Sunday, November 2

It's November !!

I can't believe that its already the month of November! time really passed by that fast right....okay i am wrong before this because in my previous post i did say that time / day is passing by so slow and i can't even wait for this and that, but actually it's not.

Remember early October i said that the whole day what i do is counting the day till the date i will go back to kk/kgau again and that time it still 46 (i think) days to go..... but now how many days left? errmmm..... 20 days !! Yayyyy !! nonetheless i'm still counting la in my calendar hehe.

Tonight dinner i cooked steam chicken rice. yes i'm very rajin one tonight to do cooking. i can't make the roasted or fried chicken rice because i still cannot eat that kind of food (which i hate) because of my tonsil. but whatever i'm happy with the result of my chicken rice hehe. no i didn't take picture of it coz it's not that cantik but taste really good ok.

Yesterday when i was online out the balcony and it was sunset already, so i looked at the scenery just infront of my balcony and i saw the sunset colour is very nice and beautiful (for me lah), because before this usually the sunset is not like this so yesterday is different.

without flash

with flash

My newest celeb that i really like, she's cute pretty and goofy plus the song ok, she's........

Katy Perry !!

Okay i took her photo from her blog. Go check it out.

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