Sunday, November 30

Crazy weekend !!

My feet is killing me now and kk is hot like crazy!!!

okay Saturday and Sunday me and my cousins and aunt go shopping only. not shop till drop lah but window2 shopping hehe. anyway i took some pictures. we went to Parkson and One Borneo.

Saturday - Parkson

me & sheila after we kacau2 my couz.

What we kacau? well at Parkson i think both of us kinda boring coz after finding some clothes for both of my cousin (Bebe and Mia) but sheila called mia zombie kg.pisang hehe, bah then when Mia was in the fitting room me, sheila and my aunt being crazy and did some skodeng thing using our handphone camera to Mia while she tried her new clothes. it was sooooo funny till i laugh my heads off! tears coming out my eyes coz it was soooo crazy funny. and there's more funny thing happened during that time.

me after tired of laughing hehe

Sunday - One Borneo

By the time we reached there not one single parking space available! so we terpaksa park abit far from there.
Went to Bu Bu Land to play play there and we play so many time the drum thing. it was fun.

my aunt and my couz sheila & zizie while playing the drum.

Then we go window shopping to Tune. then go to Wagamama to feed our tummy hee, actually we just wanna use the coupon that Mei have and we're thinking that all the food that we ate cost only like 100 + but end up paying like 200 + even after using the coupon.

long list of sushi rambang mata me hee

this is the plates of sushi that we ate and there's more !

Mei and Zizie after kenyang..

Bebe licking the stick from the drinks and
she's wearing her new clothes from parkson

After that we go to this computer shop, i don't know the name of the shop. me and my aunt want to buy new mouse for our lappie. so this is the mouse that we bought for rm43 for me its expensive but luckily my aunt bought it for me hehe. we took the same color and i love it!

look, i like about the cord that can be wrap. very neat.

Okay after paying it we go to this clothes shop and i saw this super cute pretty dress! so Mei and me tried it on and we took pictures. but we didn't buy the dress (-_-') but next time when i go to One Borneo again i'll buy it definitely!

don't laugh ok!

Then its time to go home and that time is almost 9 pm already. we arrived there at 3 pm i think.

me with sheila kepenatan already this.

Christmas tree! so pretty!

But the craziness and tiredness didn't just end when we leavind one borneo. when we arrived at home all of us played Twister! have you ever play it? it's fun! i end up losing many times coz it was hard ok.

all my crazy cousin while playing the twister.

We played this game using cards, i think the game Mei said called King and it was super funny. it was hard to explain here on how to play the game.

Overall my day with all of them is FUN and CRAZY. and all day i am tired of laughing laughing laughing only.

Friday, November 28

Hundred miles from home

i felt awkward not going back home with ney lastnight.
i felt really uncomfortable. i don't know why.... i worried all the time about ney and the house but i don't know why (mcm org tua kan).
anyway it's only been one day i'm being single without ney here with me in kk but i already felt like missing something.

but.... it doesn't mean that i didn't enjoy myself here.
i am happy.
happy with my cousins. with my family.
it's been almost a week i'm here but i still haven't meet my mum and my sis.

last week we went back to kgau but we didn't use the ranau road to tambunan,
instead we used to kk road. one borneo and i love Daiso! hehe
so we had the chance to go to
skejap only we stay at kgau, 4 days.

this is ney with his nephew did fishing.
i miss kgau.

kk and kgau everyday also raining, then when there's the sun it was hot as hell.
make me feel like sick only.

okay me and my cousin just got our new ic today.
it's been 3 months i didn't take my ic then the guy there asked me why.
mau juga kan.
don't ask me about the picture on the my kad.
i don't like it at all.
if only i can go and change the picture.
hate it.

don't laugh hehe.

to Didy : Happy Belated b'day b**ch!! hehee

Friday, November 21

Holiday time !!

Going back to keningau tomorrow early in the morning, maybe 5.30 am / 6.00 am. I love to start a journey on the early morning... when it's still cold and abit dark. what i don't like is everytime in the morning my tummy start to feel not good. it is always like that.

I hope tomorrow along the journey will not be as hot as our previous journey which is damn hot! it was like somebody bake me in an oven. i'm like a potato in the car being roasted. seriously.

We are not gonna use the road to kk but we're using the road from ranau straight to tambunan then keningau. i hope the road is ok because thia is the first time for us to use the road there.

What i hate about this holiday is that ney only have 6 days of off day from work! his off kena kurang because before this was 8 days then to 6 days!!

I am sooo mad today. why? because i hate waiting for hours!! and i hate when the same mistake occur again and again, why it have to be like that?? why? and i'm tired of talking about the stupid mistake! i wont forgive and i wont forget. it's not a revenge. i'll give a lesson. so mad right now.

