping will only go to servay, i don't care if it's far or hard to find park or banyak pendatang or sempit or even if my hubby bising2 ^^ i will go there only.

Luckily we had our lunch at kfc coz ada budak kelaparan bising2. lagipun lama sudah tidak makan bah. then back home almost 4 pm already?! lama juga oh bejalan, terus pengsan hehee.

Dania have a new toy that her papa bought for her last week :

it's a punching walrus. we thought that she might like it sekali ketakutan bah! so because of that i always placed the walrus near the fridge, why? c dania sekarang balik2 suka buka fridge! mau ber aircon kali, she will sit there and talk talk talk or she asked for her drinks. geram betul, my electricity bill sure naik this time.

what is that on her head? boleh guess? ini keja papa dia.

last week picture. makan keropok sambil tengok playhouse disney.
not good!

Devil Food cake recipe
(sebab sedap kan so mau post out) :

170 g butter
240 g caster sugar
80 g cocoa powder
300 ml milk
3 eggs
200 g all-purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

1. Preheat oven 180 c. Beat the sugar and butter until pale and fluffy. add the egg one at a time, beat well for 5 mins. in separate bowl mix a little bit milk into the cocoa powder until it become like paste, pour it into the butter mixture and mix it until well combine.

2. in other bowl also sift the flour with the baking powder and salt. slowly pour half of the flour mixture into the chocolate mixture and fold it using a wooden spoon or spatula. then pour in the remaining milk into the mixture and stir it. again pour in the remaining flour mixture into the chocolate mixture and fold it again until it mix well.

3. bake it for 50 minute. cool it.

The buttercream icing you can use icing sugar, butter and vanilla. its up to you what flavor you want to use. i used coffee, so just put a teaspoon of coffee emulco ganti itu vanilla, kalau malas buat from real coffee powder ^^

Oh i want to ask anyone of you ever bake or eat and have a coconut cake recipe that taste yummy? please share it with me.
i tried to google it already but the result is hopeless. most of it is using instant cake mix from box, sa tia suka gitu. i want old school bah hehee.

Sunday, April 3

Tell me your hair?

This is random ^^

Silliest way i wanna know you, reader and visitor of my blog. Saja saja bah.

Number 1 starting top from left to right sampai lah p bawah.

it doesn't have to be exactly the same as your current hair kalau teda yang betul betul sama. choose the closest one kio.

Mine? at home my hair will always be like no.3 or no.31.


Saturday, April 2

24 hours is not enough

Some people think that way.

I'm talking about this because my movie list yang sa downloaded tlampau banyak suda and didn't get the chance yet to watch them.

The internet temptation is too strong and i can't resist it ^^ i could actually watch the movie when my little one is sleeping but then you see masa tu juga sa mau on the internet, to check me facebook, update blog, bloghopping, play game or surf other webs. then surf punya surf punya surf until la c Dania wakeup so the time is up for me for 'me-time'. everyday kinda like this la my schedule. No, i can't watch the movie while Dania is awake, susah! can't concentrate bah.

Jadi 24 jam everyday memang tidak cukup lau mau buat semua ni. morning had bfast then tidy the kitchen and straight cook for lunch while Dania is watching her Barney/Elmo. after that give her a bath and do the laundry sambil2 kasi makan her lunch. lepas tu lah masa sa start berinternet skejap saja ^^ then time for her nap and then continue with the internet and the laundry. if i'm not on the internet i will fell asleep together with Dania la tu sampai la jam5 gitu ^^.
usually it will be our tea time together plus play with her. now our dvd player rosak so she took over my lappy every morning and evening. until time for her to take a bath again. lepas tu kena masak for dinner and dania tengok her dvd again. and at the same time she want me to play with her. we have dinner together while watching her dvd lagi!
sometimes i will distract her with toys or books so that time i took over the laptop, off her dvd hehe, tapi walaupun sudah rebut balik tu laptop dari dia masih juga disturb me asking me to follow her here and there or do this and that *pening*
until almost midnight (yes she sleep very late this day, bikin malas juga) when she feel sleepy she must see another dvd then baru sa force her to go to bed! and that time i already tired kan, pun mau tidur juga. sometimes if belum ngantuk internet juga la sa cari (tengok tiada mau tngk movie juga kan)

Actually diri sendiri juga bah if you want to control the temptation kan? ^^ ini la saya ni susah skit.

Movie list i haven't watch yet :

1. Charlie and the chocolate factory
2. Hachiko a dog story
3. Harry potter and the deathly hallow
4. Night at the museum 2
5. Red
6. Silent hill
7. Rapunzel ; tangled
8. True blood season 1 (drama pun masuk ja)
9. Valentines day
10.The ugly truth

Aikk ngam ngam 10 juga oh kan yang sa belum tengok. there's more actually but the other movie is the one that i've already watch but want to watch it again that's why downloaded it again.

Still downloading :

1. Morning glory
2. What goes up
3. Due date

Banyak kan! that's why the hours is just not enough. or its just me? yalah.

Friday, April 1

The devil love coffee

Don't get bored okay coz i post cake pictures again ^^

This afternoon after Dania had her nap i quickly baked something. Devil food kena panggil ni cake.

Ni kali real delicious one! actually i've bake this twice already and i think this is the only cake that i successfully bake perfectly, wah konon ^^ and this time i frost the cake with coffee buttercream icing. Chocolate cake plus coffee frost? don't you think its a perfect combination? ^^

Banyak cakap saja sa ni, so this is the cake :

this was just out hot from the oven, berat!

just finished put the icing, masa ni berebut lagi sama Dania mau letak itu chopped almond sampai menangis c kawan. the coffee icing smells so good!

ini sudah kena potong and ready to be eaten by the baker *wah!!*

Another picture is my friend's Ester baby boy picture only 2weeks old. she gave birth on the 12th March 2011.

baby Devron ^^ so cute!

Bah i haven't tell my friend lagi ni i posted out her baby's picture, nant sa bagitau dia juga.