Monday, May 30

Boleh ka....

..... kalau sa tidak mau balik besok? -_-'

Our holiday is finish. tomorrow have to go back and go through 10hours journey again! cepat masa berlalu. but one thing that we really felt relief and glad is that my MIL is out from the hospital already and she can stay at home ^^ tapi sedih juga lah coz our time that we spent with her singkat coz most of our holiday she was at the hospital bah. nevermind, hopefully in August.

The past few days kami bejalan saja p sana sini (bukan shopping tau) tapi memenatkan kaki sendiri^^ it was crazy. non-stop. we had soooooo much fun with our family, but the time with my own family pun singkat juga -_-' mostly with inlaws saja.

i feel worried actually for Dania. i'm scared that she will feel bored and get cranky because she don't have any friends back at home later. kesian juga dia. hopefully not.

Lots of picture to upload, but belum rajin. blogwalking pun tergendala for awhile.

Now i am thinking where should i go cuci mata for the last time before balik.....

Saturday, May 21


It's been a hectic days for us. from kgau to kk. alot to talk about, alot of things happened but sa malas betul mau cerita one by one. the tiredness didn't end yet, mau update blog and check fb pun mau tertidur2 bah.

Currently we're in kk for 3 days already and dalam kepala ni macam2 tempat mau pi jalan2 cni until i couldn't made decision which one should we go first. tambah2 lagi the weather here in kk is super hot! befikir juga mau p bejalan saja -_-''

I'm a little bit stress too due to Dania's attitude lately betul2 menguji kesabaran ^^ after she recovered from fever the other day perangai c kecil ni teramat la manja! sikit the 'ngekk ngekk' sound will come out (crying) geram!

So yesterday afternoon my mum asked me and hubby go for a lunch at Le'meridien and she said that she will babysit Dania (which i abit worried) masa bagi Dania to my mum she was sleeping so the process was easy. The lunch date was fun ^^ punya lama sudah me and hubby didn't spend time like that, the food was delicious! after we ate, we decided to go to 1B jalan2 kejap then my mum called me and told me that Dania searching for us, keep saying 'mumy..papa...' and she don't want to go inside the car -_-' jadi sa bgtau my mum jumpa d 1B saja la. At 1b masa kami jumpa trus c Dania ni menangis, terharu kali nampak kami hahaa, and my mum nampak kesusahan betul handling her grandaughter hahaa (baru dia tau kan) rambut dia pun kusut2 bah LOL! anyway it is a fun day.

In my previous post ada itu picture of my leg yang lebam kan, bukan kena pukul tu hehee or terlanggar something. when i wokeup in the morning trus ada itu, jadi orang2 tua cakap kunu kena hisap hantu. dui punya besar tu bikin tekejut juga oo semua orang yg sa kasi tunjuk. all because that previous night i was telling my SIL a ghost story bah, takut!

Monday, May 16

Let the picture tell the story

Some of our activities at our hometown ^^ and what happened....

Wednesday, May 11

Growing up?

When your 'baby' girl started to run around the frontyard house with her big cousins and then she got a bruise like that for me we know that they're growing up already, not a baby anymore but toddler. big girl already. i am not worried at all, but still need to keep on eye on her lah. like just now i was calling her but she didn't show up then i heard itu air kena simbah2 bah..cepat2 sa pi tengok sana tandas, tutup pintu lagi tu c dania d dalam. habis basah baju, keluar masuk her tub, siram2 air (melabur lagi dia masa tu eeee). she had fun ^^ tapi ya it is dangerous. c kecil ni too independent sdh bah.

with her cousin (1month younger than her) joshua but dania called him jojo lol!!

Tuesday, May 10

Kampung story

How's your mothers day lovelies?

Mine is not so grand. or should i say no event. walaubagaimanapun (wah!) i had fun with my family here in keningau. at night me, my sis in law n my biras did have a cutting cake session by hubby's niece and nephew, quite funny actually. and in the day time i spent it at my aunt's house, we were chit-chatting... laughing... with all the mommies, kesimpulannya memang best! a cake is just a symbol i think for mothers day, still we can enjoy the day without it ^^

As for Dania, that day at my aunt's house macam terlepas dari penjara hehee! i mean she enjoyed herself with her little aunts outside of the house. for the first time she get to played dirt and stones and stepped on the grass without feeling any 'unsecured' in herself. like my aunt said 'starring suda c Dania', tia pandai takut bah. her latest word that she know how to pronounce is 'sit down' or 'sit here' ^^ and she got her very first bruise on her knee while running around with her cousins. i did snapped pic of the bruise for me to post it here for my memory but too lazy to upload it from my hp.

Today 'finally' dapat makan cakes! know what? oleh sebab at twu terbiasa bake cake then when i am here like nothing to do so i felt like i'm dying to bake something! gatal bah itu tangan dan hati. then just now my aunt asked me to make butter cheese cake with her, yaaayy!! lega rasa heheee.