So i'm glad to be staying at kk for a few weeks away from here. SO GLAD! i can clear my mind.

I'll post my blog if i had any chance to make a connection through internet. but maybe i'll be 1 week without internet in keningau.

I hope everybody is at home in keningau. so it wont be boring.

Thursday, November 20

should i ? or shouln't i ?

i am so confused !!

I don't know what should i do. I don't know what decision i should make.

Am i ready? am i REALLY REALLY ready? or should i wait?

Well i''m trying so hard to think on the bright side but then all the dark side suddenly took over all the bright side. So how the hell am i suppose to make a RIGHT decision about it?!!


i hate the P word but i love it too.

i'm being silly now.

Tuesday, November 18


If only we here are celebrating thanksgiving right before christmas like the orang putih (^.^) maybe my list will be long enough to thanks to anybody.

But eventhough i'm not celebrating all this thanksgiving stuff, here and today i would like to say a BIG thank you to this two people :

- my uncle RL
- Stephenny

Steph you're the best friend ever. Always be there when i need help or just anything. whether i'm whining or crying or bitching or facing any problem or anything you'll always there to help me no matter what. i owe you. and i love you as one my best friend.

* just so you know that i don't know today is a thanksgiving day or what is just that i want to be grateful and be thankful for somebody that willing to help which is most people only do it on thanksgiving.

Thank you!!

* i miss Bebe. 3 days to go starting tomorrow!

* Does anybody know what is the date for next year Chinese New Year??


well miranda and orlando not officially engaged actually. Bummer!

Monday, November 17

Earthquake !!

*drum roll*

Hehehee.... okay for the first time ever.... i experienced an earthquake!! it was last night.

But not the big earthquake, if its big i will not posting this entry now (^o^). Anyway, it's just a slight one.
I was laying down while watching tv that time on the floor then suddenly i felt like, (how to explain ahh...) like my floor was not in a real horizontally position. get it? it's like this building was held up only from one side. even the sliding door making noise like being pushed from the outside because of the earthquake, only one side is up and the other is still down. It's only for a second then back to normal.
Okay i don't know if i explain it correctly here.

So this morning i'm not still sure whether it was an earthquake or what, then i asked ney. and he said yes, there's a small one last night! and everybody talked about it, but he didn't realize when it happened. and it was soo hard explaining to him just now about what happen last night. susah betul !


I dreamed a number this morning when i'm still sleeping. So me and ney decide to bomb it this wednesday hahaa.... i really HOPE we will win it! well there's two number actually only the middle one of the number is different. it's our car number bah but terbalik saja (4939).

Sunday, November 16


OMG !! *laugh laugh laugh* i saw this on Britney's web and i love it! you should click this ----->WATCH it okay!! because its super funny!! Britney were impersonating someone and if you wanna know who watch it k.

I've been Britney fan for ages. i think since her first appearance in the industries. despite all her bad rumors and all her fall from grace stuff, i am STILL love and a fan of her. its true. i still remember last time i used to sing and remembering all her song, i have all her album (well not mine exactly, its my dad's he got it for free coz he's a dj) and i have this whole collection of her pictures from every magazines that i bought. but that's not the crazy thing.... this is, my room's wall is full of Britney's posters! my mum used to nag me about it, she said that it's not good to put alot of poster on the wall but that time i just don't care what people say.

Ohh and i remember there's this one girl at my school last time that me and my friends (i think most student) all agree that she look alike Britney. Hahahaa... trust me till now people still say it.

NO! i'm not a stalker okay (^_^) i'm just a big fan of her till now and for me she's still sweet and beautiful as ever.
NO! i'm not a lesbo ok hehe.

Saturday, November 15

for me...

I am alone tonight so i had a good laugh alone watching Sehati Berdansa. This season is so much better than before. They really did a good job in dancing to entertained people. I think this is Dancing With The Star Malaysian's version kan.

Orlando Bloom and Victoria Secret's angel Miranda Kerr are engaged and now they planning on their wedding day!! Yeaaaa.... i really like this couple. Did anybody realize that Orlando's ex KAte Bosworth and fiancee now their face do have in common kan (for me lah i don't know what others think) . Look :

And they both super gorgeous!! me and my sis used to argue about how pretty and cute Kate is and how she and Orlando really look good together but she disagree because my sis that time she's like in love with Orlando hahaa. I wonder if my sis knew about Orlando and Miranda now.

aren't they look meant to be together...

