Wednesday, October 15

Ohh Happy Me

Finally i'm very very rajin to edit my blog layout !
i chose this layout because its vintage style and all this while i've been searching a vintage layout and so last night i found one!!
I work hard on my blog's content - i mean the left side bar until my
legs and my back got a lil' cramped plus the coldness outside my balcony. The result? really make me smile (^o^) teeheee.......yeah i know i did not edit my layout in a very perfecto way but at least its still okay and looks okay.  

p/s : i've been hiding ney's cigarette this past few days and since last night ney is acting like a sick person (not the bad sick) i mean like having a fever. so i thought maybe this is the effect for not puffing any cigarette for hours in one day. i don't care coz that'll teach him a lesson!

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