One thing that totally make me and hubby feel awkward being here in my MIL house and she's not here with us and its not just the same without her present -_- sangat sunyi rasa and like nothing to do or no reason bah to come here (lain juga kan) the environment in this house totally different. i miss her cooking -_- its like i know whatever she's going to say to us and Dania if she's here has been lingering in my mind, even her action samada outside the house, in the kitchen or while watching the telly. *sigh*

Going back to kk on wednesday.

Friday, May 6


Our journey was extremely exhausted, apa lagi driver kan. left home at 4.30 am.

Reached kk at 2pm straight went to my mum's house to meet her after her holidays at Aust. plus mau tengok apa ole-ole sa dapat heheee!!

Dania got two new clothes and a penguin soft toy. i got a skirt, necklace and frame from my sis Mei and a chocolate and a cupcake book from my mum.

Infront of the kinabalu park. kuat angin.

It is nice to come back home, away from the everyday routine. belum lagi tebalik keningau, maybe today for 2 or 3 days only just to meet hubby's grandma. Dania is so so happy to meet her cousin and aunts, banyak kawan kan, tia pandai takut lagi sudah tu ^^ bestnya juga tengok perangai dia.

We already visit my MIL at hsptl, her condition is weak and doesn't want to eat. quite depressing also to see her situation. she need to fight all the sickness, perlu ada semangat yang kuat.

Right now i am still not in a mood to go jalan-jalan at any mall here in kk. maybe still tired. lagipun teda monneh ni now hehee!! but just now after breakfast at luyang we brought Dania to the two petshop there and she was extremely excited and so loud at the shop. lucu betul. paling excited nampak all the cute dog and the mice sampai x mau kuar kedai bah hehee ^^

Wednesday, May 4

One hell of a day


1. Woke up in the morning at 8am (too early for me!) because suddenly no electricity and last2 c Dania bangun. and ini berterusan until almost 11am !

2. The 'sudden' early morning wake up causing my migraine came visit me today. and it goes on until now. madness!!

3. Since morning until Dania went to sleep just now aduiii... her attitude betul2 menguji kesabaran jugalah. very cranky, want this and that, betebiat betul lah!
(can you imagine i am handling my painful migraine with her attitude plus doing the house chores again?)

4. Hubby didn't come home at the usual time and i was waiting for him since that hour! and it was the longest hour, minute and second waiting for him. he came home at 6pm!!

5. Because i want to wait for him to come home (need to tell him important news) i did not take a nap to ease the migraine (adalah juga for 15mins) but tidur ayam only then Dania woke me up uurghhh.

6. In the afternoon i received a sms from my SIL about my MIL. it goes like this ' boy... minta cuti... p tengok mama di hospital ' ....... i was blank for a moment. how do you react when you received such news? no, i'm not panic at all but i am so so SO scared!! scared until i felt so cold around me and my feet. and my mind kept on thinking all this silly stuff. i'm scared of loosing her. i really love my MIL means alot to me and i can't imagine our life in keningau without her. she's a wonderful women.

all i can think during the whole afternoon is going back to kk tomorrow.... tomorrow...tomorrow!! i am so afraid if we're late or whatever. palis palis manalah tau kan, because my SIL said that mama's condition is not very good already and she's getting weaker! at that time lah after received this sms i waited and waited for hubby to come home to tell him this important news tapi dia balik lambat pula! (belum lagi sa tambah cerita yang malam punya ni aduiiii bikin gila!!!)

Tell me everything is gonna be just fine...... -_-'

Sa tia mau ulang balik ni hari punya situation, driving me crazy! that's why today is like a hell for me.

Sunday, May 1

Flew away soon

My morning start with a very bliss and high spirit feeling. don't know why. so i baked cause i got some plan.

Butter cheese cake

I love love LOVE this cake! thanks mick for the recipe^^

Kenapa ini kek rendah? because i use half of measurement only from the actual recipe. mau try dulu skit, manatau did not turn out good sayang la bahan2 kan. but it actually turn out so good, so pretty smooth fluffy soft moist cake!!

Then as the evening approaching i began to feel down down down. no mood at all. i have my reason. and all the good feeling that i had for past couple of days macam mau hilang2 sudah -_-'

Don't know lah this how. malas sa mau fikir2! maybe i should slow down, cause i'm beginning to have second thought about it. uuurrghhh!!!

The royal wedding sangat best kan, the bride's beauty is timeless kalah lagi princess Diana oh sa rasa. the wedding gown so beautiful and i saw in one blog mentioned that Martha Stewart said the bride's wedding gown is like a Malaysian/Indonesian wedding gown kebaya. how proud are we to be recognize our the wedding culture from someone who is famous as her? boleh lah kan ^^ but Kate's gown for me macam quite similar to Grace Kelly wed gown paling best lahi tengok their hats in so many style lah hehee. now i know how royals dress up for some special occasion. classic.

Yaaaa sa pun mau taru juga the wedding picture bah hehee!! feel sad jugalah c Prince William married already waahhh mau juga kan hahaaa. c hubby yesterday while we were watching the ceremony on TLC he suddenly asked me, do you ever dream to be married to a prince someday? punya la lucu kan tu soalan. and i answered him, no never. hehee!!

Happy month of May everybody!! hopefully this month WILL be good to me, okay to you too.