Friday, October 10

Reality for Malaysian

Malaysia media should broadcast or do this reality show as in malaysian's version :

and i'm totally 100% sure i'll be tuning it every single episode. they really should do this coz so that we can know how's actually the people of malaysia is. coz i realized that most malaysian people always sooo proud of their tradition and religion or whatever including the politeness and the harmony of this country if compare (as if) to other country.
i'm not against my own country or what, but this is my opinion about it. and i'm sure there's alot of people out there in malaysia is just as bad attitude as other people in other country. because this show in America there's this girl reveal like every single thing of her secret which leave every people in shocked until she appeared in People magazine and she'd been labeled as The Most Hated Person In America.
See...... that's y Malaysia should do this show too, to reveal any person including the celeb or politician i guess to their bad side.
to open their eyes!!


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