Monday, October 27

Today is the same

I'm still sick. i got 4 in1 issue of sickness. first i got fever, second i got tonsils (i already eat whole packet of strepsils but still), third i got toothache (super super painful!no i wont go to the dentist), and lastly the forth i got my period today and my stomach is  in soooo much in pain and that include my back also. how great is that? how wonderful my day is? NOT.

I can't complain to anybody because in the end i have to deal with it also, sooo i complain about this on my blog.
The whole day i filled my tummy only with whipped potato and porridge. i have no appetite at all but i still imagining about cheesecake and brownies! i want it. if only i have an oven here.

Today i made my own calendar. lame calendar on my notebook. and i'm thinking i need to have a calander on my house wall. maybe i'll make my own soon. anyway i made this calendar because i'm planning on our holidays for the next few months because seems like there's alot of event coming so just in case kan.

i love monday
 but everybody hates monday.

Ohh i wanna give out my hamster to anybody who wants them. why? because i can't stand the hamster's urine smell. make my whole house smelly.

Listening to One Republic song over and over again called Say It. I love it.

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