Tuesday, January 6

tsk tsk tsk

This morning went to maybank to settle our problem with the atm card. and the whole process from the house to the band to the end of the card been given was crazy!

First it was a very hot day!!

second inanam's maybank was freakin crowded with people!!

third we had to go all the way to litas's maybank!!

fourth it was crazily freakinly jamed on every road we drove!!

fifth very very very hard to find parking space!!

Luckily after that i've the chance to go to karamunsing and is shopped some things for my laptop. so i am happy hehe!!! my lappie have her brand new skin. yes its her *wink*

I'm leaving for keningau tomorrow morning with ney. i am sad! because :

- i don't get to go to any mall for a few weeks.

- i'm gonna miss Bebe so badly!!

- i don't get to use internet neither wireless connection! Gahhh!! so i can't update my blog for quite sometimes. i'm gonna miss you guys's blog post ohh!!

- i'll be bored because my cousin sheila will not be with us. i'm gonna miss all her craziness.

- i can't have food that i want or i crave so much.

Well that's all i could think at this moment.


Anyway anyhow i'm still happy to go back tomorrow.

Good night!!

See you in few weeks time okay.

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