Friday, January 30


Today i don't really have any mood. and ney keep on disturb me. so annoying. just now i am so mad because i'm so hungry and ney, he's a very lazy ass!!

Plus this afternoon i tested on him if he remember any of the important date for us to celebrate in both of our lives. Guess what? he TOTALLY forgot about it! wtf??!

not any single date! so ask me how am i suppose to act? i am soo pissed!!

Ohh i don't even want to remember about this. but i am blogging about it here for me to remind or ask him once again in the future. i'll kill him if he forget again.

So since i have no mood to do anything i am off to watch tv this whole night. gonna watch Pirates of the carribbien (did i spell it right?correct me) later on tv3.

Nowadays :
- i love the word excruciating. i don't know why. maybe i love to listen if people say it.
- i'm thinking about changing my layout again.
- my smelling sense can't stop catching the olive oil scent. i don't know why. its like the scent is all around me. weird.

Okay that's all for now.

Toodles !!

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