Thursday, September 29

Her Bestiday

Well thats how she pronounce it, birthday to bestiday.

Maybe some of you already know that i've been postponing Dania's party for few days since her real bday is on the 19th. so i decided to throw the party last sunday the 25th since hubby is not working on that day.

I woke up abit late that morning to start preparing the menus for that night, but luckily most of the menu main buang dalam oven saja hehee, so easier for us. ofcourse there is some chaos here and there, just a lil bit, especially with the cake and cupcake but we manage it well ^^

I didn't get the chance to serve any fancy children's food like what i've been planning since july, but hey its a dinner party makan saja yang berat2 bah heheee....

Luckily while preparing the party Dania didn't get cranky, as if she knows that there will be a party for her that night. okay so here some photo that i manage to upload but there's still some from my camera yang masi tertinggal coz i don't know mana sudah itu cable camera huhuuu....

It's a rainbow colourful theme party! she was sooo happy during the singing and cutting cake session especially when the confetti being popped she was giggling all the time while playing with it too. i'm glad that she enjoyed herself despite her cough still there she still enjoy every moment of it. how do i know? non stop playing and laughing thats how i know ^^

Wednesday, September 28

Wordless wednesday - the story will continue

Friday, September 23

Where's my mojos?

Where is my baking mojos?

I am going to bake Dania's bday cake soon and my baking mojos still hasn't show up yet ^^ maybe because i'm on long holiday from baking kan trus mau bake cake pun belum ada semangat.

I need the spirit of baking if not i'm scared that Dania's cake wont come out like what i want it to be. but sometimes when the spirit was so high that's the time you can't make or decorate the cake to perfection. maybe i should slow down and relax a little bit kan.

I can't even think about the party decoration yet, all i can think is the menu for that day (sat/sun). simple2 saja ala ala western maybe^^ should i make cupcake? that's the question yang sa sendiri bingung mau jawab. kid's food that i've been planning pun tidak menjadi oh....

Dania's bday party banner which Isabel helped me to design not printed yet, well some of the word sudah but there's still few word missing and i do do doooo really hope it will be printed out tomorrow if not all Isabel hard work sia-sia saja. Thanks again Isabel ^^ !

And last but not least hopefully all the photos will be okay at the party. right now i do wish that my uncle's dslr is here.

Wednesday, September 21

Cath-J guest blogger” target=”_blank”>” alt=”" width=”250″ height=”250″ />

(sorry Cath sa sudah cuba few times to copy your badge tidak juga kuar tu picture for your link, i don't know what's wrong)

My first time to join her guest blogger and i can say it is quite challenging. why? sa ni pasal html memang tia brapa arif so adalah few error i've made here and there. budak baru belajar lah katakan hehee.

I decided to join cause it's fun doing the Polyvore for the 'meet up' hehee. here's the story :

"It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st"

Love Love Love....

Monday, September 19

SHE'S 2 !!!

Happy Birthday Dania !!!

We didn't get a chance to plan a party for her today -_- but me and hubby still bought her a small cake and a candle. she did blow candle. the funny thing is she was so so soooo excited blowing the candle. she did ask her papa to lit the candle a few times so that she can blow it again and again.

She kinda understand or know that today is her bday cause she asked me to make cake this morning, she watch Hi-5 Birthday edition cd this morning and she kept on saying 'happy birthday'. so cute!!

Maybe we will make a small makan-makan for her this thursday.

Sunday, September 18

Our weekend

Snapped by Rechard lee (my uncle) & by Yours Truly ^^

Family bond can never go wrong.

my say

I don't know where to begin, i don't know how to put or arrange my words into a proper way to say, well not so proper la ^_-

i juat want to say if 'you' have a problem with me say it to my face! not acting like a childish or teenager. your current act definitely show something wrong with you and in my opinion okay you're the two-faces actually.

by saying or showing all this religious word or phrases (no offence to other reader k) to public does not make yourself can be applied back in the word that you're saying! seriously!

you're big ego and arrogant will not bring you anywhere than your current situation right now.

I'm sorry for judging here maybe, but i can't help it to say something about this situation.

Thursday, September 15

Mind game?

The past few days my head sangat serabut and busy thinking about our previous home in tawau, badminton and ofcourse c kecil punya bday plan -_-

hhhmmm yg badminton tu actually sa rindu mau beraksi d gelangang bah hehee (macam campen ja kan), maybe 2weeks already i didn't play and sa rasa sangat lemas! i need to play, to do some movement. so that's why this past few days sa langsung teda semangat.

about Dania bday pla (again....kamu cakap ni kan hehe) its ok, what i wanna say here is should we have the party or not? why? because recently my MIL is admitted to the hospital again due to her previous sickness datang balik so macam sa dua hati juga to have the party. what do you guys think?? or just make Dania blow the candle cukup? hhhmmmm......

so okay i admit that i am so the very homesick with our old home (because i use to hate to be there). and my mind just can't stop thinking about all the memory that we had there!!! i love all of them. and i miss it so damn much! if only it is near from here then we can go back and forth anytime we want kan -_-'
i do feel sad that we have to leave everything there eventhough i love staying here in my hometown. right now i do wish that doraemon do exist and i can call him anytime i want to get that pintu suka hati hahahaa!! seriously i am sooooooo home sick.

to be honest i can't really call 'home' to the house that we currently staying right now and i just don't know why. don't judge me ^^ the most important reason for me to miss that house is because that's the place where Dania grew up since she's 1month old! and all the memory that both of us share is just too precious for us to leave! i'm just so sure that Dania also is missing the house if she saw it, she'll be running around the house playing with her toys if we were there (just like what she used to do everytime we're back from our holiday) *sob sob*

i feel like crying right now.

Thursday, September 8


How's your raya holiday? our raya time biasa2 saja. me and Dania was not so well that few days so i didn't enjoy it as much as others did actually. but i'm so happy to spent most of our day with my family. and one thing that weird for me is that i want this raya mood to get over quickly. i want it out of the house actually, hahahaa.

bah biasalah when you're in a condition like sick you want your surrounding to be peaceful and calm everytime you wakeup but i can't have all that during raya days. because all the teenagers are here (stay at the house) so you can imagine lah kan when bunch of teenagers berkumpul, sangat bising. plus when they stayed here definitely the house will be messy right so there goes hubby's 'crazy-cleanaholic' issue will be shown! and yes i am the one who get stress from all that. so masa tu satu perkara ja dalam otak sa "cepatlah masa berlalu!", i want everything back to normal! normal as in the kids back to their college and their school. less noise, less mess and less tension!

I have few pictures here during raya day which totally make me smile everytime i look at it. Dania wearing her first baju kurung! her baju was a last piece i found at the shop, lucky for us. so the first day we wore the same colour of baju kurung ^^

In 2weeks time i think Dania bday is coming and dengan malunya i wanna tell here that the 'planning' that i've been working on since july (hahaa) seems like tidak akan menjadi. there's few obstacle that maybe i can't solve.... so there goes my angan-angan again for her -_-' but i will try my best.