Friday, October 17

I don't care !

Screw all of you who staying here
i don't give a damn about what you'll think
i don't give a damn what you'll say
i don't give a damn what you'll gonna do
go and get a life for yourself 
and stop fucking care about other people's life will you!

i'll do what i want and whenever i want
i'll get whatever i want
i don't give a shit what you'll say anymore
i'm not being selfish but this is all i asked for
all this while
if those loser's opinion is more important 
then maybe i'll better leave
because your fucking opinion including the people here
is just a stupid stupid unreliable to me !

p/s : every person have their own rights to do or to have whatever they want. that is including me!!

okay at least there's one thing make me laugh just now. this girl viewed my blog so view hers too and there's one of her post she posted her picture and the caption said "omg i look like Dawn Yang here" ---->OMFG! seriously is a joke for me! i don't know if she even realise the BIG different about her face and Dawn's face! go get a mirror will you?

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