Friday, March 26

New skill...

Yesterday while i was feeding Dania her porridge she ate and ate and ate then until almost the last spoon i wanna give her then she shake her head like means NO. i was sooo surprise suddenly she know how to do that! so after i fed her she have to take her medicine coz she got bad cough this past few days. there's 3 medicine, until its time for the cough medicine she cried because the taste was not good, even i don't like it, so the second time i wanna put inside her mouth she shake her head AGAIN! omg... i laugh at her then i said "Dania... no no?(while shaking my head)" then she shake her head back at me. she was soo funny! i realized also if she sleepy she will shake her head too. so i'm not sure the shaking thing means she don't want or she just sleepy.

Last Monday we went to kkia to do Dania's review and that place was packed with people! i swear i will never go to clinic on Monday again. so okay that day Dania suppose get..not 1 but 2 shot for measles and hep B but the nurse checked Dania's temperature seems like she's having fever so cannot give her the shots. i'm abit relief coz tekejut me the nurse told me there will be 2 shot coz i know Dania will be crying like hell hehee.

I don't know when she will start crawling. now she can lift her body but she'll move it forward only and she didn't move her legs and hand. quite funny actually coz she keep on bumping her face on the bed everytime she does it.

Nowadays seems like Dania really like to babble this and that... she's like talking! lol!!
i can tell that the day that she know how to talk she'll be a talkative baby! hahahaaa...

Sunday, March 21

The days that she fell...

Even though it's hard for me to talk or think about it coz it kinda bring the guilty out of me but i have to coz this is one of the phase i think that every kids will go through...wahh..hehe...

Okay the first time she fell was last year when she was just 2months plus. i know...still small and very fragile hehee. it was late in the evening and i put her down on our sofa, that time she can't roll her body yet, she just can move her body to the side abit but before i left her i felt like IF only she'll roll kan so i put a mattress on the floor just so u know if she fell there's soft area to land. then i went to my room to get her clothes suddenly i heard a loud cry from Dania, i ran back to see her and there she was laying down on the mattress crying. poor baby! i was so scared that time coz she's still very very small. so there was ney nag nag at me about it the whole night!huh..

The second time she fell was this year when she just 4month plus at my sister in law house. it was at 2 am or 3am she woke up and crying, that time i have no idea what she want! so put her on the bed coz i wanna change her diaper. so while i was searching for her diaper and cream suddenly she fell right beside me from the bed. luckily i was near to the bed so she landed on my hand. my heart macam mau putus that time!

Then the third time is the worst one! and that was today! (6month) yupp just now she's in her walker and she was playing near the fridge so i thought she'll be okay, so i left her there for a while and i went to the toilet to get ready her bath stuff. then again i heard her crying so loud this time! i ran quickly to get her and there she fell on the floor of our kitchen together with her stupid walker. Her face on the right side landed on the floor! omg...that time undescribe'able already my feeling hehee...i was so panic coz she was crying and crying in pain. i saw her right side cheek red already and now lebam lagi. uurgghhh i was so mad at myself right now! i don't know if i going to put her again in her walker. my poor baby...

right now i am thinking how am i suppose to tell her father?!! he'll go crazy.

Dania...forgive mummy for whatever happened to you k... i love u.

Friday, March 19

She's 6months! and 6months to go....

Today my little noty princess turned 6month already (hahaa macam la turn 1year kan mo xcited sgt ;p) BUT... it is huge thing for me everytime her age meningkat coz that shows how time pass by so fast for us and now she's getting bigger (which sometimes i hate to think about).

Yesterday both me n Dania fell sick. she got high fever which stressed me alot and me i had runny nose n headache. but today Dania is ok already only little coughing but me i'm still not feeling well.
Just now we went to giant to do some grocery shopping and we bought this rice cereal for Dania. i wanna see if she like it so when we reach home after i wipe her body i gave her the rice cereal and she loved it! well maybe bcoz i mix it with her formula anmum milk.

Today Dania's attitude abit grumpy plus i'm not in the very good condition myself so i'm abit tension hehee...i don't know what's wrong but i think her gum is just itchy and maybe not comfortable. luckily tonight she wasn't grumpy at all.

One thing that i realize about Dania nowadays whenever she sleep on our bed she always wakeup and cry like she's not comfortable and like her body ache (whenever this happen i'll get mad). well i think the bed is abit hard for her to sleep on so tonight i cover the the bed with comforter and she didn't wakeup and cry anymore. so i was right, she soft soft bed just like me when i am still pregnant Dania in me belly hehe!!

Monday, March 15

New Hard...

It's hard to teach Dania how to drink milk from the bottle.
I don't why, whether she doesn't like the milk or she still full, i have no idea. All she did was biting the puting only. So now i'm thinking about changing her milk to Dumex coz macam the Anmum milk taste sweet. we'll see.

This weekend i'm planning to give Dania her first taste of homemade porridge. hopefully she will like it. coz she will be turning 6month already this friday so its time to give her solid food.

Today when she's in her walker she learned abit on how to move to the front until just now she reach to the kitchen where i was doing the dishes then all the plastic in the kitchen she wanna pull. she's pulling everthing now.

And this past few days all she did is sleep. n being grumpy then sleep again.

Sunday, March 14

I'm Back...

It's been so so so soooo long didn't update my blog.

At first i decided to stop blogging but then thinking about all the memory with my daughter Dania with us in our everyday lives will be wasted just like that if i didn't tell story about how she growing up. Actually i can write in a diary but i'm abit lazy to do that, but when she was still in my belly i wrote everything about my pregnancy in a book.

So here i am again blogging about my baby this time. About our life with her.
She's 5 months plus now, will be turning 6months this coming Friday.

Cepatnya masa berlalu.

This Dania now...

This is her when she was just 1 day old...

Full name : Dania Allysya B.

Date Of Birth : 19 . 09 . 2009

Place Of Birth : Hospt. Likas KK

Weigh : 2.5 kg Height : 47cm

Well last month we checked her weight she's 6.1 kg.