Saturday, October 18


Yahoo Horoscope : Leo

It's hard to figure out what to do next -- there are so many options to choose from! Try not to worry about it too much, because things should be a lot clearer for you in a few more days.
I'm a bit relief after reading it. not that i trust in horoscope and all, im not that superticious. BUT sometimes there's a truth behind every single words of it. 
Hopefully i'll come true. because i'm so tired being in this sitation already. it sucks!
I YMed with my cousin just now and found out that my mum is sick! can you believe them?not telling or inform me anything!! what a family is that...
My cousin told me that my mum's gastrik got bacteris infection which can lead to a cancer!! i mean this is serious right so why wont they tell me earlier?why wont meibelle (my sis) tell me this afternoon when i smsed her which she didn't reply! im so mad and so sad.
Yes im very worry about my mum's health nowadays. *sigh*

What catch me in E!News these days.....Angelina Jolie! yes, after giving birth to twins i see that she's getting more prettier. last time i don't think that she is, because i'm a fan to Jennifer Aniston. figure out why.

she's gorgeous!

And what makes me wonder wtf they like this thing so much especially teens? im talking about High School Musical 3 lah. In my opinion the actor and actress are soooo lame especially Vanessa Hudgens, she can't even sing uurgh! seeing her acting all manja and romantic with Zac Efron makes me wanna puke! including the story of the movie, so lame!i rather see Scary Movie or any stupid movie than watching HSM. so i don't see any point of liking this movie nor the actresess.


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