Here's one thing. For me Miranda is the first Australian's women that i find very attractive and beautiful compare to others, not only celeb but the people too(no offence), including Nicole Kidman. So yeah, Miranda is the only one. and she's my new fav VS's angel too, Alessandra Ambrosio was then.


i was planning on joining the contest by Kakiis - whos got the best buddies around? and they need a photo or video of you and your friend. so i was searching for any photos of mine with my friends but i couldn't find any photo at all. most of the photo is lame. that proved me and my friends didn't / don't snap any photo when we met. well plus again it's been ages since i meet them. so if my plan stay at kk this December i will take lotsa picture with my friend if i meet them. for sure.

so you go and join this contest if you have nice pictures ok.

I Wondered

Ym-ed with Didy just now. she was busy doing some study for her exam tomorrow, it was last minute study for her.

Our conversation.

Me : pandainya anak mami baru now study....

Didy : mami suru pi sekolah bukannya mengorat abg kantin....hehehehee

Me : (wtf?!?) apa maksud kau? kau menyindir sya nie kan *wink wink*

Didy : tdk lah.... itu adalah pepatah melayu (only that she changed some word)

Me : manada pepatah melayu begitu !! sya tdk pernah dgr pun.

Didy : adalah! cikgu BM kita masa form 4 ajar. (she said it seriously the pepatah do exist)

So and so i keep on protesting her about it. she was totally made it up! and sindir me! i almost believe what she said.

I wanna know if the name of Borneo is part of Sarawak also? because as far as i know that Borneo is only in Sabah region.
Anybody know?

Friday, November 14

The Best

I forgot to change the blogger setting for anybody to view my blog so that's why.... now ok ordy la.

Anyway after using it for 2 or 3 years i think, this is the BEST mascara ever!! (for me ok) maybe other people have their own fav mascara.

What's the best part? it's very super-affordable compare to others, only RM 12.90 . before this i always use different brand of mascara like Maybelline, Lo'real, Bodyshop and etc.... but i think this little Silkygirl is better. Ohh and Bodyshop came in 2nd place la hee...

Look what it did to my lashes after wearing it.

I know it's not that super long or thick like fake lashes but atleast it works and make your lashes looks nice and pretty right.

I've been reading this book again by Jackie Collins.

I must tell that she's the best author *wink wink* very chessy one. well i think all of her book is like that. now i have two or three of her book already. i used to collect books last time and i think i need to buy a new book again. the last time i bought a book is early last year i think.
Know what book i have in mind? cooking book! haha i'm just crazy about food at the moment. and i just realized that i beginning to become like my mum already! ohh no.....

Well atleast i'm happy. i can feel that our life will become alot better soon.

"happy me"

Now all i can do is stay positive and patient of it to come and always pray!

Last night had kinda big argument. and it sucks. and i will not talk again!

Thursday, November 13


Why new layout again?

Because of my stupidity i accidentally clicked some button on the blogger web which make my whole previous layout gone. nothing left. blank.
So i decide to find new layout which i think quite ok. is it? ok ka? not boring juga la kan.... or the previous layout much better?

Anyway on Tuesday night one of my hamster escape from their cage, and i can't find him because we placed their cage outside our balcony. so maybe he fell down to the ground floor and die. plus that time was night time so its hard for us to search so we just have to let it go. now my "still alive" hammie is all alone and ney said that we should get his female partner which i disagree because what if the female give birth? i don't want like that.

so still no decision.

I cooked beef stew last night and it turned-out to be delicious! seriously i never make this kind of recipe but i did it! so proud tsk tsk tsk heheheee.....

Sunday, November 9

Gimme More

The other day we watched 30 Days Of Night and i like it eventhough while watching it i always close my eyes and my ear (figure out why). Yes i know i'm kinda late of watching it but whatever, atleast i watched it already because it takes me long consideration to watch this movie because it's a scary movie and f.y.i this is my first scary movie for this year. because again last year i made a vow to not watch any scary movie ever again but i did watch so the vow doesn't count anymore hehe.

I don't like the ending part. because the hero died! Josh Harnett (my first male-celeb crush after watched Pearl Harbour) died!! he sacrificed himself for his wife and became one of the vampires (i think) just so he can protect his wife. how he died? burned by sunrise! so stupid.

So after watching the movie, i wondered and interested to know about vampires / dracula. do they really exist? and do Traslyvania really exist?? so i googled about it here. Translyvania does exist!! but the vampires and dracula thing i don't think so. it's only name and imagination.


I love Fashion House!! so much! the telenovela is very hot. love it! unfortunately star world show it at 3 & 4 am ! can't they show it abit early? so because of this i can't watch it everyday.


And star world please show the next season of Lipstick Jungle!! can't get enough of this.


