Friday, May 6


Our journey was extremely exhausted, apa lagi driver kan. left home at 4.30 am.

Reached kk at 2pm straight went to my mum's house to meet her after her holidays at Aust. plus mau tengok apa ole-ole sa dapat heheee!!

Dania got two new clothes and a penguin soft toy. i got a skirt, necklace and frame from my sis Mei and a chocolate and a cupcake book from my mum.

Infront of the kinabalu park. kuat angin.

It is nice to come back home, away from the everyday routine. belum lagi tebalik keningau, maybe today for 2 or 3 days only just to meet hubby's grandma. Dania is so so happy to meet her cousin and aunts, banyak kawan kan, tia pandai takut lagi sudah tu ^^ bestnya juga tengok perangai dia.

We already visit my MIL at hsptl, her condition is weak and doesn't want to eat. quite depressing also to see her situation. she need to fight all the sickness, perlu ada semangat yang kuat.

Right now i am still not in a mood to go jalan-jalan at any mall here in kk. maybe still tired. lagipun teda monneh ni now hehee!! but just now after breakfast at luyang we brought Dania to the two petshop there and she was extremely excited and so loud at the shop. lucu betul. paling excited nampak all the cute dog and the mice sampai x mau kuar kedai bah hehee ^^


Anonymous said...

get well soon to ur MIL

mick said...

wow i see your boomerang beautiful..
ko celebret MD disanaka?

AngelineJ said...

Siok kan dapat ole-ole! Kuat kuat angin tiup pun si Dania steady ja jalan. Cute.

We pray that your MIL gets stronger and be well soon. Have faith.

Anne B. said...

eis.. thanks ^^

mick.. hahaa sa try pakai kan barat ni, x slesa ;) ntah ni mick, kemarin x jd blk kgau maybe today....

angeline... suka lg c dania tu angin2 that time hehee, thanks angeline^^

Isabel said...

wah..welcome back to Sabah. Hopefully your MIL is strong enough to make it through.Get well soon to her.:)

☠ Mitchell ☠ said...

Sya suka tu Cupcake book.. Whats the title? ^_^