Tuesday, January 27

I've been tagged

Tag by Annie. Finally i get to do it.

The title is Five Things You Don't Know About Me, it's time to reveal things about myself..

#1 I love taking risk
And i can be really really irritate to someone who don't like to take some risk and worry too much.

#2 I don't like to wait for people.
Without any reasonable excuses. also when this person know that he/she is late and i'm waiting for he/she and still they walk in really slow/small step!! i feel like wanna kill that person.
LOL. jahat ka?

#3 When i really want something, i want it straight away.
There's no wait if i can get it right away. but with logical situation lah.

#4 I don't really like a quiet surround.
Even when i'm about to sleep or just relaxing.

#5 I'm taken. As in permanently.
I'm sure some of you understand what i mean.

Is it enough i blurt about me?
Do i need to tag anybody?
Okay 3 people only :


Why them? Because i picked random blogger's name. hehee.

Ohh i'm back in tawau yesterday evening. and i already miss home soo much!! about the wahui thing i'll talk about it maybe tomorrow lah k.

Right now i'm in a situation where i don't know what is my current body condition. i am worried!

This year my CNY quite boring actually. because my family did not do a open house like all the years had past plus i'm at tawau not with my family back in kgau and kk.


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