Wednesday, January 28


What about it?

Well my eyes feel like swollen but not the bad one. i felt that my eyes is too tired because maybe i'm sitting of my lappie too long. or the tv, i'm not sure. i felt my eyes is abit painful and distract whenever there's a sunlight. well overall i'm not sure what's wrong.

Maybe my eyes begin to be sensitive to bright light or whatever.

I just solved my laptop problem a few mins ago. my desktop's program / the entire of my lappie's program suddenly didn't show up on my desktop as usual. except for the task manager. LUCKILY!! fuhh.
So because of that i have to face this laptop's bright screen for almost 4 hours!! while sms with my uncle to help me with this stupid problem.

Yupp that's the view of my laptop just now. Totally blank.

Now my poor eyes feel very tired. i'm sleepy from the afternoon again this but i tahan only because i'm scared at night i wont be able to sleep because ney is not here with me to accompany me. huh.

OMG. i totally forgot to wish ney a very very HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY ----> 23rd Jan !! and u're getting old already haha!!

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