Sunday, March 14

I'm Back...

It's been so so so soooo long didn't update my blog.

At first i decided to stop blogging but then thinking about all the memory with my daughter Dania with us in our everyday lives will be wasted just like that if i didn't tell story about how she growing up. Actually i can write in a diary but i'm abit lazy to do that, but when she was still in my belly i wrote everything about my pregnancy in a book.

So here i am again blogging about my baby this time. About our life with her.
She's 5 months plus now, will be turning 6months this coming Friday.

Cepatnya masa berlalu.

This Dania now...

This is her when she was just 1 day old...

Full name : Dania Allysya B.

Date Of Birth : 19 . 09 . 2009

Place Of Birth : Hospt. Likas KK

Weigh : 2.5 kg Height : 47cm

Well last month we checked her weight she's 6.1 kg.

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