Wednesday, January 21


Can you believe that i'm blogging at this hour? i mean Morning! its not me usually.

Well today i have to woke up at 7.30 am!! because ney wanted to service his car. stupid car. i wanna crash that car!! seriously.

So now here i am at my grandma's house surfing the internet reading peeps's blog with a cup of nesvita nestum and my tummy still not feel comfortable because of the early morning wake. i always like that. hate it.

I have no idea about :

- where's my hp.
- until when our holiday.
- whether we'll be going to Labuan or not. syiok ka there? besides the cheap choco and wine.
- ney's bday plan is going to happen. lol. i know silly right.

Ohhh i still have to think what the answer for today's wahui. what is wahui? i'll post the picture next time. for someone who stayed or from kgau i bet they know bout it lah. because this wahui stuff is so big at this moment.
I like it because : can earn big money if you put big money lah.
I hate it because : u always loose if you guess the wrong number.

*sigh* i already loose i think about 100 ringgit!!

But it's fun though. *winks*

I almost broke already this huhuhhhhu......


why we don't celebrate CNY this year??why??why??? i want to!!
no fun.

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