Sunday, October 19

Guilty Not Pleasure : Crave

I was mad at him. i stood infront of the door watched him running down the stairs. i was shivering and my heart asked me to just shout out all the anger but i'm trying so hard to hold it down.

I throw my handphone because i couldn't sms or call him. i feel blank. so i went to my lappie straight away. surfing and surfing nonsense stuff then there's a loud knock on my door. i was so shocked. so i ran towards the door and open it wondering who the hell is it!

Then he hand me a plastic of food. he looks like gonna lose his breath coz running up the stairs just to give me my dinner. i'm sooo speechless. that's when the guilty feeling aroused so badly.
I am sorry ney. truly madly deeply sorry. stupid of me for being mad to some stupid stuff.


hopefully tomorrow & the future will be a better day for us

Ohh how i miss Margaritas!! 34 days to go. will i wait for it? hope so.

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