Tuesday, May 10

Kampung story

How's your mothers day lovelies?

Mine is not so grand. or should i say no event. walaubagaimanapun (wah!) i had fun with my family here in keningau. at night me, my sis in law n my biras did have a cutting cake session by hubby's niece and nephew, quite funny actually. and in the day time i spent it at my aunt's house, we were chit-chatting... laughing... with all the mommies, kesimpulannya memang best! a cake is just a symbol i think for mothers day, still we can enjoy the day without it ^^

As for Dania, that day at my aunt's house macam terlepas dari penjara hehee! i mean she enjoyed herself with her little aunts outside of the house. for the first time she get to played dirt and stones and stepped on the grass without feeling any 'unsecured' in herself. like my aunt said 'starring suda c Dania', tia pandai takut bah. her latest word that she know how to pronounce is 'sit down' or 'sit here' ^^ and she got her very first bruise on her knee while running around with her cousins. i did snapped pic of the bruise for me to post it here for my memory but too lazy to upload it from my hp.

Today 'finally' dapat makan cakes! know what? oleh sebab at twu terbiasa bake cake then when i am here like nothing to do so i felt like i'm dying to bake something! gatal bah itu tangan dan hati. then just now my aunt asked me to make butter cheese cake with her, yaaayy!! lega rasa heheee.

One thing that totally make me and hubby feel awkward being here in my MIL house and she's not here with us and its not just the same without her present -_- sangat sunyi rasa and like nothing to do or no reason bah to come here (lain juga kan) the environment in this house totally different. i miss her cooking -_- its like i know whatever she's going to say to us and Dania if she's here has been lingering in my mind, even her action samada outside the house, in the kitchen or while watching the telly. *sigh*

Going back to kk on wednesday.


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

I understand the feeling being around with your family. Memang siok and is ok for your love Dania to be lasak, at least she knows her cousins or little aunts are her best pals at kampung.

Wow, geng, misti ko miss banyak about your MIL.

Happy Belated Mom's Day...eh, bukan satu bulan kah celebrate? hehe

nc said...

:) just wan to wish u a happy mother's day :) be blessed always :)

Anne B. said...

hi wyne,

it is ok bah kan kasi biar c dania to explore the 'world' hehe...ya sa rindu bah dia cni rmh...thanks wyne ;) hapy moms day too hehee


thanks nc! ^^

Isabel said...

Happy Mother's Day! Best kan dapat cuti balik2 kampung..I know how you feel bila your MIL teda d rumah. Sy lagi MIL teda sudah, bila balik tmpt hubby mmg rasa awkward klo teda mentua pmpuan..