Thursday, October 23

This and That

I just finished watch Gita Gutawa video clip called Sempurna and i'm in love with her voice! yes i know she's a girl but her voice omg, so good and very nice as well. she can really do really good falseto (whatever the spelling is) i think what they called it.
Ohh i love the song too! actually i already heard the song many times, infact i have it on my sony walkman hp but after i saw the video clip today i really fell in love with it.

 I remembered first time i saw her in this award show and she was performing with siti nurhaliza and this other singer from singapore, and i'm amazed with her very high voice, i can't even think how to describe her voice futhermore. and she's only 15 years old! i adore her.


Okay....last night i YMed with my two sister, Myra and Mei. So mei showed me her wedd dress for her future wedd in Australia next year. So i decide to post the picture on my blog of our / my memory. well i didn't tell mei that i'm gonna post it, maybe later i'll tell her.

I think she looks pretty on the dress but the only problem for me is the lenght of the dress is too long for her. i don't know which bridal shop she went and find this dress. i don't understand why she susah susah go and find wedd dress here in sabah, and actually she can find a better and more beautiful dress in aust.
I can't believe she's getting married already early next year! and i don't know if i can come to her wedd at aust, maybe only my parents and myra will go.
Mei told me also that she'll be leaving sabah on the 8th of December to australia! i mean why so early??!! and how she plan on having a family gathering this end of November at our hometown before she fly off.
Am i sad? well i don't know actually. maybe. not sure. but something really been bothering me about her moving there but i don't know what! but ofcourse i'm gonna miss her! she's my closest sister all my life.

This is her with her...errmm i'm not sure her fiance or still boyfriend because i'm not sure they are engaged or what. way too tall than her, way big than her and yes he's australian.



so glad that Giant finally opened here!today!
and the place is crowded as hell because one of ney's friend went there this morning and he have to leave his car there coz it's so hard and so impossible to get out of that area so at last he went home by taxi.
hahahaa.... i'll wait for a week to past by then i'll go there.

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