Thursday, November 13


Why new layout again?

Because of my stupidity i accidentally clicked some button on the blogger web which make my whole previous layout gone. nothing left. blank.
So i decide to find new layout which i think quite ok. is it? ok ka? not boring juga la kan.... or the previous layout much better?

Anyway on Tuesday night one of my hamster escape from their cage, and i can't find him because we placed their cage outside our balcony. so maybe he fell down to the ground floor and die. plus that time was night time so its hard for us to search so we just have to let it go. now my "still alive" hammie is all alone and ney said that we should get his female partner which i disagree because what if the female give birth? i don't want like that.

so still no decision.

I cooked beef stew last night and it turned-out to be delicious! seriously i never make this kind of recipe but i did it! so proud tsk tsk tsk heheheee.....

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