Wednesday, November 5

No idea

Let's see... what should i post/talk about... *thinking*

Well my appetite is making me crazy these days. why? i can't stop thinking about food. just any food. any food that pop-up on my silly mind. and when that happened, i get hungry and i really neeeed that food right away even if its in the midnight! i know, crazy right.
i don't know what's wrong with me. all day i only think about food food food! i have all this crazy idea making this food or that food or whatever for me to eat.
i guess this is all because of the medicine that i took (well maybe).

Well its not a bad thing. it's a good thing actually for me to gain more weight. coz i am sick of people telling me "oohh u lose weight" or "are you sick? why you look thinner?". i don't how much is my weight right now. and its stressing me out!

So yeah my day mostly is all about craving for foods or thinking what should i cook or eat later.


Have you ever had a feeling like (i don't know how to say this) a lovey dovey birds puppy love feeling and it happened when you're in a really serious relationship? well i do. don't get me wrong. it's not that i don't appreciate the person that really meaningful to me now, but that kinda feeling just pop-out like that. and when that happened it makes you really really miss that old times when you and your special one just getting to know each other, and you'll miss all the nights that you and your lover are busy sms sms none stop, and how you have all this butterflies in your stomach and sweaty when you're gonna meet your lover and the rest goes on...... yeah.... i miss all of that already.

And this kind of feeling i always had when any old songs i heard that remind me of the old days during the lovey dovey thing going on. reminds me of my high school life with my crazy friends or when i'm having fun with my family. i LOVE that feeling soo much!


The day of my holiday has been extended to 5 more days. so not good.

I planned my holiday to be a month long till the end of the year. but then i remember that there's christmas. i love christmas ! eventhough i don't get to celebrate that holidays but i just love all the decoration that been made up along tha street or at any malls, they are so pretty. so anyway, if that time i'll be with my family at kk, how about ney? he'll be alone here. do i want that to happen? i don't know what to do now. whether to stay at kk for the whole month or go back with him here.

I hate making decision like this!


The New President Of America

I do care. because not only me but i bet everybody want to see what will Obama change about America (maybe). anyway glad that he won the election. the first black-american president.


Okay i'm done here.

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