Saturday, January 31

the infamous gambling

I am talking about wahui. it is very famous in keningau.everybody is playing it no matter how young or old you are.

How does this wahui works?

Well first there's a question which normally in rhyme they put and you have to guess what the answer is base on the answer paper full of picture. Mostly animals. This is the picture of it :

Old version

Colored version

So that's the answer paper. after you read the question then you have to think hard what's it gonna be the answer. its not that very hard. i did win a few times. but most of the time i loose some money lah. Just choose some number that you think will be the answer then bet on each number. depends on you how many you wanna bet lah. there is people in keningau bet till rm100+. so its up to you.

Now both of us in tawau so we didn't get to play it anymore. boring.

Ohh i wanna show my hamster current condition in keningau. he's getting fatter. ney's family fed him oat everyday.

He's so so so cute. he like to be fed by hand. awww...

Friday, January 30


Today i don't really have any mood. and ney keep on disturb me. so annoying. just now i am so mad because i'm so hungry and ney, he's a very lazy ass!!

Plus this afternoon i tested on him if he remember any of the important date for us to celebrate in both of our lives. Guess what? he TOTALLY forgot about it! wtf??!

not any single date! so ask me how am i suppose to act? i am soo pissed!!

Ohh i don't even want to remember about this. but i am blogging about it here for me to remind or ask him once again in the future. i'll kill him if he forget again.

So since i have no mood to do anything i am off to watch tv this whole night. gonna watch Pirates of the carribbien (did i spell it right?correct me) later on tv3.

Nowadays :
- i love the word excruciating. i don't know why. maybe i love to listen if people say it.
- i'm thinking about changing my layout again.
- my smelling sense can't stop catching the olive oil scent. i don't know why. its like the scent is all around me. weird.

Okay that's all for now.

Toodles !!

Thursday, January 29

should i hate tawau


Because of it i'm far away from my family and friends.
Because of it i have no friends here or anyone i know except for ney.
Because of it i am alone at home everytime ney gone to work, especially at night.
Because of it i'm low in spirit when i'm about to wake up.
Because of it i always wake up late!!!
Because of it my appetite to eat is not stable.
Because of it we always waste our money traveling back and forth.
Because of it make both of us stressed out to get transfer fast!
Because of it i don't have the freedom to walk around.
Because of it i always feel lazy.
Because of it we seldom get to save some money.

And the last reason above is the main reason for me to hate tawau. i'm sorry if some of your hometown is in tawau. i hate it because i have to be here. okay, yeah money always the main reason and in the end most of the money gone. this is not good at all. so not good.

So now two of ney's friend already get tranfered to kk/kgau last month and this month. so i was wondering when is ney's turn??? where will he be transfer? i do really seriously hope to kgau. everyday i pray *wahh* hehe yes i do pray so that He will help us for whatever going on in our lives. i have this feeling that ney will be transfer this middle of Fedruary. Hope so.

*finger cross*

Anyway how's ur CNY? Must be enjoyable to death. mine? i mentioned already, boring. no ang pow again that. huh.

Well this is the first time i'm experiencing cny here in tawau. how was it? despite that i didn't go to any open-house here but the fireworks all are totally awesome!! yes! there's no different than kgau actually if we talk about fireworks.
Lucky for me living on the 4th floor and i have balcony facing most of the chinese's house and the town, so every fireworks i can watch clearly and beautifully.

I am bloody homesick to death. Bloody boring. and bloody tired of waiting!!

I'm sorry if all i do is complaining (-_-')

Wednesday, January 28


What about it?

Well my eyes feel like swollen but not the bad one. i felt that my eyes is too tired because maybe i'm sitting of my lappie too long. or the tv, i'm not sure. i felt my eyes is abit painful and distract whenever there's a sunlight. well overall i'm not sure what's wrong.

Maybe my eyes begin to be sensitive to bright light or whatever.

I just solved my laptop problem a few mins ago. my desktop's program / the entire of my lappie's program suddenly didn't show up on my desktop as usual. except for the task manager. LUCKILY!! fuhh.
So because of that i have to face this laptop's bright screen for almost 4 hours!! while sms with my uncle to help me with this stupid problem.

Yupp that's the view of my laptop just now. Totally blank.

