Wednesday, May 4

One hell of a day


1. Woke up in the morning at 8am (too early for me!) because suddenly no electricity and last2 c Dania bangun. and ini berterusan until almost 11am !

2. The 'sudden' early morning wake up causing my migraine came visit me today. and it goes on until now. madness!!

3. Since morning until Dania went to sleep just now aduiii... her attitude betul2 menguji kesabaran jugalah. very cranky, want this and that, betebiat betul lah!
(can you imagine i am handling my painful migraine with her attitude plus doing the house chores again?)

4. Hubby didn't come home at the usual time and i was waiting for him since that hour! and it was the longest hour, minute and second waiting for him. he came home at 6pm!!

5. Because i want to wait for him to come home (need to tell him important news) i did not take a nap to ease the migraine (adalah juga for 15mins) but tidur ayam only then Dania woke me up uurghhh.

6. In the afternoon i received a sms from my SIL about my MIL. it goes like this ' boy... minta cuti... p tengok mama di hospital ' ....... i was blank for a moment. how do you react when you received such news? no, i'm not panic at all but i am so so SO scared!! scared until i felt so cold around me and my feet. and my mind kept on thinking all this silly stuff. i'm scared of loosing her. i really love my MIL means alot to me and i can't imagine our life in keningau without her. she's a wonderful women.

all i can think during the whole afternoon is going back to kk tomorrow.... tomorrow...tomorrow!! i am so afraid if we're late or whatever. palis palis manalah tau kan, because my SIL said that mama's condition is not very good already and she's getting weaker! at that time lah after received this sms i waited and waited for hubby to come home to tell him this important news tapi dia balik lambat pula! (belum lagi sa tambah cerita yang malam punya ni aduiiii bikin gila!!!)

Tell me everything is gonna be just fine...... -_-'

Sa tia mau ulang balik ni hari punya situation, driving me crazy! that's why today is like a hell for me.


CathJ said...

wow tekanan juga oh... I totally understand your situation.. especially home minister mcm kita ni..

I hope your MIL will be OK.. and hope you all can give a visit soon..

take care..

Joan J.T said...

what a choas u have there! DOnt worry everything is gonna be just fine, have your fingers crossed, pray harder and hopefully your MIL will get well soon. This is what we call Life, it is full with surprises. But trust me, every single problem that we have has its own puproses, and God put us in this kind of situation so that we gonna learn how to grow stronger from time to time :)

Sorry, agak panjang pla esei sy ni kali...hahaha

Anne B. said...

cath & joan....

memang stress sgt sa masa tu hehee but now nasib x sdh itu migraine, my MIL getting better now but still weak la..going back later at 4am to kk...hopefully the journey will be smooth n safe :)

AngelineJ said...

Hi Anne. Hope all is well with u and your MIL.