Update about my sis's wedd : looks like she'll do her wedd reception here in KK. now i have to find good reason for it. coz if she do it at Aust i don't have to find any reason for not........ (-_-)

Ohh did anybody watch Melodi today? the story about norman hakim and abby abadi is getting hotter! anyway for me norman hakim is jerk and full of lies. why can't he just sign & fill that damn application for divorce!

I'm looking forward to watch this new movie of Madagascar 2!!! can't wait!


So what's my new habit this day? making faces. stupid silly faces of me. even to ney i always did that. so whatever.

Anyway watched Enews just now about Obama. They talk about how Obama already won the election so because of that Obama inform infront thousand of people that his two daughter now can have their dreamed puppies to stay at the Whitehouse with them. And they gonna get the puppies from the shelter home for dogs! how cool Obama is as a dad? definitely he's going to be a wonderful president isn't it??
Ohh plus they show Bush's puppies was angry leaving the's so funny because i don't think the dog has a problem but the owner.... hehee...

Thursday, November 6

Short Post

I think my lappie's battery is about to rosak
and i think to change to brand new one cost about rm200.
Just an hour ago i charged then low again.
So fast one!!

I'm broke.
I need money.
Anybody would like to donate me?
Just kidding !
But seriously i need money.

Need to change my time of sleeping.
Everyday i sleep 12hours (yes i know...very teruk)
Its bad for me.
Sleep at 2 am then wake up usually at 12pm.
Siok kan.

Okay going to sleep now!

Wednesday, November 5

No idea

Let's see... what should i post/talk about... *thinking*

Well my appetite is making me crazy these days. why? i can't stop thinking about food. just any food. any food that pop-up on my silly mind. and when that happened, i get hungry and i really neeeed that food right away even if its in the midnight! i know, crazy right.
i don't know what's wrong with me. all day i only think about food food food! i have all this crazy idea making this food or that food or whatever for me to eat.
i guess this is all because of the medicine that i took (well maybe).

Well its not a bad thing. it's a good thing actually for me to gain more weight. coz i am sick of people telling me "oohh u lose weight" or "are you sick? why you look thinner?". i don't how much is my weight right now. and its stressing me out!

So yeah my day mostly is all about craving for foods or thinking what should i cook or eat later.


Have you ever had a feeling like (i don't know how to say this) a lovey dovey birds puppy love feeling and it happened when you're in a really serious relationship? well i do. don't get me wrong. it's not that i don't appreciate the person that really meaningful to me now, but that kinda feeling just pop-out like that. and when that happened it makes you really really miss that old times when you and your special one just getting to know each other, and you'll miss all the nights that you and your lover are busy sms sms none stop, and how you have all this butterflies in your stomach and sweaty when you're gonna meet your lover and the rest goes on...... yeah.... i miss all of that already.

And this kind of feeling i always had when any old songs i heard that remind me of the old days during the lovey dovey thing going on. reminds me of my high school life with my crazy friends or when i'm having fun with my family. i LOVE that feeling soo much!


The day of my holiday has been extended to 5 more days. so not good.

I planned my holiday to be a month long till the end of the year. but then i remember that there's christmas. i love christmas ! eventhough i don't get to celebrate that holidays but i just love all the decoration that been made up along tha street or at any malls, they are so pretty. so anyway, if that time i'll be with my family at kk, how about ney? he'll be alone here. do i want that to happen? i don't know what to do now. whether to stay at kk for the whole month or go back with him here.

I hate making decision like this!


The New President Of America

I do care. because not only me but i bet everybody want to see what will Obama change about America (maybe). anyway glad that he won the election. the first black-american president.


Okay i'm done here.

Sunday, November 2

It's November !!

I can't believe that its already the month of November! time really passed by that fast right....okay i am wrong before this because in my previous post i did say that time / day is passing by so slow and i can't even wait for this and that, but actually it's not.

Remember early October i said that the whole day what i do is counting the day till the date i will go back to kk/kgau again and that time it still 46 (i think) days to go..... but now how many days left? errmmm..... 20 days !! Yayyyy !! nonetheless i'm still counting la in my calendar hehe.

Tonight dinner i cooked steam chicken rice. yes i'm very rajin one tonight to do cooking. i can't make the roasted or fried chicken rice because i still cannot eat that kind of food (which i hate) because of my tonsil. but whatever i'm happy with the result of my chicken rice hehe. no i didn't take picture of it coz it's not that cantik but taste really good ok.

Yesterday when i was online out the balcony and it was sunset already, so i looked at the scenery just infront of my balcony and i saw the sunset colour is very nice and beautiful (for me lah), because before this usually the sunset is not like this so yesterday is different.

without flash

with flash

My newest celeb that i really like, she's cute pretty and goofy plus the song ok, she's........

Katy Perry !!

Okay i took her photo from her blog. Go check it out.