Monday, March 15

New Hard...

It's hard to teach Dania how to drink milk from the bottle.
I don't why, whether she doesn't like the milk or she still full, i have no idea. All she did was biting the puting only. So now i'm thinking about changing her milk to Dumex coz macam the Anmum milk taste sweet. we'll see.

This weekend i'm planning to give Dania her first taste of homemade porridge. hopefully she will like it. coz she will be turning 6month already this friday so its time to give her solid food.

Today when she's in her walker she learned abit on how to move to the front until just now she reach to the kitchen where i was doing the dishes then all the plastic in the kitchen she wanna pull. she's pulling everthing now.

And this past few days all she did is sleep. n being grumpy then sleep again.

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Anonymous said...

hhehee..cutenya kamu dua..ko ne so motherly sdh kan..porridge apa ko msk?dia suka la?nnt sy blk kk sy suap dia mkn..hehhe! ko tau wallpaper d hp c mikey apa?gmbr c dania! hehhehe -belle