Friday, October 31

I need some help

This are some things that really really irritated me :

1. Ants !! - i'm talking about this small brown ants that have somekind of smell on them and my house got so many of that ants and it driving me crazy! seriously! i don't know what else to do. i sprayed them with shieldtox so many times already but still they still out there! what make me more irritate about this ants that they even go to my water jar, water jar?! how come? it's not sweet but water..... why? just now i was mad because they are so many around the water jar so i drowned them all in the water sink. stupid ants!

what should i do? in what other way to kill this ants??

2. Lizard !! - i hate them! oohh this creature also seems many on my ceiling house, especially the balcony. they go and hide around the lamp on the ceiling. why i felt irritate to this stupid creature? because they simply go and throw their shit anywhere and the floor of my balcony always dirty because of their shit!! so since i always online at my balcony, so kesian my lappie coz sometimes this stupid lizard let go their stupid shit and it perfectly landed on my lappie!!! omg..... they drive me crazy.

what should i do? how do i kill this stupid lizard??

3. hamster !! - well since now is raining season ya.... and people seems go to toilet often (if you know what i mean) and so do hamster. yes it's true! my hamster stink! even if their cage we just cleaned up then they will mess it up again and as i said they urine over and over again. so because of that i bought ambipur spray perfume for my house to get rid of the hamster smell but it didn't help at all. so this morning moved the hamster cage outside of my balcony.

so as conclusion i gave up on taking care hamster.

i'm still moody. i'm not happy. howcome life can be unfair sometimes? huh.... whatever. does anyone know the date of this coming chinese new year next year? i really need to know.

my face when i'm sick. pale. whatever.

i'm tired. i need to lay down.
ohh i just knew this " how can you want to have a dog if you can't even take care of yourself?"
so i think about it and there's a truth about that. do i take care myself perfectly? i don't know!

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