Now my poor eyes feel very tired. i'm sleepy from the afternoon again this but i tahan only because i'm scared at night i wont be able to sleep because ney is not here with me to accompany me. huh.

OMG. i totally forgot to wish ney a very very HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY ----> 23rd Jan !! and u're getting old already haha!!

Tuesday, January 27

I've been tagged

Tag by Annie. Finally i get to do it.

The title is Five Things You Don't Know About Me, it's time to reveal things about myself..

#1 I love taking risk
And i can be really really irritate to someone who don't like to take some risk and worry too much.

#2 I don't like to wait for people.
Without any reasonable excuses. also when this person know that he/she is late and i'm waiting for he/she and still they walk in really slow/small step!! i feel like wanna kill that person.
LOL. jahat ka?

#3 When i really want something, i want it straight away.
There's no wait if i can get it right away. but with logical situation lah.

#4 I don't really like a quiet surround.
Even when i'm about to sleep or just relaxing.

#5 I'm taken. As in permanently.
I'm sure some of you understand what i mean.

Is it enough i blurt about me?
Do i need to tag anybody?
Okay 3 people only :


Why them? Because i picked random blogger's name. hehee.

Ohh i'm back in tawau yesterday evening. and i already miss home soo much!! about the wahui thing i'll talk about it maybe tomorrow lah k.

Right now i'm in a situation where i don't know what is my current body condition. i am worried!

This year my CNY quite boring actually. because my family did not do a open house like all the years had past plus i'm at tawau not with my family back in kgau and kk.


Wednesday, January 21


Can you believe that i'm blogging at this hour? i mean Morning! its not me usually.

Well today i have to woke up at 7.30 am!! because ney wanted to service his car. stupid car. i wanna crash that car!! seriously.

So now here i am at my grandma's house surfing the internet reading peeps's blog with a cup of nesvita nestum and my tummy still not feel comfortable because of the early morning wake. i always like that. hate it.

I have no idea about :

- where's my hp.
- until when our holiday.
- whether we'll be going to Labuan or not. syiok ka there? besides the cheap choco and wine.
- ney's bday plan is going to happen. lol. i know silly right.

Ohhh i still have to think what the answer for today's wahui. what is wahui? i'll post the picture next time. for someone who stayed or from kgau i bet they know bout it lah. because this wahui stuff is so big at this moment.
I like it because : can earn big money if you put big money lah.
I hate it because : u always loose if you guess the wrong number.

*sigh* i already loose i think about 100 ringgit!!

But it's fun though. *winks*

I almost broke already this huhuhhhhu......


why we don't celebrate CNY this year??why??why??? i want to!!
no fun.

Tuesday, January 20

hello !!

I'm still here in keningau. Only today i get the chance to go online.
Luckily at my grandma's house the wireless nearby can be connected.
Well actually only today i found out about it.
So from now on everytime we come here we can have free internet!

Everything is fine here and we enjoyed ourselves.
Be going back to kk this weekend maybe.
i'll blog more soon okay.
Take care !!

Tuesday, January 6

tsk tsk tsk

This morning went to maybank to settle our problem with the atm card. and the whole process from the house to the band to the end of the card been given was crazy!

First it was a very hot day!!

second inanam's maybank was freakin crowded with people!!

third we had to go all the way to litas's maybank!!

fourth it was crazily freakinly jamed on every road we drove!!

fifth very very very hard to find parking space!!

Luckily after that i've the chance to go to karamunsing and is shopped some things for my laptop. so i am happy hehe!!! my lappie have her brand new skin. yes its her *wink*

I'm leaving for keningau tomorrow morning with ney. i am sad! because :

- i don't get to go to any mall for a few weeks.

- i'm gonna miss Bebe so badly!!

- i don't get to use internet neither wireless connection! Gahhh!! so i can't update my blog for quite sometimes. i'm gonna miss you guys's blog post ohh!!

- i'll be bored because my cousin sheila will not be with us. i'm gonna miss all her craziness.

- i can't have food that i want or i crave so much.

Well that's all i could think at this moment.


Anyway anyhow i'm still happy to go back tomorrow.

Good night!!

See you in few weeks time okay.

Monday, January 5


Do Maybank very convenience you think? i don't think so. why?

