Friday, September 4

Don't know why...

I'm not comfortable with the condition of my belly right now.
Since last night, i don't what's wrong.
If salah makan pun maybe not coz dorang yang lain ok saja their tummy.
Then this afternoon i started to feel abit pain behind my back like menstrual pain.
But not that bad.
Pain in my belly that i felt is like you wanna go and poo or cirit birit but teda juga apa2 la.
My aunt told me that my baby wanna come out already and she asked me to count the jarak masa time2 sa rasa the pain but i dunno how.

Is that the sign that in a few days i will deliver already?

Baby already 36 weeks + 2days now.
My stuff to bring to the hospital not yet done, only halfway.
But baby's stuff already packed.

Sudah la i always feel uncomfortable kan, ney is giving me a hard time again!
tekanan tekanan.

Hopefully everything is going to be okay.


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

wah dekat suda mau ada baby.. ;) i envy you! how's ur condition now?

Bliss Anne said...

ya tia lama ok juga cuma sometimes perut pandai rsa lain2 mengeraslah...rsa sakit cm dtg haid la...hehee maybe blm pun hjg bulan ni sa deliver sdh ;p

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

eee siokknyyaa.. mana ko mau deliver?

Carmelliny said...

i'm excited!! :)

Carmelliny said...

entah..mcm sa ja yg mau beranak..haha