Saturday, January 31

the infamous gambling

I am talking about wahui. it is very famous in keningau.everybody is playing it no matter how young or old you are.

How does this wahui works?

Well first there's a question which normally in rhyme they put and you have to guess what the answer is base on the answer paper full of picture. Mostly animals. This is the picture of it :

Old version

Colored version

So that's the answer paper. after you read the question then you have to think hard what's it gonna be the answer. its not that very hard. i did win a few times. but most of the time i loose some money lah. Just choose some number that you think will be the answer then bet on each number. depends on you how many you wanna bet lah. there is people in keningau bet till rm100+. so its up to you.

Now both of us in tawau so we didn't get to play it anymore. boring.

Ohh i wanna show my hamster current condition in keningau. he's getting fatter. ney's family fed him oat everyday.

He's so so so cute. he like to be fed by hand. awww...

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