Because just now ney tried to withdraw some money from the ATM but they kicked it out. even other bank did that!! why? So i guess he have to renew his card or whatever. so i thought "ohh well we just handle the card here in kk maybank" but then my uncle said that it cannot be done just like that!! wtf??!!
We have to renew it at tawau also, the place where ney applied for the card. i am so mad. why does it have to be this way???

It should be like this : Maybank all over Sabah should have services where if people have any problem with their card and they want to renew it or whatever, then people can go to any maybank (the one where they didn't applied their card) and just go handle it. incase of emergency (like me) and you were out of maybank where you applied it then the service like that will be totally very easy and convenience for people lohh!!

Now we have to withdraw money using the maybank book!! leceh sangat!! plus again maybank was always busy and tons of people go there, alalalaaa!!

Enough 'bout that.

Ney is coming tomorrow. i have alot of stuff to talk to him seriously. i mean it.

We'll be going back to keningau again maybe on wednesday so i will not be able to update anything while i'm at keningau. and i don't know for how long i'll be there. *sad sad*

Saturday, January 3

happy january !!!

Once again i wanna wish everybody....


I don't hate my 2008. infact i love it! and i hope my 2009 will be much better. even if i'll be facing any bad circumstances i will or want to face it with lotsa strength and positive attitude.

New year resolution? Still don't have one. but i am thinking one.

Bought new color contact lens. it's groovy green this time. i don't think i look good on it.

Left 2008 with....12 things.

1. Early of the year was hectic! i'm super busy with my glorious day. plus it was the week of chinese new year.

06.02.08 & 09.02.08

I don't have the picture of the event at the moment but next time if i remember about it i'll post the picture. what is it about the day? Guess i could say ermmm tying the knot? hahahaa!!

I wish that the day could be rewind back again.

2. My cousin got married secretly which upset me alot!! and i really can't accept it just like that.


It upset the whole family. but we can't do anything about it.

3. Moved to Tawau with ney on :


I like our new home. So until now it's been almost 8 months and i'm still survive. LOL.

There's been up and down in my life. and i am thru with it.

4. Got my laptop!!


It was HP Compaq.

5. First time in my life celebrating my birthday away from my family which is so not cool. it was boring actually.


My 21st birthday again that. *sigh*

6. Got first car on :


It was ok for a temporary use.

7. First time Hari Raya that i think was the best in my life! Me and ney really enjoyed ourselves.


8. I missed my family and my hometown like hell for the first time on :


And i did cry alot and it was very very hard for me to get over it. and i swear that i will move back as soon as possible no matter what! homesick like hell.

9. Went back to kk and keningau and i stayed here for one month plus already until now.


There's up and down in my relationship which is sooo stupid!

10. After 6 years passed by i get the chance to talk again to my dad.

month of Dec

I don't really like it. i already talk and explain about this on my previous entry.

11. Accompanied Sheila to take her PMR result which is not soo bad lah. don't have and E.


12. I got sooooo heavily drunk on New Year eve!!

31.12.08 & 01.01.09

And it was so stupid. so crazy. and i blame on the vodka and beer. it was totally out of control. luckily i'm at home not at some club.

All of my family who saw me are teasing me non-stop the next day!! i am embarrassed for sure! they even recorded how i acted. it was SO SO SO STUPID! i can't even watch it.

Picture of the new year eve :

This thing make me stupidly drunk!!

Drank the vodka 4 glass but i mixed it with cola but still can drunk like that. then i remembered i had a can of beer only but then my cousin said that i had 2/3 can more. WTF??!!

Was busy the whole day to prepare for the night event. it was tiring.

We did barbecue actually that day with my whole family in kk. we also did karaoke. then again imagine i karaoke during i drunk.

The next day i woke up with hung over and my body in pain!! why? because that night i fell on the floor, i knocked my self on the couch and there's more. until now i am in pain. and we had to leave for keningau again!! can you imagine my situation?!!

Picture while in keningau :

we had family gathering at my grandma's house. barbecue again.

They shopped for fireworks!! for chinese new year. my uncle's friend came over to let us choose some freakin awesome fireworks which is very reasonable price.
Can't wait!!

The kids busy playing with the kid's fireworks that night and it was so pretty and fun.

Omg... is this my first post of 2009? Yikess!!